Saturday, 3 April 2010

Breaking News - Eugene Terreblanche Latest Farm Murder Victim

South African white nationalist leader Eugene Terreblanche has been murdered, local media reports say.

Mr Terreblanche was beaten to death on his farm in the north-west of the country, the reports said.

Mr Terreblanche and his Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (Afrikaner Resistance Movement - AWB) came to prominence in the early 1980s.

He became the champion of a minority determined to stop the process that was bringing apartheid to an end.

Mr Terreblanche is the 3,100th white South African farm genocide victim to be murdered since the end of Apatheid in 1994.


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The unspeakably vile BBC and CNN continue to refer to Terreblanche as a White "Supremacist", that word they always use to mislead the public about Nationalist and Separatist leaders.

Apparently two of Terreblanche's workers have been arrested, the police claim that they killed him because they had not been paid, which seems rather a convenient explanation.

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misterfox said...

Meanwhile Malema sings "Shoot the Boer" in Zimbabwe.

Who feeds this idiot?

misterfox said...

This report does mention the fact of over 3,000 murders of White farmers since the end of apartheid. This must shock people who think everything is lovely in The Rainbow Nation with Saint Nelson spreading peace and light(no racism intended!).

Ron said...

I thought these words, by writer Yggdrasil, were important in light of the loss of such a great man:

The Boer War was provoked by no more than a dozen men.

The few individuals who wanted war, Barnato (Issacs) , Beit, Wertheim and the rest of the IP gang were well known to the Boers. They lobbied the legislatures of the Boer Republics and certainly disclosed exactly what they wanted and why.

They then staged and armed coup, which the Boers easily defeated. But then the Boers set the conspirators free and did absolutely nothing to the IP gang of sponsors.

Being thus encouraged by the lack of any personal costs associated with plotting violence against the Boers, Issacs, Beit, Wertheim and the rest of the IP gang lobbied Britain to conquer the Boers.

It was all so predictable.

What the Boers failed to realize is that these international capitalists are the most risk sensitive and risk averse people on earth. They are the most powerfully motivated by reward and punishment, constantly calculating odds and payoffs from various courses of action. Their behavior is thus easier to change than that of any other group or class of citizen.


Anonymous said...

The BBC who like much of the world media ignore the ongoing genocide of White Boer Farmers

I never hear the BBC reporting SA as the rape capital of the world

Anonymous said...


Spot on Well said!!!!! Rothscild was also lurking in the background and fell out with Rhodes just beforehand.

Are you reading 'Greyling' and 'Laager' re SA Sucks???

The BBC and its associates ITN, CNN, SKY - (including ALL printed matter) are ALL COMMUNIST leaning outfits sponsored by masonic state capitalists. They only employ self loathing liberal white trash and ideological commmunists. The police and military is no different.

Since 1945 this country's establishment has conditioned itself to the insidious COMMUNIST ideology of Lavrenti Beria of the NKVD.

Only a war, a coup de tat can possibly save Britain and Europe.

misterfox said...

They can't help themselves - "White supremacy", a "Nazi swastika"!

misterfox said...

sarah you can be well proud of yourselffor ploughing yourlonely furrow. The truth is slowly coming out now, though.

If you to 'Listen Again' to the BBC Today programme this morning at approx 7.15 you will hear this being discussed. I believe it is the first time that the BBC has ever mentioned the white genocide that is occuring in South Africa. Perhaps it feels that the extent of the murders there are of such magnitude now they can no longer be ignored.
This government has catastrophically allowed in large numbers of blacks who are HIV will have a continuing affect on the mainly black community of this country.

Dr.D said...

It grieves me to see Eugene Terreblanche taken down. I have long thought that he was one of the best hopes for the survival of White men in SA. He had the spirit and the will that seems lacking in so many others. Who will step up to fill his boots now?

I am sure that he was a tired old man (he and I are almost exactly the same age). He had fought valiantly for so many years, and had endured several years in prison as a result. He put his life on the line time and again for what he believed in for his country. It is one thing to blog anonymously (and I certainly mean no disrespect to those who do), but it is quite a different thing to stand up and be the public face of an unpopular movement as Eugene Terreblanche did.

May Eugene, and all those who have died in Christ, rest in peace. Let light perpetual shine upon them Amen.

Birdman said...

I truly hope that the visitors to the world cup will open their eyes to this and stay away from here for their own sake.

Our Police farce (no spelling error) keeps saying that everyone will be safe. Do not listen to the police, Here in Cape Town (Mowbray suburb), the police office is protected by a private security firm.

Don't take my word for it, do some research.

John McNeill said...

I don't know much of the man.

But I find what Arthur Kemp had to say about him to be interesting.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't he fortify his house and invite unemployed white Afrikaners to his farm?

Loving in isolated farmhouses is not an option anymore.

Anonymous said...

Our own major television network here in Canada, the C.B.C. (Communist Broadcasting Corporation) reported this story on the national news tonight.

The talking head made sure to mention "white supremacist" several times so that listeners wouldn't forget the first time.

There was a very brief mention of "some", yes....... "some" white farmers having "lost their lives" but they didn't elaborate any further.

Of course, he was killed because his "two farm workers hadn't been paid."

Such nonsense!

Lies, omissions, fabrications, and conjecture...all wrapped up in this one story.

Having only served to raise my blood pressure, I turned the T.V. off!

Anonymous said...

