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Rome under siege

Is it just me who finds more than just a coincidence in the fact that, just at the time when the leaders of Europe and indeed America, together with their controlled media, are gleefully cheering on the invasion of previously Christian lands by the Muslim hoards, the Catholic Church finds itself under the most concerted and vicious attack it has faced in centuries?

Child abuse is a terrible crime, and it appears to be without question that some Catholic Priests were guilty of that terrible crime. However, are we being given a fair or accurate picture of what has happened in the church and how this differs the wider society, and other situations where adults have authority over children?

The doors to the madrassas remain sealed, and figures are not easy to obtain as to what goes on there, although the widespread grooming of under aged white girls by Muslim gangs across Britain might lead one to speculate.

However, figures are more available elsewhere, but only to those prepared to look, which the media choose not to.

The following article by
Selwyn Duke at the American thinker gives a very different perspective on the matter than the one which is currently being presented to us:


The Scandal Driving the Church Sex Scandal

By Selwyn Duke

We've all heard the story. Hundreds of young sexual abuse victims long afraid to come forward for fear of embarrassment and scorn, abusers escaping prosecution and quietly moving to different jurisdictions, authorities covering up the crimes to avoid scandal and litigation. It's a saga of grave, grave sin.

Of course, you would assume that I'm talking about the Catholic Church sexual abuse scandal.

And you would be wrong.

I'm describing the situation in America's schools -- something that, although mirroring the problems dogging the Church, is strangely ignored.

Let's examine the similarities using statistics from the United States. According to the John Jay Report, 10,667 people made allegations of child sexual abuse (not all were substantiated) committed by priests between 1950 and 2002; according to an AP investigation, at least 1,801 educators committed sexual misconduct involving minors between 2001 and 2005. So the per annum tally is:

Number of people making allegations against priests - 205

Criminal educators - 360

Now, since it's logical to assume that numerous individuals made accusations against the same priests, the number of clerical transgressors is no doubt less than 205. Yet even if we use the 205 figure, the number of offenders appears to be approximately 76 percent greater among educators. But that doesn't even begin to tell the whole story.

While it's obvious that a certain percentage of cases must have gone unreported in both education and the Church, the latter has been subjected to intense media scrutiny while the former has remained off the radar screen. Thus, it's reasonable to assume that the percentage is higher in education. As to this, the AP tells us about a Congress-mandated study placing the number of students sexually abused by an education worker at some point between kindergarten and 12th grade at 4.5 million. Furthermore, the AP found that most of this sexual abuse is never reported and that even when it does come to light, often no action is taken.

Of course, the other side of the coin is that the number of teachers nationwide is greater than that of priests, so a raw-numbers analysis may be deceptive. So let's examine the rate. Wapedia reports the following: "A Perspective on Clergy Sexual Abuse by Dr. Thomas Plante of Stanford University and Santa Clara University states that 'available research suggests that approximately 2 to 5% of priests have had a sexual experience with a minor' which ‘is lower than the general adult male population that is best estimated to be closer to 8%.'"

Continue reading at the American Thinker


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alanorei said...

Wikipedia contains a very extensive item on the Catholic sex abuse cases.

The article also highlights the fact that such cases are global, not confined to the US. They are endemic to the Catholic Church.

Moreover, such cases seem to be considerably lacking amongst (married) Protestant clergy, by comparison with Catholic priests. I believe that is significant.

Re: the lay educators accused of paedophilia/pederasty, the first question to ask is, what religion are they?

If they've got Catholic backgrounds, the distinction between the lay and priestly percentages for sexual abuse of minors is immaterial.

But in any event, the Catholic Church is ultimately responsible for the moral degradation of the US school system, as described by long-term researcher of Catholicism, American Baptist Eric Jon Phelps.

The following extract is from EJP's 1800+ page CD Vatican Assassins, p 1712, my emphases.

