Thursday, 1 April 2010

New Parliament Votes

By Robin Hind

Today saw the long anticipated first vote of the new Black Majority parliament.

The motion, which now will be drafted into law, was passed by a comfortable margin.

It is not anticipated that there will be any obstruction from the House of Lords, which has long exhibited a sympathy towards black majority rule.

The new legislation directs that the British population be adjusted to conform to the Proportionality Concept. This means that the population demography will be adjusted to reflect the demography of race as it is distributed world-wide. The legislation will ensure that immigration policy will be directed at accelerating the black population immigration selectively. The correct proportion for the white population (seven percent, which is the current percentage of whites in the world population) will be achieved by the assisted passage of members of the white population group to “over-dense” nations. An assurance was given that these Assisted Emigrants will have nothing to fear, as their presence in creating multicultural societies has been established as being of universal benefit.

The Speaker gave praise to the South African Government for their assistance. The South African government had pioneered the concept of Proportional Representation, beginning when sports team selections were obliged to reflect the national racial proportionate demography.

An additional motion which was successfully adopted, was that the significance of this achievement be celebrated in perpetuity as a bank holiday to be named British True Freedom Day.

Robin Hind


Max said...

Proportional Representation is a farce and will only be used to exploit white labour in favour of nonwhite. If one looks at the South African government maybe one in a thousand, run of the mill, employees are white. This is now also prevalent in big business.

Proportional Representation = total domination of the workforce by the nonwhite population.

adrian said...

They should come home, here or to Holland, trouble is you can bet your life our Govt's would block such a move.

adrian said...

US Military conceding 9-11 an inside Job

US Military Know 9-11 an inside Job

Anonymous said...

My dear friend open your eyes, why would we (south africans) want to go to the UK or Holland.
Go and do some research and you will see that just with what is there already (legally) they will breed you out of your own country in less than 50 years.
Why would we want to put our children through that again.

If you cannot come up with an alternative plan you might as well flee your country now and save yourself the trouble later.