Saturday 5 April 2008

Politically Correct Racism (BBC Approved)

Well! it seems that our politically correct friends at the BBC, and numerous other news and media organisations, have given us permission to hate the Poles, and to a slightly lesser extent, other immigrants from the various, previously Eastern block, European countries who gained access to the UK, and some other EU employment markets, in 2004 and 2007.

How else do you explain the fact that, in the last couple of years, whenever, there is a negative story about Immigration, such as the recent Lords report on the minimal benefit immigrants have brought to Britain, contrary to Government claims, we are immediately presented with images of white, Slavic, faces queuing up for work, Polish shops in the East End of London, or little white Lithuanian Children arriving at over stretched schools in Crewe or Exeter.

Strangely absent are the gangs of Asian, or black, men, not queuing for work, but just hanging around street corners, Asian shops and curry houses or any film from the growing number of schools where the faces of one or two white children peer out from amongst a sea of hijabs.

Of course, there is no mystery to this omission, the BBC is still the politically correct monolith it always was, and it, therefore, remains forbidden to focus on any of the negative effects of immigration from the non-European world. Immigrants from Africa, Arabia the Caribbean and Asia continue to be a protected and untouchable group, who, it must be regularly demonstrated have enriched and benefited our society.

Poles on the other hand are fair game.

It is the 2004 and 2007 EU accession countries' bad luck that they joined the EU at just about the same time as the monstrous multicultural experiment which various European governments, especially our own, have been conducted for the last 40 years, began to expose itself as the terrible and destructive mistake it has been. Whereas public concerns over earlier influxes of immigrants could once have been dismissed as racism, even when Spain, Greece and Portugal joined the EU in the 1980's, by the early 2000's such an argument was becoming harder to sustain, and the supporters of mass migration realised they needed some new camouflage.

It was, therefore, also the immigrants from the Eastern European accession countries bad luck that they happened to be white.

To the politically correct opinion formers in our press, amongst our leaders, and on our TV, anti-white racism is far more acceptable than the fabled anti-black form, in fact one could go so far as to say amongst some of them it is mandatory. For them, immigrants from Eastern European arrived in the nick of time, and provided the opportunity to divert attention from the fact that their dream of diversity was turning into a nightmare.

"Yes” they cried as one “there is a problem with immigration ... but only with white immigrants”.

The powers who like to control what the public think realised that the unprecedented levels of immigration had begun to alarm the public. However, they were certainly not about to let anyone suggest that arrivals from places such as Somalia, Nigeria, Jamaica, Algeria or Pakistan brought anything other than a welcome enrichment to our shores. Therefore, like the Ancient Roman emperors threw Christian to the lions in their arena, to keep the citizens entertained (and divert attention from their own excesses), the guardians of the multi coloured flame have thrown us a few white Polish plumbers and pale skinned Lithuanian builders to distract us from the realities of their multi racial project.

Of course, many of the cowed and easily controlled amongst us, having been taught from the cradle that to question the rightness of third world immigration, or to suggest that anyone who's skin is darker than our own is anything other than a welcome and valued addition to our community was a crime akin to murder, paedophilia or rape, have fallen for the Guardian's trick and turned on the Baltic scapegoats. For the more easily led Britons, the new immigrants from Eastern Europe are a group upon whom they could blame their anxieties, without the sense of guilt which years of indoctrination would have made them feel, had Poles come in darker shades.

Just as positive images of non-European immigrants abound in our newspapers and on our TV screens, hardly a week goes by without a negative story appearing about European immigrants.

“Poles sending £1.8 billion home” scream the headlines, well, maybe they are, however, even if true, that is just a smokescreen, being used to hide a far larger problem. Does anyone really believe that the Poles are the only ones sending part of their earnings home to their families. Type the words “sending money home” into a Google search engine and you get over 42 million options and not many of them are in Polish.

Of course every other immigrant group is doing the same thing and sending money to their home countries. However, it is only when the Poles do it that it hits the headlines, why should that be?.

