Saturday, 17 April 2010

Terre'Blanche Killer "comfortable"

I posted a link to a news story about the carnival surrounding the confessed killers of Eugene Terre'Blancehe over at South of the Zambezi, click here to read it.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sarah
I am a Boer "afrikaner" from South Africa , my people and your people were enemies not too long ago, as you know.
I fear that my people are dying a slow and horrible death at the hands of an enemy far more cruel than your people were.
But that is history.
I fear that your people do not see that they might have to end up fighting our enemy.
That enemy is lack of pride and the destruction that comes when that bond is lost.
It may be over for us, but for Gods sake your people should wake up as it is a fate that I do not even wish on our old enemy.
I can only hope that they support the BNP or likeminded parties (if they exist) before you lose the ability to act as a nation.Never ever forget your right to be yourselves.