Monday, 21 April 2008

Update on the Knoxville murder case

As indicated on the earlier post regarding the murder of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, in the first of a series of trials Eric Boyd was found guilty last week of being an accessory before the fact and of assisting an offender. Boyd faces up to 15 years in prison when sentenced.

A video of the victims' families reactions to the verdicts can be viewed here I can not start imagine how Chris Newsom's mother could have felt as she acknowledges the degree to which her handsome young son was tortured.

Main trial scheduled for new year

Boyd was only a bit player in this case and four other defendants are expected to stand trial next year, almost two years after the actual killings.

Cruel Allegations in Court

Earlier, during Boyd's trial a witness claimed that Channon had been forced to shoot Christopher, a claim which the media pounced on perhaps as a means of shifting some of the blame onto the victims?

Here Channon's clearly distraught father responds to that claim .

I will update the blog when Boyd is sentenced


alanorei said...

Dear Sarah

Thank you for this item.

This is an extract from a post by American indpendent Baptist and researcher, Eric Jon Phelps. It goes a long way to explaining these horrific crimes.

Bro. Eric also proposes in his post the only feasible solution for the survival of the white race, both in the US and the UK, I believe.

The problem that Eric describes is of course compounded by increasing Muslim aggression, from Arab/Asian sources, both here and in the US and in the US the lethal MS-13 gangs of mainly Hispanic origin but who now control whole urban areas on the US west coast and have links with black and Muslim anti-white organisations.

"Though I am only concerned with the American White man and not the American Black man (as my race is presently being destroyed, and Blacks have many defenders of their own race, both mulatto and Black), my opinion of the American Black man is as follows:

"I hold that 75-80 percent of American Black men are what I call "Majority Savage Blacks" as opposed to the 20-25 percent of American Black men being "Minority Civil Blacks," most of whom are my brethren in the Lord Jesus Christ. These Majority Savage Blacks are responsible for 60 percent of all gun crime here in the US. (The other 40 percent is commited almost entirely by White and Latino Roman Catholics.) One out of three Blacks in general are either in prison, on probation or on parole. These Majority Savage Blacks father 70 percent of all Black babies out of wedlock and no nation can be built on a "bastard" population. (The descendants of a "bastard" were forbidden to enter the congregation of the Lord until the fourth generation had arrived (Deut. 23:2). These idle, aimless, troublemaking Majority Savage Blacks abandon the poor mothers of their bastard children to raise young Blacks who then receive no discipline or instruction from a father in the home. As a consequence these children grow into young Black men who have never learned to work, avoid work and seek to receive an easy Federal Reserve Note by getting involved in the Black Pope's drug trade (Crack cocaine) directed by the CIA and Mafia----all lilly White and Masonic and/or Roman Catholic at the top. These Majority Savage Blacks kill at least five White people every day in this nation and commit millions of felonies (rape, robberies and muggings) against Whites every year. All of this I blame on a highly devised scheme of the Counter Reformation Jesuit Order in control of the American Government via the CFR, which scheme included the Uncivil Rights Movement of the 1960s, which violent movement I lived through as a young White man suffering under forced integration of my High School."

Eric also describes elsewhere the same kind of black on white aggression he was subjected to in the US Air Force and the intimidation that white female personnel were subjected to. Eric states that his two best friends at the time, who saved him from a lot of the aggression, were two black Christian serving men.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Alanorei ... lotta good info there but you're awful inclusive . I don't believe you understand exactly who the Bible was written to though ... or who it concerns . And if you don't , yer only a step away from promoting integration and miscegenation .

And I'm certain you would fight acceptance of that fact , tooth and nail .

Deuteronomy 28 / Leviticus 26 explains the mess we're in ... and why . Things will get alot worse before they get better .

Aint gonna be no " beam me up Scotty " either , for those placing their hope in that lie ( any old Star Trek fans here ? ) . We're all here for the duration . Best to get busy .