Saturday, 24 April 2010

An undemocratic aliance

The man striking what I assume he imagines is a suitably arrogant pose for a British land-owner is Jamaican born farmer and businessman Wilfred Emanuel-Jones, otherwise known as the black farmer behind the "Black Farmer" range of food products. Despite the immigrant invasion of Britain, black farmers remain very rare in this country (as they once were in America until the government decided to compensate black farmers for the "racist" reluctance of banks to lend them money, at which point their numbers increased by many thousands) and Mr. Emanuel-Jones gained some celebrity status, together with his own Channel 4 TV series, which saw him taking a group of inner city school leavers from ethnic minorities to work on a scholarship program on his Devon farm.

It would of course have led to a Channel 4 exposé, and probable police action, had a white farmer offered a scholarship program exclusively to native whites. However, that is the way "equality" works in these Orwellian islands.

Emanuel-Jones is also one of the ethnic minority candidates, which Tory leader David Cameron is so excited to be fielding in this year's general election and is standing as the Conservative candidate for rural Chippenham in Witshire.

However, it seems that both Emmanuel-Jones and his Labour counterpart Greg Lovell have some difficulty understanding the concept of democracy and demanded that the BNP candidate
for Chippenam Michael Simpkins be excluded from any hustings event they attend.

Sadly, those organising the Hustings event at Corsham on Friday, Corsham Community Area Network (CCAN), appeared to share the Emmanuel-Jones / Lovell Soviet style approach to democracy, and banned the BNP from attending the first half of the event, when the other candidates would be speaking. The BNP were invited to attend the second half, at which stage, those not wishing to share the stage could leave.

Naturally at half time Emmanuel-Jones and Lovell departed like a pair of ugly sisters rustling their crinoline and waving their fans in disgust at being in the presence of the lower orders.

To his credit the Liberal Democrat candidate Duncan Hames did not join in with the Tory and Labour histrionics and demonstrated respect for democracy by remaining on stage. Let us hope, that, if the BNP do not win Chippenham themselves (it is a rural seat and not one of the party's main targets) Mr. Hames is one Liberal Democrat who does benefit from the Cleggmania currently stirring up the British electorate.

Meanwhile with luck Emmanuel-Jones can return quietly to making sausages I will never buy, and Lovell can return to running his ethical "free trade" shop, just so long as neither of them get anywhere near a democratic process which they clearly find difficult to understand.

4 comments: said...

Eventually it will occur to these nimrods that excluding the BNP gives the party exclusive status and noteriety that will transcend into votes.

Anonymous said...

I read an article in the online newspaper you linked to,it was very clear that the BNP was depicted as backward and a joke.
Inherent in the article was that being British was seen to be backward and a joke.
How long till the British realize that their history as a people and their "being Britsh" is depicted as negative even if it is implied.
My feeling is that the vast majority will take offence and when they do realize it, they will wake up the sleeping "bulldog"

Dr.D said...

Black farmers are relatively uncommon in the US even today. Very few have the willingness to stick to the land, to endure the vicissitudes of wet years and dry years, good crops and bad crops, good markets and poor markets. Most black people crave security too much to be farmers. They will often work on a farm, but they will rarely take the responsibility for ownership where everything you have is tied up in the success of the farm.

Anonymous said...

The thing about the black farmer is he is largely a one off, a living example of the argument from anecdote.

The left refrain is because one black person does something without any apparent problems therefore there is no difference in importing a million more. Outliers anybody?

If we had a our pre-1948 demographics I'm sure most reasonable people wouldnt object to the odd non-white here and there if that was all there was. But in our current context an individual case is not allowed to be just that, a one-off.