Tuesday, 13 April 2010

“Die white man! Viva Malema!”

"Die white man! Viva Malema!”

Shouted 4 armed robbers whilst attacking a white family during a farm attack East of Pretoria at the weekend.

39 year old Capt. Leon Johan Koekemoer, his wife, Annelie (37), and their 3 children together with their lodger were the victims of a terrifying home invasion when intruders broke in through a window in the lounge after forcing open the burglar bars.

The intruders fled when the family fought back shooting one of the number dead

The attack which the police are investigating as attempted murder, follows a well publicised incident where ANC youth leader Julius Malema, defied a court order and sang the ANC battle song “kill the Boer”

Oddly enough news stories relating to this attack on both Bleed and News 24 seem to have vanished, however, Censor Bugbear has a full version of the original news story, together wuth evidence of additional calls for genocide against the Boers, which can read by clicking here


Hat Tip: Dina

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Birdman said...

No MSM will publish that. They are chicken sh*t liberals who refuse to acknowledge the truth of what is going on in this country.

What more must we do to let the world know what is going on here. The wc2010 is a few weeks away.

We need these tourists to stay away for their own safety.

Our police cannot (will not) protect us. How in the hell are they going to protect an additional few hundred thousand more innocents?