EJP's comments show that by any standard, no particular distinction can be drawn between sexual abusers of either a clerical or educational lay nature.

Our AV1611 Bible-based, Puritan-founded, Common Public Schools, so accursed by the Jesuits, have been forever ruined, destroying our glorious White Protestant history (including the history of the Papacy’s nightmarish Inquisition, it serving as the backdrop for the Reformation) and morally
corrupting our beloved children
— if we dare send them to those humanistic, Bible-denying dens of iniquity — via supposed “sex education” and unending, race-mixing, purposely Black-Supremacist, gladiatorial, Greco Roman games...

Deadly games at that, all told.

Such an evaluation leads me to conclude that the main terrorist cell in the UK is not any Muslim enclave.

It is the Jesuit nerve centre of Stonyhurst College, Lancs.

The alumni make interesting reading, Conan Doyle being instrumental in tampering with the Coronation Oath in 1910 - more destructive to Britain than any Muslim effort so far, heinous though these are.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Mr. Duke's article is excellent and I agree with his conclusions, but would like to make a point regarding this statement:
"You see, if the schools taught such things, then they too would surely be in the crosshairs. But their embrace of all the left's favorite isms grants them great immunity."
-In the US, both the schools and the media are separate arms of the same propaganda organ. The schools will never teach "such things" because they and the teachers within them take their marching orders from the US Department of Education, and their rewards are very substantial (it is very common for a local township "educator" in small public school to make in excess of $70,000. a year, and for a school administrator of that same school to make well in excess of $100,000. per year), and I have not begun to mention their other perks such as being paid for the entire year and teaching only 9 months out of that year ("summer vacation" lasts from mid June through the first week of September), the pensions, wonderful healtcare, etc. The only real cost is marginal-the "teacher" just needs to make sure he/she has no integrity and duly teaches the leftist ideology she/he is expected to preach, er..uh,..hmmm; excuse me, "teach".
Much the same can be said of reporters regarding their ideological outlook and the longevity of their careers. The rewards to be obtained for no integrity are even greater and include possibility of promotion to "iconship" within the news media "industry" (i.e: Kathy Curic comes to mind here- she was once just a local "newsanchorwoman" and went on to national fame). Someone once said of the news reporter: "the only job in which a person can stand in front of a burning building and tell you its on fire and make $200,000. a year doing so".

Anonymous said...

"Re: the lay educators accused of paedophilia/pederasty, the first question to ask is, what religion are they?"
- You know nothing about the US, obviously, my friend. Their religion would not factor into how and what they taught in public schools here in the US. As to whether their religion factors into a proclivity for pedophilia; you can't be serious? Do you honestly think that the preponderance of pedophiles are Catholic? If so, that is ridiculous. Also, the US was founded as a predominantly Protestant country, and still is to this day. So too, were the major colleges at that point in our history, largely Protestant in outlook. Those colleges with any Catholic outlook at all were established by and for the Catholic community, but that part of the population was not a majority. You might take note of the fact that it was not until 1961 that a Catholic was elected to the presidency here (John F. Kennedy, obviously).
"Moreover, such cases seem to be considerably lacking amongst (married) Protestant clergy, by comparison with Catholic priests. I believe that is significant."
-How profound! It should be obvious that a pedophile will be attracted to any service profession in which he can receive regular exposure to "new victims" if he is a pedophile. They also like to work (not surprisingly) as Boy Scout Troop leaders (and reportedly LOVE to go camping with the troop), day-care centers tend to unwittingly hire them, and the list goes on.
But in any event, the Catholic Church is ultimately responsible for the moral degradation of the US school system, as described by long-term researcher of Catholicism, American Baptist Eric Jon Phelps."
-Children are not even allowed to pray in public schools here! "Separation of Church and State" has been a political hot potato issue for many years and the government will not tolerate the presence of Christian expression in its public schools in any form. This is a mandate here. Only Catholic schools can have this, or other Christian denominated schools, or Jewish "Schuls" can teach their religion. This has been public law for as long as there has been a public school system. I would hardly trust an "American Baptist" to do unbiased scholarly research on Catholicism and how can Catholicism possibly affect the public school system when Catholics were widely untrusted in this country nearly from the year of its founding? Your entire argument is silly and terribly misinformed, as well as harboring an obvious religious bias.

