Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Thirty One years of "Provocation"

Scotland Yard have finally released the 31 year old report into the death of so called anti-racist protester Blair Peach in 1979. Given the report reveals that Peach almost certainly died as the result of blows he received from a police baton we will no doubt hear much more about the report in coming days. The left in this country, which includes the controlled media, is nothing if not tribal and Peach, a martyr of the anti-racist movement is very much one of their own.

However, looking at the wider circumstances surrounding Peach's death shows us that not much has changed in the last 31 years. He died whilst he and hundreds of other “anti-racist” protesters were involved in a violent confrontation with the police when protesting against a “provocative” meeting which the National Front were holding in Southall. The National Front's meeting was viewed as “provocative” because Southall is an area with a lot of immigrants, which, of course, begs the question, where exactly in London would not be provocative?

The violent anti-racist protest in Southall followed a number of earlier violent incidents, such as that in Lewisham in 1977, where, when the National Front staged a “provocative”march through another area with a lot of immigrants, this seemingly provoked anti-racists to throw paving stones at them.

Odd isn't it that although it was the National Front who did the marching and the anti-racists who threw the paving stones, to this day the media still blames the violence on the National Front. The NF, of course, were being “provocative” by protesting against an issue of concern to them in an area where the issue in question had made a significant impact.

Peach and the other “anti-racist” protesters of the 1970's were part of the same movement which went on to form the modern day UAF, and they are still employing the exactly the same tactics , except that they now largely ignore the National Front and instead instigate violent confrontation with new and more successful nationalist organisations such as the BNP. Only last year on College Green, in front of the Houses of Parliament, we saw UAF violently attacking Nick Griffin's “provocative” press conference, and then the mass violent attack at the BBC, when Nick Griffin made his “provocative” appearance on question time.

Also in Preston we saw the organised violence by the “anti-racist” UAF against the peaceful, but presumably “provocative” anti-Islam march by the English Defence League.

This same thing has now been going on for almost 40 years, the same violent forces have been using the same tactics of violence and intimidation against anyone who objects to the mass invasion of our country, whist blaming the victims for “provoking” the violence.

Meanwhile, the media, the police and various governments continue to also blame the victims of the violence for binging it upon themselves by daring to object to a deliberate government policy.

They call this country a democracy, but it has been no such thing for decades!


Dr.D said...

Link to the report does not seem to work, Sarah.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

That is odd, it works for me, try pasting this link into your browser

or here is the BBC report http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/8645485.stm

Dr.D said...

Both links you provided in the comment worked just fine, Sarah.

I thought it very interesting that the first link in your comment included the following citation:

Archbold 38th edition para 2528: 'In case of riot or rebellious assembly the officers endeavouring to disperse the riot are justified in killing them at common law if the riot cannot otherwise be suppressed'."

It is saying that if you participate in a riot, and if you happen to be killed by the police in the process of breaking up the riot, that is legal. I think that a lot more people need to be made aware of that. Taking part in a riot is not a risk free game; there are definite hazards involved, including possible death. Play are your own risk.

I really think that very, very few young people today think at all about the fact that they are putting their lives on the line when they do some of the foolish things that they do. This should be point out in big, bold type. Mr. Peach played with fire and got burned.

Anonymous said...

The imposition of huge numbers of incompatible aliens on the native population without any prior consultation is of course not provocative.