Saturday, 24 April 2010

What even Mr Paxman might understand

It seems that despite adjudicating over University challenge in his spare time, Newsnight anchor Jeremy Paxman (pictured above) struggles for a definition of an indigenous or native Briton, or so the disingenuous and obscenely over compensated old poser tried to pretend in his unsuccessful attempts to discomfort Nick Griffin during his interview with him this evening.

Well, in that case, lets give him a fact which will not challenge his Panten Super Hold spray addled brain and one which will not even require him to grasp a definition of either native or indigenous which would be quite clear to 99% of the population. Indeed it will not even be necessarily for him to pontificate superciliously about a tiny group of French Huguenots or an even smaller group of Lithuanian Jews, but which might just give him an inkling of the size of problem we are facing.

It is an indisputable fact that, if current immigration and immigrant birth rate numbers continue, within less than 50 years, the descendants of those British born people who celebrated VE day in 1945 will be in the minority within the British Isles.

Is that clear enough, even for you Mr. Paxman?

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