Tuesday, 13 April 2010

When dead men cannot answer

It did not take them long to start the lies, when did it ever? Whilst media commentators pretend to believe the claims coming out of South Africa that AWB leader Eugene Terre'Blanche was murdered whilst attempting to rape a black youth, who is now one of the two men charged with his murder, readers may wish to recall the recent violent death of another far Right leader.

Within days of Austrian Freedom Party leader Joerg Haider's death in an apparent car accident in October 2008, claims of his alleged homosexuality and visits to gay bars started appearing in the press.

How convenient that, as both men are dead and can not deny these allegations. It should be noted that Haider's wife successfully fought a legal action against various newspapers and won a court order preventing them from repeating the claims. However, I suspect that will be less easy to silence the lies this time, given the nature of the allegations against Terre'Blanche and the increasing anti-white racism of the South African courts. Hence, it is likely that the media will have the delight of repeating the allegations for some time to come.

It may even be that a racist South African jury will pretend to believe them as well, making the acquittal of the killers even more likely than it already is.

We can leave aside the hypocrisy of a liberal media using the allegation of homosexuality as a smear tactic, as it has long been clear that there are few forces on earth more homophobic, more misogynistic or more racist than a Liberal defending a black man. There is no depth to which the liberal media will not stoop, and we should never be surprised when they start digging at the bottom of the sewer.

The trouble is that once again it seems that the media believe their own propaganda and actually think we are the bigots which they claim we are. They assume all they need to do is raise the spectre of homosexuality in order to forever besmirch the memory of great men. However, that is their prejudice not ours.

As regular readers of this blog will be aware, I do not share the anti-gay sentiments of some within the nationalist community. As being potentially the first victims of what is to come, gays will become the natural allies of Nationalism as they start to realise the degree to which the liberal establishment has betrayed them. I believe when that happens we should welcome them.

However, even those who do not share that view, will see this calumny for what it is. We know the media lies, we know the establishment lies, we know the courts lie, for they also lie about us as well.

The lies of a lying media, will not change how we think of these men, it will not diminish their memory in our eyes. We are beyond that now, for we all know what is going on.

Even as the black crowds cheer Terre'Blanche's killers, should a jury of their peers acquit them, we will know the truth, and it will exist no more in those cheers than it will be in the news or TV reports which will accompany them.

In the ugly age we have been born in to we are all the victims of the lies which dead men cannot answer, but now we know the truth we can at least answer for them.



From what I have gathered the initial investigation team was white with a white investigating officer and a white white spokeswoman. when the spokewoman was approached about the rape and condom story she said that it was "total nonsense".

Apparently the new "investigation" team is made up of black officers who report directly to Bheke Cele the National Commissioner of the South African Police Force and an ANC member

Apparently the rape story had already been thoroughly debunked in South Africa by the police, the paramedic that removed him from the scene of his death. However, suddenly it is back on the table

It is of interest to note that at least one of the defense lawyers Zola Majavu is one of the leading criminal lawyers in in the country so how can an unemployed 15 year old who murdered someone for non payment of wages afford a top lawyer like that? oh yes, of course, the ANC are paying the defence costs.

Thanks to Dina and JP for help with this article


Anonymous said...

Yeah why should the ANC care about the murder att all, it sounds like damage controll to me, surrounding the case by their people.
It can only mean that they are trying to control the truth and make sure the real motive of the crime doesnt come out.
Sounds like a real coverup coming.
Malema and co showing a bit of a "black tendency". Wonder if the BBC reporters would be allowed to attend after they insulted the great kid in african politics.

Anonymous said...

I too thought of Haider when I read the lies being put forward about Terreblanche in the MSM. It seems that the press behaves the same the world over.

Concerned South African said...

This case just gets more spiteful everytime one puts on the news. First it was a wage dispute, next thing you know it's sodomy. Once that allegation has gone the world over the defendant changes their tune again. Now it's self defense against a 69 year old man with pangas and machetes. Something is indeed rotten in the state of South Africa.

Anonymous said...

The lawyer for the accused went on national television stating that he consulted with his client and that they are not proceeding with the sodomy allegation as he could not find substance in the allegation.
The prosecutor should have great time in court with that information as the lawyer "the anc's best" basically admitted to canging the version of the accused on national television.
Just hope the prosecutor is clever enough.