Saturday, 24 April 2010

A statement of truth

There is one statement in the BNP's 2010 election manifesto which the party and every one of its supporters must ensure is made known to the wider public at every possible opportunity. It is a statement which I urge the BNP to find space for in their forthcoming election broadcast and repeat every time they are given airtime on any major TV or radio outlet, particularly when they are being broadcast live, so that it can not be easily edited out, as the controlled media will certainly seek to do.

They must repeat it on door steps and shout it out at hustings, for it is a truth which must be spoken.

That statement is:

At current immigration and birth rates, indigenous British people are set to become a minority well within 50 years. This will result in the extinction of the British people, culture, heritage and identity.

It is a statement of truth which the wider public must be made to confront. It is also a truth which the establishment does not want to be told.

Do not forget how Nick Griffin was immediately attacked and silenced by the other panellists when he attempted to reveal the truth on Question time, and, in any event, it would certainly have been edited out of the broadcast version of the show had he managed to say it.

They don't want it said because they have no answer to it, they can not deny it, and even they can recognise the truth it describes for the act of evil which it is. That is why they refuse to acknowledge it, they know that, to succeed, their victims must remain ignorant of their fate until it is too late for them to save themselves from it.

However, the white majority must be made aware that they and their children will become a minority in their native land by the middle of this century and what that will mean to them and to their children.

We, who gather here, tend to think they must all know what is happening because we know it so well, but, in fact, they do not know. It is a truth never spoken when they gather, it is not mentioned on the TV shows they watch, the websites they visit or in the newspapers they read, so why would they know?

Some may suspect it, but whilst it remains a secret they need not acknowledge it, as to do so might seem racist, and also very scary.

However, they must be made to acknowledge it, for otherwise it will destroy them.

Sadly some may think it fine, as democrats we must accept there are those who will cheerfully welcome the day upon which their race is disinherited in their homeland, that is their choice, but it a choice which they must be allowed to make for themselves, not one which is imposed upon them.

Until now none of us have been given the choice.

Our leaders have, for their own political ends, taken up down a path which must inevitably lead to the the day when our people will become a minority in the islands where our forefathers have lived, and which they have defended with their lives for millennia, yet they have never given us the chance to say “No” (or indeed, for that matter even to say “Yes”)

It is not scaremongering to acknowledge the inevitable outcome of what is being done, it is certainly not racist, it is a mere statement of truth, a truth the public must be told.

What is being done to us if of far greater significance than our membership of the EU, or who rules us for the next five years, for when this comes to pass, at a date which is ever more rapidly rushing towards us, it will be forever and there will be no going back.

The unavoidable result of our leaders treachery, embodied within that truth, has never before been acknowledged, and we have never before been allowed to vote on it.

This time we have a vote but the people must be made to know what they are voting for and what will happen if they don't.

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