Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Austerity of Intellect.

By August Pointneuf

Peter Hain, from the senior rank of Secretary for Wales, concedes that the Labour government got its assumptions on the number of immigrants from the EU to Britain. “Very wrong".

Very wrong they were indeed, since a (conservative) 250, 000 European migrants are believed to have invaded Britain since the borders were opened. This resulted in an extraordinarily damaging assault on the British tax-payers’ investment in their social service program. Blair predicted "a maximum of 100,000 immigrants from the EU to Britain". Other government "authorities” apparently predicted an intake of 40,000 European immigrants after the borders were opened.

These guesses of the government, with their powerfully damaging impact on the society, were simply thumb-sucks. What astonishing arrogance of a government to impose a policy of this importance, with so little verification, on an entire population. Worse, however, is than that it demonstrates a total absence of common savvy.

Britain and Ireland were bound to be the prime target of economic migrants because English is the most common second language in Europe. What Bulgarian is going to move to Spain, and have to learn Spanish when they already have a smattering of English? English is the most desirable second language for almost any occupation, and those who seek to better themselves economically will, by acquiring English fluency, have an additional highly saleable qualification.

Further the ultimate aim of many economic migrants is to move to what they see as the most desirable destinations in the world, the English speaking nations. By acquiring English their supposition would be that they would later be more able to later move to Australasia, Canada, or the United States, using Britain or Ireland as a temporary staging post. Of course many will not get to the extra-European English speaking world. The second-rate, rejected by the choice nations, will probably stick in Britain and encumber it permanently.

The message is that the present government has been allowed to exercise their inordinate powers without having the necessary knowledge, insight, or intellect and so has caused considerable, and permanent social damage to Britain.

August Pointneuf


Dr.D said...

It is very difficult to believe that this was simple ignorance. It is much more likely that this was intended. If it was intended, it is high treason to betray the nation these officials were called upon to serve. They should hang.

misterfox said...

It was of course people like Hain and de Klerk who betrayed the White South Africans into this genocide and its time they were exposed. Mandela had little to do with "liberating his people" - he was inside! He is deified to promote Blacks over Whies.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I actually think that they did miscalculate of the numbers of European immigrants, although not over the third world ones (they were deliberate)

The European immigrants were in some ways damaging to their plans because, as they were white, it made it permissible to complain about immigration.

If we had not had white immigrants, immigration would still be a taboo subject as it has been for decades.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

de Klerk also miscalculated, he thought he would be dead before the results of his actions came to pass, and that he would never have to face up to them.

However, South Africa is falling apart much quicker than he expected.

Anonymous said...

I hope that De Klerk lives a long life, he must see every person that gets killed due to his actions.
Deep inside him there is a Afrikaner heart beating too , and he knows what he did.
At least PW Botha refused to take money from the CIA, hence his quick departure from the scene.

Anonymous said...

It started with Vorster. Had he backed Smith both Rhodesia and SA could have destroyed the Medusa of communism and probably saved Angoloa and Mozambique.

Instead he caved in to Kissenger's blackmail.. Kissenger did the same in Viet Nam with no oppposition - only backing from the so called 'west'

brian boru said...

South Africa was doomed from a long time ago. After 1902 the jew controlled the gold. He who controls the gold makes the rules.
The entire impetus towards black rule in Southern Africa came from jew sources, both from within and without. I doubt that many whites in South Africa ever think that the jew is the source of their woe. Until white people everywhere come to understand what this vile life-form has done to us then the suffering will continue.

misterfox said...

This article in the Daily Mail goes to prove that our ancestors did interbreed with Neanderthals. I always believed that they did, but it just didn't suite the globalists agenda as they wanted us to believe that we were just one group of people from out of Africa who just displaced all the other peoples in the world and are therefore genetically incredibly close. I think we and Blacks are distinct!

Anonymous said...

The countries that joined the EU before Bulgaria and Romania were refused the right to work in all EU countries except for the UK and Ireland. That is why all the immigrants came to the UK. When BUL. and ROM. joined the EU the other EU countries renewed their no work policy for all the recently joined EU countries including Rom and Bul for another TWO years. The Established EU countries saw the great danger in it but Bliar and Brown ignored all the advice given. Trebor