Thursday, 1 April 2010

The Exquisite Cultivar

By August Pointneuf

The British, the “Island Race”, was pivotal in the development of the modern civilised world, in an evolution of abilities ranging from literature and art to industry and science, which was unique in the history of mankind.

It is true, also, that much of this evolution had its foundation in the broader Western European culture as Europeans became progressively compressed by aliens into the north-western corner of Europe’s continent.

But there are those who are averse to this view, primarily because it is in their interests to pretend that this superiority does not exist. They argue that past invasions make the British no more than a cluttered melange of mixed origins. Therefore, they opine, since the British are not a discrete entity they have no right to claim intrinsic superiority. Those who chose not to accept the unequivocal say much about themselves, notably their blindness to objectivity. Ultimately the necessary defending substantiation lies firmly with the historian.

Others counter, and perhaps demonstrate, that the British are genetically highly homogeneous, and that most of the so-called “invaders”, whether Angles, Saxons, Normans, or Romans have close genetic origins. The Celts are considered to have been positive contributors and Jews powerful catalytic benefactors.

But all these debates are frivolous and pointless. The end-point of these arguments must always be that a relatively small group, which historically defended the ingress of strangers and protected by geographic isolation, became the creators of the greatest civilisation ever.
It matters nil what their origins are. The reality is in what they succeeded in creating. Whatever their blend, this group did it. This people displayed unique superiority, so much so that it enabled them to create the largest Empire ever known, and stamp their brand across the entire world.

Biological success is measured by its instance. Who contests the beauty or scent of a plant because its origins are obscure? Does one debate the benefits of a superior cultivar of wheat, or the flavour of the trout because each has evolved from distant cross-breeding or unknown primordial origins?
It is demonstrable reality which counts. This isolated group, the British, had the blend which succeeded, and we should care about their origins not one jot.

However, like all cultivars, the British as a race are not infinitely robust. The British will not continue to function as a superior breed if they are bred out. Just as superior breeds of cattle, or dogs, or rare alpines, or dolphins will lose their places in the fine balance of biology if cross-bred, so also is the British cultivar highly vulnerable. What insanity would encourage into a herd of Highland cattle, carefully protected and cosseted for centuries to preserve their unparalleled qualities, a contaminating Black Angus bull?

Ironically, it is often those who do recognise fine biological distinctions and who seek to protect species diversity, that have tried to destroy the unequalled capabilities of the British. It has been those who protect and defend the rare plant or animal, that have been promoting the cross-breeding which will breed out the unique qualities of the European.

This group of busybodies preens itself indulgently as “liberals” with the connotation that this makes them advanced intellectually and morally, superior purveyors of distillate compassion, foresight and wisdom.

Instead they have become malevolent jesters, whose delusions are destroying that exquisite cultivar which has been the People of Britain.

August Pointneuf

Copyright 2010. Reproduction with permission.

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