Friday, 2 April 2010

Have You Tried the BBC Race Bias Test Yet?

Kriss Donald and Stephen Lawrence
BBC Bias in Black and white

From the BNP WEbsite

The BBC has an appalling record for anti-white racist bias in its reporting, particularly when it comes to race hate crime against white Britons — a fact easily and conclusively proven using the BBC website.

The most appalling race hate murder committed in Britain in modern times was undoubtedly that of Kriss Donald in 2004.

Kriss was 16-years old when a Muslim race hate gang snatched him at random from a Glasgow street.

He was taken to an isolated spot where he was sadistically tortured.

He didn’t die from the mutilations inflicted on him with knives but from being set alight.

His murderers were later convicted and sentenced to long terms of imprisonment.

Yet despite the obvious fact that this was Britain’s most appalling racist murder, the BBC all but ignored it — something it most certainly would not have done had the victim been Asian or black.

This is far from being the only racist murder of a white person that the BBC has either censored or ignored.

To establish the extent of the BBC’s racist anti-white bias we invite you to do the BBC Bias Test:

  1. Go to the BBC website’s home page here
  2. Input the name “Kriss Donald” into the search facility towards the top of the page.
  3. Count the number of references to “Kriss Donald” returned.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3, this time inputting the name “Stephen Lawrence”.
  5. Then ask yourself why does the BBC consider one murder so much more newsworthy than the other?

An account of the Kriss Donald murder may be read here

Unlike the BBC, the British National Party believes that crime should be reported impartially, irrespective of the ethnicity of the victim.


caratacus said...

The truth will out, for we remember them!

Anonymous said...

First, please let me state that I sympathize very much with this poor white boy's family and of course my heart goes out to the victim himself, though that will do him no good now. As a US citizen, I know what this crime is like, as we have daily occurences of this type of racial crime every day. I must say though, that I do not understand the British inclination to refer to Pakistanis and other Middle Easterners as "Asian", though the Muslim label may apply, they obviously do not practice their beliefs. For us, Asians are Chinese, Japanese, Thais, Cambodians, etc. And for the most part, we have had little problems with "Asians" except for the Cambodian variety. That is a minor point, but I thought I would just mention it. Also, to us Pakistanis and suchlike peoples are "Middle Easterners" (no slanted eyes, not having the extensive cultural history of the Chinese, for example and definitely not having the high IQ of the Chinese-type peoples for a certainty).
Your problem in Britain is much the same as ours here in the US and comes from the same sources. Your government, as is ours, is controlled by the same small group of people, very rich, very powerful, and with a burning hatred of whites (especially European whites) that reaches back two millenia in time). Though they possess white skin, they do not count themselves as "white", but of a different and superior race. Here in the US, Benjamin Franklin did not want to allow their immigration at all, however they contrived to gain admittance and were the infamous "carpetbaggers" during reconstruction after our civil war. In your country's case, you have Oliver Cromwell to thank for letting them back in after a long (and Im sure peaceful period) without them. They are our race's collective enemy. They control the politics, they control the media.
Time is not on our side, and the time for "talk" and protesting is long gone. We have a saying here: "talk is cheap" (it accomplishes nothing, and at least in the past, it cost nothing). You have choices:
1) you can stay on your Island Nation and hope that the coloreds do not kill you all, while your race is slowly bred out of existence.
2) you can stay and fight (I mean fight in the same manner as the Irish Republican Army in the past), and yes, I know you have draconian gun laws; there are ways around this though, ask the (Irish)survivors of those battles in Belfast for some advice in this regard.
3) you can emigrate. In the US Northwest is a man with a small but growing organization who has a viable plan for the formation of an exclusively white nation which he calls "The Northwest Republic". This nation is fiction at this point in time, but at least he has a plan and it is the only SOLUTION (caps for emphasis, not for shouting) to this problem that our race faces, which I have seen so far. Yes, it is only a dream, FOR NOW. May I suggest that somehow, those of you with the courage and the will, try to emigrate to the US Northwest? It will not be easy, but he will offer you some advice:
By the way, the proposed NWR will be a refuge for whites and ONLY for whites, and will welcome them from all nations. Also, for the record, I am NOT Harold Covington, I am only passing along information that you can access (for now!) yourselves on the web.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


The murderers of Kriss Donald were evil and sadistic. However, a better comparison is actually Gavin Hopley. Just like the tragic Stephen Lawrence nobody has ever been convicted of his murder, but unlike Stephen nobody cares.

The Muslim community in Oldham went quiet when the police investigated his murder, despite him being robbed of some of his possessions as he lay dying. That is why nobody was ever convicted of the crime. Yet there was no inquiry and no media investigation.

Jade said...

