Tuesday, 8 April 2008

The threat facing Europe

A Norwegian calling himself Fjordman has written a fantastic article for the Brussels journal regarding the threat currently facing Europe and the suggestion of creating a movement aimed at preserving the indigenous people of Europe.

Speaking of the ongoing Islamic Colonisation of Europe Fjordman says "The next time EU leaders complain about China's treatment of minorities, I suggest the Chinese answer the following: "Yes, we represent an anti-democratic organization dedicated to subduing the indigenous people of Tibet, but you represent an anti-democratic organization dedicated to displacing the indigenous peoples of an entire continent." There is no love lost between me and the Chinese Communist Party, an organization responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of its citizens, but even Chinese authorities do not actively seek to displace their own people with violent Muslims. European authorities do.

In decadent societies of the past, the authorities didn't open the gates to hostile nations and ban opposition to this as intolerance and barbarophobia. What we are dealing with in the modern West is not merely decadence; it's one of the greatest betrayals in history. Our so-called leaders pass laws banning the opposition to our dispossession as "racism and hate speech." To native Europeans, when listening to our media and our leaders, it's as if we don't even exist, as if it were normal for them to put the interests of other nations over their own. Despite having "democratic" governments, many Western countries have authorities that are more hostile to their own people than dictators in some developing countries. Why?"
You can read more here

I urge everyone who is concerned about the future of our race and our continent to read Fjordman's article and circulate it as widely as possible.


The Green Arrow said...

Hi Sarah. I think your blog is coming along rather nice and I think it will be a big success.

I do like the link to map on the bottom. I look forward to returning and seeing it covered in blue stars.

Now if we can just polish up your political understanding of Europe you should be fine:)

alanorei said...

Israel is another example of a nation that has at least kept her identity, in spite of being ostracized by most of the rest of the world.

Paradoxical as it sounds, she is even loathed by various nationalistic white Britons who oppose both the totalitarian EU and Islam. Yet they regard Israel as 'an obscenity' - I've seen this actual term used w.r.t. Israel by one of the foremost anti-EU campaigners of the earlier years of this century.

But she has survived to the present hour in the face of much greater threats to her national existence than Britain has experienced post-WW2.

Because as a young nation, Israel was vehemently patriotic and extremely well-disciplined. (While it is true that she had the backing of the USA, now steadily weakening, she fought all the Arab-Israeli wars by herself - and won.)

Now, however, regrettably for Israel, she is rapidly descending to the level of moral and spiritual bankruptcy that so characterises much of the West.

And the vultures are circling, getting ready to land in force.

As they are here.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Hi again Green Arrow

I think it is necessary to draw a distinction between the European Union and Europeans (including those of European origin)

The EU is an institution, and like all institutions it has flaws, there are certainly problems withe the EU, however, I have always been of the view that if we, the nation which once ruled the seas, had been more positive about Europe, we could be running the place now, rather than whimpering about straight bananas and being "ruled from Brussels".

That said, we are ethnically Europeans, we share blood ties with them, and we face the same threat from Islam and third world immigration.

This is a time when the European races should be standing together against a common foe.

Not squabbling about weights and measures.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

As far as the US goes , I cannot understand where people get their trust in a political system that ignores the will of the morally righteous base . They promise the world to get in office and then ... nothing positive happens . Borders go down , aliens are nationalized , oppressive laws of all degrees are imposed ... and you obey or else ( sound familiar ? ). The die was cast long ago ... we are certainly headed for a crash .

Anonymous said...

Sarah, you may find interesting (if you've not already found this page) the Fjordman Files page, maintained by the excellent Klein Verzet, who's a great blogger in his own right.

Nice blog you've got here, keep up the good work!