Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Terre'Blanche Murder scene - independent forensic investigation

Very interesting report on the Terre'Blanche killing at Censorbugbear which can be read by clicking here.

An independent forensic investigation suggests that the killing was premeditated and had nothing whatsoever to do with unpaid wages. It also suggests that a black woman who attempted to warn Terre'Blanche was also murdered.

I wonder if that will ever get into the mainstream media!!

Please read the full report at Censorbugbear


Anonymous said...

These guys are very good! Right angles do not occur often in nature. Maybe in Crystals and geology. Not in Grass. The leaning sticks where all the rest lean in another direction...these guys are good trackers.

I read the synopsis. I would really appreciate to read the report done in Africaner in English, with the pictures in sequence. I know translating would be time consuming.

The Mountain Man Kill is interesting. I don't know the distribution of pulp fiction in the used bookstores of South Africa. Was the book itself published in SA? I doubt such would be lying around if Gene's death was decided and planned two or three days in advance of the murder. Certainly his death was premeditated and planned in advance. More then three days, maybe more than a few weeks. This cover page may mean his death was planned even years in advance.


Anonymous said...

What a great picture!

Birdman said...

will this make the MSM? Hell no. How can we publish something that makes this country look bad?

How can we publish something that makes blacks look bad?

Now, it were whites that killed him, we would have that 24/7 on all networks.

Makes me sick

Dr.D said...

The need for the kind of hidden instructions that this report indicates were given means that the killers were not local people at all. Rather, they were people from some distance who did not know the local area and would require these detailed instructions in order to do the job. Therefore, on this basis, there is no point to looking for the killers among the local population, but rather they must be found from further away.

All that having been said, however, it was someone local that set up the instructions, and they are definitely a major part of this ghastly crime.

The cowardice of the murderers is striking. They knew that ET was weakened because he was recovering from heart surgery, and he often needed to rest during the day while the work was going on. They took advantage of this. During all the years that ET was in his prime, these cowards would never challenge him because they were afraid of him. Only when he is severely weakened do they attack. What great heroes they are (NOT)!