Tuesday, 13 April 2010

This man

This man says what he truly believes, whilst knowing as he does so that he will be vilified and slandered for it. He speaks the truth knowing that he will be called a liar and that he will be lied about.

In fact, this man has had more lies told against him than probably any other native figure in our island history. This is because the union to which the journalists telling the lies about him belong has rules instructing those very journalists that they must lie, and must uniquely lie, about him.

This man goes out every day knowing that as he does so there are organised and state funded thugs determined to stop him. He knows those thugs may use violence, and if they do, the police will not protect him, they stood by and watched him being attacked on College Green and will do so again. Meanwhile the bigots at the Crown Prosecution Service will ignore clear evidence and refuse to prosecute his assailants.

Indeed, this man goes out every day knowing it could be his last, for he would not be the fist European patriot leader to be murdered for his beliefs.

Yet, this man has, himself, been prosecuted twice for the crime of telling truths which were demonstrably true and which the media, the government and the very courts trying him knew to be true.

He is not only prosecuted by the courts, but he faces daily trial by media. When this man went on to the state broadcaster's flagship political debate show, it was to find that, for the first time in its history its format had been deliberately changed so that it became a bear pit, with him as the bear, yet he held his own against the dogs.

This man leads a political party which various state and tax payer funded pressure groups, quangos and arms of the state have been set up deliberately to destroy. A party whom the lying media accuse of inciting violence, when, the party and its members have, in fact, only ever been the victims of that violence.

This is the man whom the state, the controlled media and the mob seek to silence, and yet he still speaks out.

He does all this in the knowledge that the benefits to himself are few, whilst the dangers are great and many. At the very least, this man deserves to be heard.

Ignore the lies told about this man by his enemies, his enemies may be many, but they are your enemies too.

This man is Nick Griffin, the bravest and the most honourable politician in our land today.


Concerned South African said...

How I wish we had a leader like this in South Africa. Probably would be killed like ET though, so I don't hold much hope of seeing one appear until South African whites finally unite.

bernard said...

Fine, heartfelt tribute Sarah.

Concerned South African -

SA population: 48 million.
80% Black; 10% white.

"Unify" against those odds?

Get real man.

Concerned South African said...

The population of South Africa is much larger than 48 million at the moment. Quite a few immigrants from Zimbabwe and the rest of godforsaken Africa. White also being less than, I think its, 8 % or so now.

Despite these odds, its imperative that White South Africans do unite, even in the face of grave danger.

I would also like to add that my comment above was not to be read as whites uniting to some how kill or remove blacks from South Africa,but merely hoping for a leader like Nick Griffin that will allow us to get our message of self determination and self governance out to the Western World.

I stand for a homeland for White South Africans as jews stand for Israel. Whatever your standpoint is on jews I do respect them for fighting for their land. Therefore I wish the same for Afrikaner/ Boers and English South Africans to achieve their own homeland.


alanorei said...

Thank you, Sarah

A Durham Christian man, whose group I addressed some months back, called Nick Griffin "the bravest man in Britain" and I agree with him.

Nevertheless, I have heard it said firsthand that footage exists from the last 2-3 years on which Nick is supposed to have said "Blacks and Jews are inferior to me."

That seems a wholly stupid comment for someone as astute as Nick - especially when the Party has Jewish members, including a Jewish councillor.

I just wonder if anyone else knows of this footage - I couldn't find it by means of google.

I'm wondering it was a sound bite suitably 'doctored' by UAF/Searchlight?

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Hi Alanorei

If such a film existed you can be certain it would have appeared on TV a hundred times by now.

Therefore I am sure it does not exist, or if it does it is so obviously doctored that even Searchlight dare not show it.

alanorei said...

Thank you, Sarah

You are right, of course.

I should have asked the witness for the source - he made the statement at a church meeting. However, the subject is bound to come up again as E-Day gets closer and I'll see what more I can find out.