I will tell you why, they dare not admit that what the Eastern Europeans send home is a pittance compared to the sums actually leaving the country. If the Polish community can send home $1.8 billion, from their wages as plumbers, builders and cleaners, how much more do you think the Asian doctors, shopkeepers, businessmen, and multiple property owning landlords are sending back? And there are at least five times as many of them as there are Poles.

I know that many of those who read the Home of the Green Arrow and Sarah Maid of Albion blogs are sceptical about Europe, and don't get me wrong, I accept that there are problems with the EU and with the levels of Eastern European immigration we have experienced.

However, unlike other groups of immigrants, who import their own unique problems to our country, the main problem with eastern Europeans is not what they bring, it is the manner in which cynical politicians and businessmen are exploiting them in order to exploit and control the home grown working classes. Because of cheap Eastern European immigration, there are many communities in this country forced to survive on a derisory minimum wage, unable to do anything about it because they know that, if they complain they will be swept away by a further tide of immigrants, happy to work for even less than they are earning.

However, the wrong doers in that respect are not the Eastern Europeans, it is with the politicians and cheapskate businessmen who, when they are not outsourcing to India, are using cheap European labour to keep wages down and profits up.

Be in no doubt that, in ten of fifteen years, when the current group of Eastern Europeans have decided that they deserve a living wage and a home they can afford without having to share with four other couples, the same people now telling us how lazy the English are and how desperately we need Eastern European immigrants, will be arguing in favour of increased immigration from Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, to do the jobs (at the wages) which the (lazy) Bulgarians will no longer do.

Using immigration in a cynical attempt to keep wages unnaturally low is certainly wrong, but the Eastern Europeans are the victims of that wrong, in the same way as they are the victims of the media's current efforts to make white Europeans take the blame for the problems caused by mass third world immigration.

There needs to be curbs on the number of immigrants entering this country, including those from Eastern Europe, and I am certainly not arguing in favour of uncontrolled immigration from Europe or anywhere else.

However, whatever ones views on the European Union, let us be fair about our European cousins, and let us not allow them to be used to disguise the real threats to our communities and our way of life.

It is not Eastern Europeans who are grooming, raping and exploiting under-aged white girls in cities across Britain.

Eastern Europeans are none of the main players behind the drugs trade blighting the lives of so many of out young people, nor are they amongst the gangs terrorising, mugging and steaming in our inner cities.

The ever rising numbers of gang rapes are not being committed Eastern Europeans (or any Europeans apparently)

Scotland yard has not yet had to set up a special task force to address gun crime in the Polish, Czech or Hungarian communities, and those communities are not behind the growing numbers of murders on out streets.

Eastern Europeans have not brought mass death and terror to our beloved land, neither are they currently living amongst us whilst plotting further mass casualty outrages

Long eradicated diseases are not being reintroduced into our country by Eastern Europeans, nor are eastern Europeans importing bushmeat, superstition and barbaric traditions into our land.

Eastern Europeans are not demanding that we change our culture and laws to suit them, they are not insisting in the right to torture animals to death or wear masks when teaching or children.

Indeed, apart from accepting low paid work and talking loudly into mobile phones, the Eastern Europeans are certainly amongst the least objectionable of the new arrivals on our shores, and we have far more in common with them. We share a common ethnicity and a common heritage with our European cousins, and, as the third world and Islam march towards us, we share a common threat.

I hope that this article will not alienate many of my readers, I wrote it knowing I might unfortunately offend some. Although I am personally not a so called “Euro-sceptic” I respect the right of those who are to have that view. However, I felt it was important to highlight the racism and cynicism of many, in organisations such as the BBC, who are prepared to victimise, and even provoke hatred towards white Europeans whilst claiming the mantle of multiculturalism for themselves.

Many may not like the numbers of Eastern Europeans coming to Britain seeking work, but, even the staunchest of Euro sceptics must surely acknowledge they are a minor problem, when compared to the alien invasion currently overwhelming our native land. The next time the BBC start a news item about immigration with pictures of Polish shops and Bulgarian fruit pickers, do not be fooled, they are merely putting up a white smokescreen to hide the dark forces which really threaten us.


bernard said...

Thanks for the reminder Sarah.