Lygeia said...

Sarah, you make an excellent point about the madrassas schools, the sexual abuse of young boys by Muslim "clerics," and the grooming of young white girls in Britain by Muslim gangs. These should be investigated, just as the horrific violence against women by Muslim men should be investigated (and it is a terrible thing how famous Western feminists ignore Muslim "honor" killings of women by Muslim men, while demonizing white men).

However, the Catholic Church has harbored sexual deviants and pedophiles for far too long and these revelations are far overdue.

While I agree we can never underestimate the Muslim threat, sometimes we have to clear our own house. Just because the Muslims are a true poison (everywhere they have "taken over" they have turned verdant farm lands and forests into deserts -- the Sahara was once the green, fertile breadbasket of Egypt and fed Rome), we cannot ignore predators in our own cultural institutions or we risk becoming like the Muslims.

Dr.D said...

Unfortunately, there have been cases of sexual abuse by clergy of all denominations, not just RCs. Attention has focused on the Roman Church particularly because of the perceived "deep pockets" and the fairly well established homosexuality within the Roman clergy. These are mostly cases of Roman priests with young men, although young women are involved at times also.

Alanorei, your statement, "But in any event, the Catholic Church is ultimately responsible for the moral degradation of the US school system, as described by long-term researcher of Catholicism, American Baptist Eric Jon Phelp" is simply bogus. EJP may have written 1800 pages of nonsense, but that does not mean anything at all. He is a totally biased researcher, and his observations are invalid. I am well acquainted with the American public school system, having gone though it myself and put three children through it. It is certainly true that the public school system has been seriously degraded, but that is the work of the marxists, not the Romans. Your accusations based on Phelps work are totally unfounded.

alanorei said...

Re: "You know nothing about the US etc..."

My contacts there do. They include converted Catholics.

Moreover, God knows a great deal about Rome, Revelation 17:4-6, my emphases:

And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:


And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.

That is a true description of Rome, as attested by all leading English/British Protestant Reformers from John Wycliffe on down.

Re: EJP and his research, his experience has been similar to that of the Christian publisher J.T. Chick, who made great disclosures about Rome many years ago, with his Alberto series.

One of the ex-Catholics - see above - with whom I have contact is Dr Peter S. Ruckman of Pensacola Bible Institute. This is what he says about Rome's reactions to Chick's material 25 years ago, History of the New Testament Church, Volume 2, p 277.

I think you'll find a resonance.

"Hollering and screaming "bigotry and slander" (see pp. 78-79), old Mother Whore had a raging fit against "Chick Publications"; but of course she stayed out of the COURTS."

If what Chick, EJP, Rivera, Zachello, Lehmann, Butterfield, Daniels, Ruckman, Riplinger, Wylie, Stuart, Paris, Manhattan, Sadler, Blakeney, Paisley, Foster and others have said about Rome is untrue, the Catholic Church has vast wealth and could have crucified all them in court and the expense to her would have been peanuts.

She never did.

If you avoided Jesuit influence in school, Dr. D, then praise God for his gracious provision.

But Rome'e carrot-and-stick tactics should be apparent. What you have over here, for example, is Rome adopting a high moral tone via lay Catholic social reformers e.g. Family and Youth Concern which has a clear end in view.

Re: Protestant wayward clergy, yes, they exist but if they did in numbers anywhere near comparable to Rome, the Catholic-syndicated Gannett-Hearst news outlets in the US would have hung them out to dry en masse, likewise the Murdoch-controlled news empire over here.

They never have.