A lot is unknown about this man, he was a great poet amongst other things. Even in SA he was seen as a bit radical.Everyone in SA know what is going on and how the black communist inspired youth (now grown men) were used to do the bidding for the communist overlord.Alas nothing has changed except the fact that communism has cloacked itself effectively in democratic clothing.The same forces working behind the scenes in SA is also working in the rest of the democratic world.Is there a chance that people will wake up and realize this.Even if they dont the evil of political correctness and its sequelae should be made clear to the world in a logical and non racial way.The truth about the matter is that it has destroyed traditional African values already and will destroy values of any community taken in by it.This liberalist ideal will not save any race group on the planet but will destoy all traditional values and replace it with a culture of serving money as the only god worth loving.

brian boru said...

Even with all their suffering the South African whites can't seem to get the message. They have been betrayed by their 'leaders' and church, and, of course, by the demonic vampires who have controlled the country since 1902. They are clearly slated for extinction, just as the white Rhodesians were, yet they still play by the crooked rules that have been set out for them. The apes are sharpening their knives and axes and oiling up their guns in anticipation of the final slaughter. When the vile creature Mandela finally goes to hell they plan to wipe out the hated whites. They have stated so openly yet so many whites still think they can appease these sub-human vermin. The ANC has been steadily making it harder for whites to own guns so that they will be easier to kill when the time comes. The jews' American and British puppets will give the whites the same help they gave the Rhodesians, ie none. What is happening to the white South Africans now is what will happen to all whites in time if we continue to play by the kike's rules. You need to completely purge your mind of any lingering trust you have in the system. It doesn't matter which country you live in. Every politician in every former white nation is vetted by the kike puppetmasters before being allowed into a position of power. Only the most amoral traitors like Blair, Merkel, Bush or any other of the disgusting swine I could mention are accepted. It takes courage to totally reject the system. Stop watching their media. Seek out other whites who have pulled aside the kike veil on reality and physically meet them. We have been targeted by the jew for extinction. It is not someone else's problem in the future but your's here and now.

misterfox said...

Anonymous, oe anyone in or from african countries. I desperately want hard facts on young Africans being prepared for and imported into, the West by organisations like the British Council.
My source was Dele Oguntimojou an African lawyer working in London: ”(you) do not know how the youth in the poor African village is being seduced by lush advertising to shed his native dress for blue jeans; to retune his ears from the traditional hi-life to the drum and bass of hip-hop and Brit pop. Even now the British Council is busy across Africa training the next generation of immigrants in the language of the destination country.”"

Salisbury Review. Spring 2003. Vol 21. No3.

wilepossum said...

The Boers would do much better if they would familiarize themselves with Robert Whitaker's "Mantra" available at instead of wishing for the old Natparty and cheap black help.

This is a genocide, those anti-whites are guilty of genocide.

Anonymous said...

"There was a very brief mention of "some", yes....... "some" white farmers having "lost their lives" but they didn't elaborate any further."

Same in "britain" mate. I was listening to the early morning BBC 5 live which had an erstwhile obviously feminazi commie fucktard on the mike babling to its colleague in ZA. This thing partners another IRA commie generated fucktard called Nicky Campbell. I got the impression this vile dog was getting off on the "excitment" and deliberately drawing negative attention to the plight of white people "the Boers"
in South Africa - almost agitating for an all out black on white slaughter orgy. It talked of the "estimated" 3000 white people like it was inidental or something..

Imagine if the BNP were to start knocking off blacks ann Asians over here in teh same manner?

Given a revolver with just one bullet and the sanction to use it to blow away an openly rabid anti white nigger like Malema, Farakhan etc ...OR... a piece of self loathing WHITE trash like this fucking "Hillary" employed by the BBC the nigger would live!

TREACHERY is worse than MURDER it is the source of ALL our misery!

That is why our CIVILISED forebears put it at the top of the crime list with EXECUTION being the only remedy for it.

These are the CIVILISING disciplines that make a PEOPLE and a NATION.

Anonymous said...

Could anyone imagine the "whites" of the BBC/CNN/MSM sponsoring a boycott in the same hysterical vein as they did when ZA was under white rule -- in the light of the white genocide taking place out there?

How do the WHITE liberal left feel now I wonder when they buy South African goods and worse take a holiday spending money in that god forsaken shit hole KNOWING what is happening?

Like dumbed down 2 bit kaffirs sex with with boons, Durban poison, beer and football/rugby is probably all that matters.

I can just picture a gathering of "nice whiteys" getting all goofy and friendly trying to fit in and communicate with the boons... you know like Jon Snow or Dimbleby interiewing one of their leaders in their typically obsequious goofball manner. It's enough to make your toes curl and stomach turn double in paralysis...

Anonymous said...

"I can just picture a gathering of "nice whiteys" getting all goofy and friendly trying to fit in and communicate with the boons..."

You mean something like THIS?

Anonymous said...

Does the world really care at all about the whites being killed, at least the death of a racist is good news.
No one really cares why this man ever existed, or what the jews did in europe before Hitler came to power.
Everyone spend so much time debating what these people did and enjoy hating them,that they forget why these people had the opportunity to rise to power in the first place. This is the disease that is killing the west.
Anyway good luck to Europe with the 50 million immigrants.And to all white people in Europe please stop thinking of yourself as intelligent in any way , you have no F%*#"?g idea of what you are doing.

Anonymous said...

“We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tension. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negros. We will aid the NEGROES to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.”
Israel Cohen, A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century, 1912

Anonymous said...

In today's STAR news paper (SA news paper)page 3 there is a picture and an article of people going into the room where he was murdered saying: "look at the blood spatter, look there is some brain"

I am disgusted that people (and they are white)will do such a thing after someone lost their life there, and then a news paper publishes such shit.

Anonymous said...

" "I can just picture a gathering of "nice whiteys" getting all goofy and friendly trying to fit in and communicate with the boons..."

You mean something like THIS?"

Absolutely mate!!! our race is polluted with ignorant fuckups like this