Saturday, 24 April 2010

In the mind of the deluded and deeply stupid

Raped by a black man and its still the white man's fault, this woman is so stupid she is dangerous.

This level of stupidity just makes me angry


Durotrigan said...

You're right Sarah: this woman's level of self-loathing cretinism deserves contempt. So far as I'm concerned, she'd be in her rights to shoot the man who raped her, but instead she blathers on about having been "a Malcolm X scholar" (teaching whitey self-hate presumably?). The world is full of extremist race self-haters such as this woman, yet these terrible views are somehow promoted as mainstream and acceptable.

Haiti attained independence over 200 years ago and has been ruled by its predominantly black population ever since. It has been a basket case throughout.

FishEagle said...

Look, it's denial in one form or another, which is window dressed as forgiveness. Poor thing, maybe wants to create a world in which it seems ok that she was raped. Of course, it will never be ok.

Viking said...

Have we not heard this before?

"Truly, I have witnessed as a journalist and human rights advocate the many injustices inflicted upon Black men in this world. The pain, trauma and rage born of exploitation are terrors that I have grappled with every day of my life"

Which black men? Africans? how long was the "colonial period" exactly?

Few inroads had been made into Africa by 1870 and by 1960 they were nearly all independent.
90 years? three generations? And within that time period, how many of the African population had even seen a white man? 20%?

They wouldn't know colonisation if it fell on them.

Anonymous said...

Off topic?

A huge billboard advert for Nike Clothing

A Big Black man in the usual arrogant pose with a black T Shirt on

the statement underneath ;

'Let Your Coloureds Run....'

Now how would interpret that? said...

Must be similar to the Stockholm Syndrome.


ANC blames white farmers for 1,304 black-on-white murders

Who's to blame for slavery?

"The historians John Thornton and Linda Heywood of Boston University estimate that 90 percent of those shipped to the New World were enslaved by Africans and then sold to European traders."


Dr.D said...

The sad excuse for a White woman claims to love black men, and yet she says that they are totally unable to control themselves, that they have no personal responsibility. For a responsible person, no matter what is done to him, he still recognizes his own responsibilities and knows that he is not free to do as he pleases. In particular, even an oppressed man knows that he is not free to rape the next woman that he sees.

But this Leftist woman insults those she claims to love so much by insisting that they have no possibility of self control because they are "victims." It is characteristic of the Left to find excuses for their "friends," rather than to truly help them by requiring accountability. Excuses are so much easier than accountability, and they make everybody feel better too since the guilt is transferred elsewhere.

What in the world is a "Malcolm X scholar"? Is it any wonder that this did not impress the rapist? Does it impress anyone at all? Who cares? She is so immersed in hatred of White people that she is unable to see the world as it really is, with good and bad in White people and in black people. Until she gets her thinking straightened out, I hope she stays in Haiti.

Lygeia said...

I think it is interesting her black rapist did not hit her until she told him she was a Malcolm X scholar.

Viking said...

I think Amy Biehl screamed something similar to the crowd who beat and stabbed her to death.

Anonymous said...

This is one way that stupid people will remove themselves from the gene pool; by sucking up to what are quite obviously not only our enemies, but the enemies of any sort of civilization.


FishEagle said...

Valid comment on another site - white patriarchy doesn't cause earthquakes. LOL