Monday, 12 April 2010

Conservative Party Cowardice - An analysis by Frank Ellis

Treacherous, Cowardly, Dishonest
and Destroying Our Nation:

Nothing British or Conservative about
David Cameron’s Party

You treated your conscience to a dose of guilt and then prayed to someone or other that things would stay the way they were as long as they could. That’s where you went wrong. You should have held fast to your Western contempt. It might have steeled you against disaster. Because that’s what’s brewing for you now, my friend, and you can’t do anything about it. When all is said and done, it will serve you right, and no one will stand up and fight it. Not even your own. Which just goes to show what a decadent lot you really are.

Jean Raspail, The Camp of the Saints (1973)

Frank Ellis © 2010

Until very recently the Conservative Party used to believe that its elected members of parliament were charged with a solemn duty to advance Britain’s interests and to protect Britain’s territorial, economic, racial, legislative and political integrity from hostile forces, internal and external. That is no longer the case. What is now quite clear is that the Conservative Party, in pursuit of some Neo-Marxist multiracial utopia, has abandoned its allegiance to the British nation state, the monarchy, the nuclear family, the parochial, and above all to the idea that Britain as a white, north-west European nation is worth preserving. The Conservative Party’s open espousal of the viciously anti-white, racist doctrine of multiculturalism is in fact the most obvious and striking symptom of its moral and intellectual decay. Given that one of the central fallacies on which multiculturalism is based is that all races and cultures are the same then, according to this doctrine, no primacy or superiority can be attached to any indigenous population (only applies to white people): all are equal in ability and potential (though non-whites are recognised to be the bearers of unique spiritual and other intangible benefits which whites are duty bound to accept); all are to be globalised and standardised (though non-white indigenous peoples must be protected and nurtured, whereas whites are to become globalized helots). If you believe in the cult of multiculturalism you are: (i) not a conservative in any tradition, certainly not in any tradition derived from the thought of Burke, Disraeli, Salisbury and Powell; and (ii) you are unfit for any high office let alone worthy of becoming the Queen’s First Minister.

One consequence of multiculturalism is that the white population, the people who can rightly claim this land as theirs, are now expected to act and to speak in ways that demonstrate their support and commitment to multiculturalism. In other words, whites, as victims of these ugly policies, policies espoused by Labour and which will be continued if the Conservative Party wins the general election, must show support for something which actively encourages their racial and cultural dispossession. If they cannot bring themselves to state the vile lie – “diversity is our strength” – they must at the very least eschew any public criticism of the ethnic cleansing of whites, especially if they work in the Macphersonised public sector.

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Jonathan said...

What an impressive article, this could be the definitive critique of what has happened to the Conservative party.

Dr. Ellis is one of our most impressive writers

Anonymous said...

Superb analysis, I have seldom read anything quite so good on the internet

Anonymous said...

A brilliant surmising of the evils of multiculturalism and the death of the Conservative Party as a CONSERVATIVE political party.

The irony is painful to anyone who thinks.

In the meantime,Day by day we watch dear England being altered to a multiracial melting pot of will all end in tears.

fellist said...

o/t, sorry.

Sarah, would you consider offering some of your writing to the Occidental Observer site? Your recent post on eugenics was very good indeed and might have been considered suitable for their readers. Another example that comes to mind is your series on the Duke Lacrosse hoax.

They pay a little for contributions and your excellent work find a bigger readership.

It'd be nice to see Dr. Ellis's stuff there, too.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...


I would very much like to contribute to Occidental Observer, and I agree that Frank Ellis' work would fit in there very well.

Do you know who I could contact?

Jade said...

It confirms everything I feared was happening to the Conservative party. An extremely revealing and well written article. Pity the mainsream media do not publish such truths. Thankyou.

fellist said...

Sure, Kevin Macdonald is the editor, he invites submissions or queries at email:

misterfox said...

It seems to me that the most important thing we writers can do is to try and change the political climate. The politicians(BNP) who stand for our people and values do so in not a vacuum, but a very hostile political atmosphere. Our people have been brainwashed for years into passively accepting their dispossession and the disinheriting of their children by anti-British elites.
The Conservatives offered false hope in that long after anti-immigration leaders like Churchill had gone, internationalists like Macmillan and Macleod pretended to be patriotic while they betrayed us.
I know these people I am going to mention are friends of Frank's and I do not men to cause offence, but the so-called Conservative journals like The Salisbury and Quarterly Reviews facilitated this process by their timid almost frightened way of feebly trying to defend our values which did little to counter the destructive ideological forces that were undermining our moral fibre and belif in ourselves. they never really put forward a coherent vision of Conservatism and by its timidity offered only a false hope thus allowing destruction to progress apace.

fellist said...

Sure, Kevin Macdonald edits TOO, he invites submissions and queries at:

(my earlier - prompt - reply musta got lost in cyberspace, sorry. I was checking back to see if you'd given 'em a bell. Hope you do...)