The popular weekly news and current affairs magazine 'The Week' has got an article on the subject of immigration, and the accompanying photo is of a Pole outside his Polish Food shop.
I shall email this biased magazine, and send your link along as an attachment.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Thank you for your contribution Green Arrow, as you know, you and I are warriors in the same war, and in all important issues we are on the same side.

However, what on Earth has the fact that there is crime in Eastern Europe got to do with the fact that the BBC, and others, have given us permission to hate one group of white European immigrants whilst protecting other groups of immigrants who are guilty of far worse crimes?.

If we are to condemn all races who have criminals amongst them then we must condemn ourselves as well. However, that is not the point I am making, must we surrender all claims to our inheritance because we share genes with some bad people

For decades it has been an act close to blasphemy to attack immigration, until now when the the immigrants in question are white, Caucasian European Christians, do you fid that acceptable?.

The brilliance of what the pro-multiculturalists are doing is exposed by the fact that so many of you anti Europeans want so badly to think badly of the Polish, because of your disdain for Europe, you can not see what they (the pro-diversity establishment) are doing.

I am sorry, but I am not about to fall into that trap

Robert said...

Dear Sarah,

Another insightful article.



Anonymous said...


As ever, your articles address issues at the forefront of our struggle.

I'm in full agreement with evaluation of the biased coverage from the BBC. It's undeniable to anyone who is capable of being honest.

However, one question remains: Who benefits from this biased reporting?

That is, why does the BBC and other outlets report the news the way that they do? Under what order or pressure to conform does this happen?

Is it a simple case of Liberalism taken to the extreme that induces a paralysis that prevent the reporters and editors from properly reporting?

Or is it something more diabolical?

It's clear that the BBC intentionally covers stories to color Whites as negatively as possible while ignoring the degeneracy of Muslims and other Dark immigrants - and the BBC knows it. They've not stupid; foolish and misguided perhaps, but not stupid. They know they're doing it. But why?

Again I ask: To what end? Who Benefits?

Here in the States, the Jewish Elites have near total control of our media, with disastrous results that are affecting our entire fragile social structure.

An interesting article that you in Britain may find pertinent to the subject of Media bias and the Jewish Media can be found on my blog under the title "Who Rules America?" by Dr. William Pierce.

I offer it as it may shed some light on the issue here regarding the BBC:

The Green Arrow said...

Sarah. Your vote is already in the bag otherwise I would love to spend time pointing you in the direction of the truth.

You must find that for yourself.

Guessedworker said...

The Green Arrow. Man of "truth"?

Well, is he - or any of you - really capable of ascending to that mountain top? Since the departure of Jonathan Bowden, whom I respect, no one connected to the BNP is, as far as I am aware, remotely understanding of the greatness of the task which confronts dissident Englishmen (and women, Sarah).

To a degree it's understandable. We are all of us - all - venturing upon completely unknown ground. Even the other side. Until the end of WW2, no political class had ever agreed to race-replace its own people.

How did it come to pass? How can it be ended? We scarcely know. But some of us know a lot more than others:-

The Green Arrow said...

guessed worker. I look forward to reading your link later in the day and will respond then.

Like most people, I am just your average person who has been "discovering" the truth a grain at a time over the last few decades.

Some of it I am able to comprehend. Much of it goes right over my head. Like it or not, we are not all equal.

I think I know where we are going and what the end game will be and I think there is a solution but whether there are any out there with the kind of stomach for it, I have no idea.

I suspect we are looking at a Camp of the Saints scenario and then we will discover whether we really wish to survive.

Ray Boyd said...

Excellent posting, and I for one am not offended. You have put the spotlight on how the BBC is dealing with the issue of east european immigration. It is not something I would have thought about because with all the issues re islam, and other catastrophies in Britain today, I had not focussed that close.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Thanks Ray

It really is quite shocking that the media would would be guilty of such cynical double standards, but I suppose we should not be surprised.

