Monday, 21 April 2008

News from Bizarro world

Channel four has just finished a three part series of doccumentaries, entitiled "Immigration, the inconvenient truth", focusing on the problems caused by immigration 40 years after Enoch Powell's famous "Rivers of Blood" speech

It was presented by a Somali called Omaar, who was supposed to be presenting the "British" perspective and who spent most of the time talking to people called Ichbal and Ramesh, who were complaining about all the Poles coming in and taking their jobs or second generation West Indians who complained about not being understood in their own country (on account of the Poles you understand).

At least that was what he was doing when he wasn't finding reasons to blame white people for the fact that West Indian boys keep stabbing African boys, and Asian boys keep stabbing everyone.

Mr Omaar then seemed to conclude that immigration was largely Mrs Thatcher's fault, because the 1980's boom resulted in the fact that 30% of City financiers are foreign, and anyway, immigration is the problem we think it is, given that most of the Irish have now gone home, and the Poles are already starting to do the same.

Despite this, he ended the series, with a vision of the future, where the whole workforce became international immigrants, travelling the world following the jobs. A prospect which takes the end of the nation state to a point which even Enoch Powell didn't envisage!

Sigh! I think I need a drink!

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odin said...

Your thoughts have hit the nail on the head Sarah!