Thursday, 1 April 2010

The legion of white victims

Elderly couple survive Farm attack

An 85-year-old grandfather from Soutpansdrift in the North-West fought with his bare hands with three armed intruders to protect his life partner, even after they shot and stabbed him.

Dawie Meintjes and his life partner, Maria de Beer, 81, were attacked at 01:00 on Monday morning in their farm outside Brits.

De Beer was struck by shrapnel from the bullet on three places on her right leg, Mr. Meintje was shot in the hand and also stabbed in the arm

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Thankfully Dawier and Maria survived their ordeal, and for once it has not been necessary for me to update the tragic figure at the top right hand of this blog.

Elderly woman dies in grisly attack

However, in another incident police are investigating the murder of 80 year old Helina Kotze after her body was found with her wrists and knees tied up at her home in Potchefstroom on Tuesday.

Ms. Kotze's throat had been slit and her wrists and knees were tied up with kitchen napkins and sellotape.

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As Ms. Kotze was not a member of the farming community I can not legitimately include her murder amongst the farm killings, she is another of the many urban whites who are raped and murdered in South Africa each year, but of whom no accurate count is available.

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Comment: People often write to me and ask why whites stay in South Africa given the increasing violence being perpetrated against them. However, as with the cases above, a significant number of the victims are elderly people in their 70's and 80's, frail vulnerable people in their twilight years who have known no other home and have no remaining contacts outside South Africa. Most are no longer in a position to start a new life in a foreign land.

Also, at least 10% of the white South African population, some 450,000 people, now live in dire poverty as a direct result of black favouring affirmative action which has deprived them of their jobs and their homes. These whites struggle to feed their children on a daily basis, not only is the price of the air fair out of the country beyond their means, but no Western country would take them in.

Thanks to TVJ for sending me to a link to this item in Business Report regarding the growing number of white squatter camps in South Africa.

Meanwhile that remarkable lady Adriana Stuijt who runs the Censor Bugbear blog continues to report on the plight of whites in South Africa, including those now living in poverty. Here are links two of her recent postings on this subject:

I highly recommend Adriana Stuijt's two blogs Censor Bugbear Reports and Afrikana Genocide Archives for the prolific and well researched reporting of news which the Western media actively seeks to hide.


Yorkshireminer said...

It is not just in South Africa, I read and follow the Scandinavian Blogs a couple of days ago a 78 year old woman and her partner who was 71 was attacked by a cultural enricher in Malmoe in Sweden they were on there way too the local supermarket. As you get older you tend to take a lot more time to park. He was between 25-30. He was following them into the car park and became a little irritated by the time they were taking got out of his car and attacked the driver. The woman got out and tried to defend her partner. This is a 78 year old against a 25 year old. He punched her in the face causing her to fall backwards and fracturing her skull on the asphalt. The perp. was described as of other ethnic origin than Swedish, realising what he had done, drove off in his red Opel. The woman was taken to the local hospital but it was decided later by the family and doctors that, life support would be withdrawn. Make out of it what you will. I have drawn my conclusions

Anonymous said...

I am a white South African female who choose to live outside my country. Why? Purely because my white husband can not find employment there and we refuse to become a "modern" family where the wife is the only breadwinner. However, our families are still living there, including our adult children. We read the news daily on the internet and cannot believe how pathetic the average white South African is. Are they blind? Are they stupid? Don't they want to see what is happening to their country? How long are they still going to believe the lies the ANC tell them? Currently there are soldiers from South Africa training in Zimbabwe. Their aim is to take the white owned farms, as soon as the soccer cup is over. White people, you are being MURDERED, RAPED, GANG RAPED IN PRISON, TAXED TO DEATH, INSULTED, ASSAULTED AND HUMILIATED. Why do you tolerate this? Get up, get going, move out. If you cannot afford to move to a western country, go north. Some of the other countries in the rest of Africa,will celebrate your expertise. Do something, don't sit around and wait for your turn. Guaranteed- something bad is going to happen. Go where you are celebrated, stop staying where you are not even tolerated!