Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Cultural sensitivity

Imagine if you will, a patriotic or cultural parade, march or festival in an Islamic country, you know, one of those affairs where they fire their AK-47s into the air, yelling traditional chants about Jihad and great Satans, whilst a group of their even more zealous brethren promenade along in front of them flagellating themselves, and sometimes each other, until they are all bloody, in the manner Christian monks thought better of in about 1500 AD.

Have you got that jolly little scene fixed in your mind? It shouldn't be too difficult, we see it on TV often enough.

Now imagine that the local authorities demand that they call the march off, because it "might offend" the Christian community, who might go so far as to riot. Can you just imagine what the reaction would be to that?

That is more difficult to imagine, I know, because it just would not happen.

However, when the boot is on the other foot, just guess what happened to the St George's day march in Bradford.


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