It is not just in Britain that this is happening, the whole of white Europe, and indeed America are under threat, and a lot of that threat comes from people of our own race who hate us.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

I certainly agree with Rob Chapman ... the media is largely controlled and indeed a set program is in effect . Our people have been so thoroughly indoctrinated over the years to completely bypass and reject truth and any facts by the simple usage of a few select words and phrases .
Why do we hate our own so badly , why do we oppose the presenting of what is reality ?
Certainly we must clean our own house and remove the traitors and proselytes from amongst us ... but it seems the world at large is overwhelming and destroying our culture and existance . Were we not the ones who brought civilization to the forefront in all the world ? Look at the results of multiculturism now .

Spider said...

I am a refugee freom Zimbabwe. All my children and grand children have "lost" everything. I now live in south Africa. I have read your "happy birthday Mandela" article and approve and congratulate you. Mugabe should be taken to the Hague but because he is black it will not happen. South Africa is on the way to destruction as is the case with most black african countries. Keep up the good work and the best of luck with your, dare I say it, crusade.

Anonymous said...

Yes great article Sarah, thats always been the EUSSR motto divide and rule. they'd rather the white Europeans were fighting amongst themselves whilst being distracted from the bigger picture eg Genocide by overwhelming third world immigration into ALL western countries. Funny how third world immigration is not good enough for say the Chinese, its only happening in white countries, to overwhelm by sheer numbers.politicalMIZZ

Anonymous said...

When we look more deeply into so-called Polish immigration an interesting picture emerges.

First, it is not a permanent migration. All polling suggests that the average stay in Britain is two or three years and the generally well educated and trained Poles have every intention of returning home.

Two, after having been deprived of their country for most of the past two centuries they are all excited by the opportunity to gain experience. I worked abroad in my youth as a teacher because I wanted to see the world.

Three, Britain in its current state is not a desirable place to stay for too long and certainly not the place to educate ones children.

Polish hospitals are in many respects getting better than those in the UK

The Polish government actively encourages return.

Of course there are criminals and car thieves. Just ask those Germans whose cars were nicked after the border opened!

All in all Poland is not a problem but an asset.

Rumania, Bulgaria and the Islamicised Balkans are thornier.

Turkey would be a disaster culturally and demographically as the Turkish body politic is and will continue to be essentially unstable and a possible source of racist fascism in the years to come. A whole cupboard full of skeletons and a mass of denial about its history.

rerevisionist said...

Good article (and documented - something that many commenters don't do). There is the question of relative crime and I suppose it is possible Albanian credit cards and things like prostitution are worse among them than other immigrants... though I doubt it.

Rob Chapman and others are right to draw attention to Jews in the media. BUT the BBC is not run by Jews and has massive guaranteed funding. It is a puzzle to me why it is so cowardly. There are absolutely no serious issues it ever covers properly; I mean this as a literal statement of fact. [Kennedy assassination? Vietnam War? Second World War revisionism? Immigration? Funding of thugs? 9/11? Muslim and Hindu conflict? nuclear weapons? The EU? The money system? Statistics on crime? Civil service incompetence? The godawful state of the legal system? Diana? 'Look say' teaching? Employment of doctors? Etc etc etc].

The memoirs of BBC directors-general (I think that's the title - can't be bothered to check) are dreary and uninformative. No-one that I know of, from what were the BBC's governors, has ever written about what they did - very likely they resembled the EU's parliament and were tactfully ignored.

How is it possible for such an organisation to be so 100% naff?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, the problem with Romania is that our homegrown cultural enrichers cause quite a lot of problems. The sole benefit I see from my country's admission to the EU is a lot of Gypsies leaving.

Otherwise, Romanian people are hard working and all that. I'm really amused by the fact that I need a work visa for the UK, but you import a ton of Pakistanis. I suppose Pakistanis are EU citizens and I'm not.

Since we're at it, a Gypsy that got sent home from France said something that made me laugh. He said that he doesn't understand why the French government deports them since they only steal and beg, while Africans rape and murder and nobody says anything about them.

By the way, I find it really offensive when Westerners call Gypsies Romanian. I suppose I should associate Algerians with France, Pakistanis with the UK, Turks with Germany and Somalis with Sweden.

Jim said...

some of this is being reported across the pond, but primarily and in almost all instances initially by FOX News who when they are mentioned at all by the New York Times and old school 'main stream' media networks are either misquoted or simply dismissed as "Faux News"