Rupert Murdoch, the world's leading pornographer, is, btw, a papal knight, of The Order of St Gregory the Great for his services to Rome.

That's the kind of company she keeps.

alanorei said...

However, the best evaluation of all about Rome that I have ever come across is as follows (not that of an American Baptist):

Grattan Guinness on Rome

From Romanism and the Reformation, by H. Grattan Guinness, DD, written about 1880. The next 120 years have borne out his horrific vision, e.g. the Croatian massacres of WW2.

Born in Dublin, Dr Grattan Guinness (1835-1910) was a great evangelist, author and Bible teacher, who spoke for the genuine believers of his time.

The Daily Express said of a service he held in 1858, aged 23:

“An enormous crowd pressed for admittance. Judges, members of Parliament, orators, Fellows of College, lights of the various professions, the rank and fashion of the metropolis have been drawn out. Among them the Lord Lieutenant, the Lord Chancellor and the Lord Justice of Appeal, etc. Such a preacher is a great power, prepared and sent forth by God, and as such Mr. Guinness has been hailed by all denominations.”

Rest assured, gentlemen, as I believe Sarah would agree, the DE would never write that about any Bible preacher today.

Dr Grattan Guinness had this to say about Rome, my emphases:

“I see the great Apostacy, I see the desolation of Christendom, I see the smoking ruins, I see the reign of monsters; I see those vice-gods, that Gregory VII, that Innocent III, that Boniface VIII, that Alexander VI, that Gregory XIII, that Pius IX; I see their long succession, I hear their insufferable blasphemies, I see their abominable lives, I see them worshipped by blinded generations, bestowing hollow benedictions, bartering lying indulgences, creating a paganized Christianity; I see their liveried slaves, their shaven priests, their celibate con-fessors; I see the infamous confessional, the ruined women, the murdered innocents; I hear the lying absolutions, the dying groans; I hear the cries of the victims; I hear the anathemas, the curses, the thunders of the interdicts; I see the racks, the dungeons, the stakes; I see that inhuman Inquisition, those fires of Smithfield, those butcheries of St Bartholomew, that Spanish Armada, those unspeakable dragonnades, that endless train of wars, that dreaded multitude of massacres. I see it all,

“And in the name of the ruin it has brought in the Church and in the world, in the name of the truth it has denied, the temple it has defiled, the God it has blasphemed, the souls it has destroyed; in the name of the millions it has deluded; the millions it has slaughtered, the millions it has damned,

“With holy confessors, with noble reformers, with innumerable martyrs, with the saints of ages, I denounce it as the masterpiece of Satan, as the body and soul and essence of antichrist.”

Amen, preach it, Brother!

Finally gentlemen, as Sarah has been so patient with me yet again, I suggest that perhaps any further discussion should take place independently.

You can contact me on

Anonymous said...

The catholic church has been donkey deep in covering up child buggery on the part of its clergy for decades. Now that it's all out into the open, one must expect the vatican to mount a well-orchestrated counter-attack. That the catholic church's gross moral torpitude comes at time of the fastest rising tide of islam into Europe since Charlemagne is the true measure of this fatally tainted and discredited institution.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I am sorry, but I have not approved some recent comments on this thread. If people wish to comment will they please do so without flaming and attacking each other.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that the Church had become under attack, i read in one of the newspapers online that there had been a hotline set up for "victims of the Church" so i submitted a comment saying we should open up a hotline for victims of the Mosques, of course it was not published. the Marxist NWO are attacking Christianity because they want to undermine it so they have complete control over the people, Islam is being tolerated and encouraged because it acts as a battering ram to destroy Christian countries.

Sarah must tell you what happened on my highstreet on sat, there was 100,s of black Christians blocking the road, they were singing and celebrating Easter, it did irritate me a first, but then i realised that this is exactly what these Marxists will hate to see, Christians being loud and proud about Christianity, i even as an atheist wished them a Happy Easter.....Donna