Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Cross postings

Whilst my good friend and fellow blogger the Green Arrow is unwell, over the next week or so I plan to do a number of cross postings both here and at the Home of the Green Arrow, some posts will appear there which may not be posted here, and likewise a number of posts made here will not be posted there.

The reason for this is that the two blogs have different purposes. The primary function of the Home of the Green Arrow is to support the British national Party (BNP), this blog on the other hand has no such defined political purposes, and exists merely as a place where I can express my thoughts, views and feelings.

Although, as I have stated below, I do plan to vote for the BNP in the forthcoming May elections, however, I am not currently a member of the BNP, nor do I share all their official views. I will be voting for the BNP, because, whatever form of words the other parties may choose, none of them will do anything to address the uncontrolled level of mass immigration which Britain is currently experiencing, and which I consider to be the greatest single threat to face our nation.

In a number of other areas I may differ from the BNP, for instance I am more positively inclined towards the European Union than is the official BNP position. My views are also more socially liberal, on issues such as gay rights or censorship than the average BNP voters appear to be.

I am also aware that many on the right are not convinced by the science of man made climate change, whereas I am far more inclined to believe in it, and that it is a huge global threat.

That said, I suspect that I will not be alone amongst ex-New Labour (or Tory) voters who will decide that, give what we are currently facing, the BNP is the only game in town.

As a grown up, I accept that there is no political party with policies which match all my concerns, therefore I have chosen the one which I consider to be the best of those on offer, and will give my support to the BNP because they are the only party which is brave enough to stand up against the most serious threats facing our nation.

However, as a free thinking person,do not be surprised if on this blog I may, from time to time express views which might not find their way into any political manifesto.


Guardian apostate said...

Sarah, I seem to be in a very similar position to your self, politically. I too will be voting BNP but I'm not a member because of my uncertainties about several of their policies. I too tend to be socially liberal however the more I've read on my political journey away from New Labour the more I've come to understand the 'conservative' position on many issues.

Can I suggest the book 'The Great Deception' by Christopher Booker and Richard North (as seen being interviewed in his Bradford home in the second of the Rageh Omar immigration documentaries). It might make you far less positively inclined towards the EU. A visit or two to their blog could well have similar results.

Finally, there's an excellent site for 'recovering liberal/lefties' written by Laban Tall. It's called UK Commentators and again it may well challenge many of your liberal tendencies.

Of course if you knew about these sites already you can safely ignore these suggestions.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Thanks Guardian apostate

No, I don't know either of those sites, but I shall review them with interest.

I suspect that there are quite a few people in our position, as the situation is now so serious, we can not afford not to take a stand.

alanorei said...

Re: the BNP, my own stance can be summed up as follows, as we say in the North East:

'Not 'far right' - and not far wrong either!'

Re: other issues mentioned, these can be addressed according to priority when national survival has been secured, the next stage being May 1st.