Thursday, 24 April 2008

“Scholars” Want MECCA to replace Greenwich as the reference point for the world's time

Those who believe that the central goal of Islam is to create a global Caliphate which will eventually conquer and rule the world, certainly appear to have cause to for concern. Many scholars and commentators have chronicled the steady invasion of the UK, Europe and elsewhere by Muslims and the atrocities committed in the name of Islam. A relatively new Muslim movement is to create an internationally enforceable "legal instrument" by which mu slims can stifle any type of free speech, in the Western world, against Islam. Currently Muslims are being encouraged to file lawsuits against anyone they deem to be offensive to Islam often using Human Rights legislation to do the dirty work as in the famous Ezra Levant case.

Many may find the very idea of the supporters of Islam resorting to legislation designed to defend and respect Human Rights laughable, if not hypocritical to the extreme, but then again, the followers of Aisha's elderly husband have never been slow to exploit that which they would otherwise condemn, and many are happy to take advantage of the Western taxpayer's generosity whilst condemning the west and all its works.

Now Islamic "scholars" have decided there is yet another way to implement their Global Caliphate. Insisting that "Mecca is the center of the world's land" they want to change the reference point for world time from Greenwich, England (Greenwich Mean Time) to, where else, but Mecca.

It seems the have even invented the Mecca watch so much do Muslims balk at what they feel is the Western world inflicting Greenwich upon them. (Gosh that must be the first new Muslim invention, interesting new means of torture aside, since 600 AD)

If this were an isolated example, I would perhaps join with the Politically Correct commentators who seek to portray this as little more a cultural issue, but given the long line of examples of Islam seeking to impose itself on the West only a fool could be so naive. For those who continue to keep their heads in the sand and refuse to believe in Muslims desire for world domination I suggest it is now time for such dhimwits to wake up, as the time (GMT or Mecca) for such self delusion may soon be running out.

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Anonymous said...

If one follows the Greenwich meridian south, one finds that it crosses the equator at the point where the ecliptic also crosses the equator on its way northward: this is referred to as the Point of Aries, and the exact moment in time when the sun is directly above this position is the vernal equinox, or the beginning of spring. This is a long-winded way of saying that there is a valid and scientific reason for the choice of Greenwich as the "prime meridian". It would seem that Muslims today who call for a change of location of the prime meridian lack the knowledge of astronomy that their forebears demonstrated at one time.

Unknown said...

Sarah, I want to commend you on your use of linking/networking. It is the only way we will win this war.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Thank you Connie,

You are right this is a war and there are so many lies and half truths being used against us that it is important to be able to back up what we say.

Also right now, it is vital that people who care about the truth and about both our heritage and our future work together, rather than fighting amongst ourselves, as has happened so much in the past.