I was shocked to see the "low key" coverage of the Kriss Donald murder case.The sheer cruelty and barbarism meted out to this lad beggars belief, why is there not more publicity about it? If the public were not so easily conned and the truth about immigration was told factually, we might get more support. The media, in the meantime continues to perpetrate lies and grossly distort the truth. I notice their latest trick just before a general election is to (possibly bribe) the relatives into complaining about the BNP's coverage of their murdered loved ones. Why after two years?

Yorkshireminer said...

I weep over the Chris Donaldson murder. I don't weep for Chris he is dead and suffers no more. I weep for his family his Mum and his Dad, I have a son who is now 18, I am old and in my 60s but I would literally die to save his life. I don't know a parent who loves there kids who wouldn't. To know that you son died in such a disgusting manner, and in such pain, and you could do nothing to save him, must taunt them. I empathise with them.

Dr.D said...

There was a time when the BBC was a first class new organization. That is no longer true. It is now a top notch propaganda agency, something like Herr Goebbels would have set up and run. Its function is not to distribute information so that people can make informed decisions, but rather it is to make those decisions for them, and pass the results to them. It tells people what they are to think.

Without wanting to be offensive, the problem throughout western societies is a lack of leadership. We lack leaders that will stand up and oppose those who are systematically destroying our nations and our heritage. No one wants to be the one to speak out. No one wants to be the one who will step in front of the cannon.

There are a few who try, but for the most part they are ineffective. They do not have true leadership characteristics. They lack speaking skills, polish, critical thinking skills, manners, national loyalty, and often have something adverse in their personal histories. This is unfortunate because the nation needs its very best people to rise to the occasion NOW! It will take not just one such person but rather a group of them, a significant number of them.

misterfox said...

Vladimir Bukovsky the former Soviet dissident campaigns against BBC bias.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Did anyone see this on the Green Arrow site yesterday?

Same story two versions:

BBC Version:

Daily Mail Version:

Durotrigan said...

Yes Sarah, I saw the article on Green Arrow's site yesterday, and the contrast between the two reports is quite startling. There is something deeply rotten at the core of the BBC, and its omission of these important facts pertaining to the backgrounds and current statuses of the four perpetrators of this awful rape (i.e. they are Afghan Muslim so-called asylum seekers) can only be interpreted as deliberate. Deliberate so as to misinform the reader, so that such a terrible story (and a multitude of others) does not sully their multiculturalist ideal.

The BBC systematically reports the ethnicity of the perpetrator of a crime if they happen to be white, but if they are "Asian" (BBC code for Muslim) or black, they generally leave out the ethnic/racial descriptors. The BBC doesn't seem to think it possible that a crime committed against a white person by a non-white could possibly be "racially motivated", but if the scenario is reversed, it finds it equally hard to concede that a crime against someone of a different skin tone could possibly lack a racial component. Double standards are hard-wired into its corporate thinking and editorial stance. Nowadays, the BBC truly is our multicultural PC Pravda, whereas strangely enough, Pravda has become a reasonably reliable source of news.

Lygeia said...

I wish I knew what was going on and why this is happening.

The only thing I can come up with is, that rich, powerful people want the white middle classes to civilize these people (and I use the word "people" loosely, because, yes, they are people, just of a different sort and order).

brian boru said...

Sorry Lygeia, the rich, powerful jew controllers do not want the middle classes to civilise the sub-humans they have unleashed on us. They introduced these vermin to Britain for the explicit purpose of destroying British society and misceginating the white people out of existence. We, the white people of the world, have been targeted for termination, to paraphrase a line from a movie. In our much vaunted democracy, (which the jews are trying to impose everywhere on earth because they can so easily corrupt it), we were never given a vote on whether our nation should be flooded by millions of these Turd World invaders because our 'leaders' knew that such insanity would have been rejected out of hand. You need to cleanse your mind of the illusion that the system in any way cares for you or your civilisation. They are HAPPY when someone like Kris Donald is murdered. They won't admit that to you, but that is how they actually feel. It doesn't matter whether it is disgusting scum like Blair or Brown or filth like Cameron, they all work for your destruction. Unless you understand that the vermin in Westminster, the judicial demons in robes, the lawyers (liars), the police thugs, the 'educating' brainwashers and all the rest of this vile system are your mortal enemies then you will continue to flounder around trying to make sense of a situation which is utterly alien to a normal white person's world view.

Anonymous said...

You know how a Bully treats the small Kids at School? Well White People are the Small Kids and we will continue to be treated this way until we all get tired of it and FIGHT BACK, they are use to us sitting back and taking whatever they do to us so they treat us like we let them. WHITE People need to make a stand in both Countries + South Africa Can't forget them, If we were going around killing Black Farmers I bet we would have Armies after our asses. Stand up to the name calling
Honkie, Redneck, whitey, Trailer Trash, Cracker, white devil, its enough, I don't know what they call you guy's in the UK but truth be told we can't call them anything.