Friday 25 April 2008

Persecuting the truth – the silencing of an Icon

At the 1960 obscenity trial of the D H Lawrence novel Lady Chatterley's Lover, the chief prosecutor, Mervyn Griffith-Jones, asked if it were the kind of book "you would wish your wife or servants to read". Griffith- Jones, was much ridiculed for the statement, however, establishment figures such as he, and indeed much of the establishment, have long believed that there are various details which should be kept from the public, because such knowledge might lead them astray.

However, it is an indictment of the times that something else has joined Mellors' unusual uses for daisies in the list of things of which the masses must be kept in ignorance lest it affects their behaviour, and sadly, that thing, is any truth which clashes with the politically correct, multi-culti mantras of our age.

As John of Gwent pointed out in a recent post at the Home of the Green Arrow, organisations such as the UAF (Unite against Freedom) and SearchLite, are so afraid of free speech that they will do anything to silence those who refuse to chant the politically correct lies which they are desperate to present as a form of truth, despite all evidence to the contrary. If they had their way, they would demand that the government, behave like the one party states which are their natural home, and ban parties such as the BNP from speaking out at all

However as the 2006 attempted political trials of Nick Griffin and Mark Collett showed us, Governments face particular problems when they seek to use legislation to punish people for speaking the truth.

This is not the case everywhere and it is not only in Britain where so called “Race hate” legislation is used in attempt to silence those who come too close to revealing the truth and elsewhere in the world the forces of political correctness are having more success. The outrages of the likes of the vicious Canadian Human Rights tribunal in its attempts to stifle all dissent have been well documented elsewhere, however, successful attacks upon free speech can be observed much closer to home, on the other side of the channel for instance.

Right now in France, a one time super star who is also a great lady and a French patriot, is facing yet another in a long string of establishment attempts to silence her from speaking out against the ongoing Islamic colonisation of Europe.

In the last eleven years, the one time French Movie star and word acclaimed sex symbol Brigitte Bardot, who retired from movies in 1973, and who has since worked tirelessly for animal welfare charities, has been sued in the French courts four times on charges of “inciting racial hatred” against Muslims.

In 1997 Bardot was dragged to court on account of an interview she gave to le Figaro and said that France was becoming over-run by "sheep-slaughtering Muslims."

1n 1998 she was again found guilty of incitement, over comments she made about the killing of civilians in Algeria. She had also complained about the growing number of mosques in France, "while our church-bells fall silent for want of priests."

A further conviction followed in June 2000 and resulted from statements she had written in 1999 in a book called "Le Carre de Pluton" (Pluto's Square). Here she complained about sheep slaughter by Muslims. Here she penned a section entitled "Open Letter to my Lost France". She wrote: "my country, France, my homeland, my land is again invaded by an overpopulation of foreigners, especially Muslims."

In 2003 she published a book called "A Scream in the Silence" which landed her in court once again. On June 10, 2004, a French court ruled that she "presents Muslims as barbaric and cruel invaders, responsible for terrorist acts and eager to dominate the French to the extent of wanting to exterminate them."

In the introduction to that book, she wrote "I do not hold religious Muslims in high esteem." She also wrote: "For 20 years we have submitted to a dangerous and uncontrolled underground infiltration. Not only does it fail to give way to our laws and customs. Quite the contrary, as time goes by it tries to impose its own laws on us. We were disturbed by their barbaric practices; we went to court; we condemned their unacceptable behaviour which left homes covered in blood, and filled rubbish chutes with skin, bone and oozing brains. To no avail!"

Given her love of animals it was not surprising that the formidable Mme Bardot railed particularly against the cruelty involved in the sacrifice of sheep at Eid celebrations and the wider issues of Halal slaughter.

However, she also called the 9/11 attackers "monstrous, satanic men" and wrote: "All those 'youths' who terrorise the population, rape young girls, train pit-bulls for attack ... spit on the police -- they are the ones who at the smallest signal from their chiefs will suddenly put us through the same kind of thing that happened in a Moscow theatre." statements which, many of us may view as fair comment.

This month Bardot is back in Court facing a possible prison sentence and a fine of nearly $24,000 on account of a letter she wrote to the current French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, in which she wrote: "I am fed up with being under the thumb of this population which is destroying us, destroying our country and imposing its acts."

The outcome of this, the fifth instalment of the Gallic persecution of one of their few remaining patriots is expected shortly, however, whatever the result I doubt it will force the excellent Mme Bardot to stop speaking her mind, or persuade the authorities to give up their attempts to gag her.

Let us salute Brigitte Bardot, at 73, her once stunning beauty may have long faded, but she retains a beautiful soul and the heart of a lion. Would that there were more like her.

However, let us also not forget that what is being done to Brigitte Bardot in France is exactly what the real fascists in the government funded UAF and SearchLite would love to see happen here, and is exactly what our government would be doing here had home grown heroes such as Nick Griffin and Mark Collett not stood up to them in 2006, and defeated them.


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Can we imagine any star of her status here in Britain speaking out like this ? No never they're all to cowardly to criticise the Government Donna