Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Two families survive farm attacks over the weekend

The number of attacks against white farmers in south Africa are unquestionably on the increase, thankfully not all end in fatalities, despite the terrifying experience of the victims, and the clearly murderous intent on the part of the attackers.

I have posted links to two such attacks, which occurred over the weekend, at South of the Zambezi.

In the first attack on Saturday would be killers attempted to burn a mother and her children alive in their own home after sealing the doors with wire.

In the second attack on Sunday a farmer was shot and stabbed by attackers when he opened his kitchen door.

In both incidents the violence itself appears to have been the motive of the attack


DailyKenn.com said...

Hunter Wallace wrote a "brief snapshot of life is really like in the world’s first 'post-racial society.'”


Anonymous said...

Wish I could only read about it, I live here.
Do you think Robert Mugabe will take white refugees ?

Anonymous said...

This is pure attempted genocide, plain and simple.
Why is this not in the news worldwide.
Why is this not reported to genocidewatch the world over.
Why is it not on Oprah, the BBC,CNN,NBC etc.
Where is the international political leaders condemnation.
They are all a bunch of f*&%$&G hipocrates thats why.