Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Bloodless Genocide

The above picture is the home page for the British Home Office Identity and Passport Service. As you can see the British passport office (and British identity?) is now represented by a picture of an Asian male.

Progressively native Britons are being replaced in the very imagery of our nation. This is deliberate, this is political and this is an act of aggression. This is a bloodless genocide, and our nation is being ethnically cleansed .


Anonymous said...

From the blog of Irish Savant:

Every other race functions for its own self interest except ours. We function on an artificially conjured notion of historic injustice with contemporary retribution and benevolence to all people of color. This script comes from the elevated IQs of the "puppet masters" who also have a generalized notion of historic injustice and play the Pied Popper to lead all of us who are soft headed off a cliff.

Meanwhile, we spent the last century trying very hard to kill ourselves through the largest wars the world has ever seen. All our skills, technology, energy and capital to vaporize one another.

Now I ask you, considering the above, how can we not continue the trajectory of self annihilation through suicidal programs? We hate ourselves, our culture and especially our race, you think any other race is going take up the slack? They are only too happy to nudge us off a cliff.

Anonymous said...

Here is the Royal Navy home page, Sarah: http://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/

Zarky said...

I cannot understand/compromise what is wrong with the white race?

Why do you want to alienate your own kind?

Are you exterminating the white race for a higher purpose?

Are you being paid by some financier/group to do this, then for what reason?

Europe must just look at South Africa and what is happening there/here because this is coming to a theater near you, sooner than what you think!

But for the love of God why it is being perpetrated I cannot say or comprehend.

Anonymous said...

I think this question-WHY are we doing this to ourselves- is perhaps the most interesting and least addressed topic amongst the rapidly diminishing numbers of Europeans who are still technically sane.

Given the profoundly anti-white nature of what is going on, it is frankly impossible to argue that this evolution is in any sense 'natural', or spontaneous. On the other hand, is it credible to believe in the alternative explanation, ie that it is all the result of a conscious conspiracy by a small & evil band of puppeteers?

Here's a possible chain of events:

In the 30's, during the Depression, a small group of European intellectuals became disenchanted with both capitalism and traditional Victorian values of morality, religion and nationalism; they felt vindicated by WWII, but in the interests of defeating Nazism, laid low or co-operated in the fight against Hitler.

In the USA, they were slower to emerge, but with the combination of Vietnam and that wealth-fueled appeal to selfishness, the counter-culture, emerge they did in the 60's. Having risen to power in the academe and media, they proceeded to push the development of this New Philosophy, which somehow morphed from a sort of "It's All About Me" attack on traditional morality and discipline to an all out attack on traditional Western Civilization. This process, as I witnessed up close, was carefully manipulated by Marxist activists, who were able to smuggle in their real agenda under the cover of 'reasonable' causes such as anti-colonialism, feminism, gay rights, immigration reform, anti-scientific/ magical thinking, pacifism and general disinhibition.

At the same time, a spike in destructive Trades Union activities in Britain led business to become very interested in the benefits of non-unionized, cheap labor from abroad; a trend which quickly spread to the USA. Thus began the mass immigration disaster, fueled by the lurid combination of anti-WASP racists (masquerading as humanitarians) and the short sighted business "elite" (rationalizing this attack on their own citizens as "globalization").

In close support stood, and still stands, the giant sucker-army of traditional Democrat/Labour Party supporters, brainwashed "graduates",sententious moralisers, anxious poseurs, and of course the distracted, all too easily led to perdition by the Orwellian Goebbelspeak of telling them what makes them feel good and what they want to hear; but at the same time ensuring that all the people have ample opportunity to drink deeply at the well of self-hatred.

Now layer over this some seriously rich people with a variety of anti-European agendas, and it is not difficult to see how all of this could be nudged in profoundly dangerous directions; for the only golden rule that counts is this: He Who Has the Gold, Makes the Rules.

For what you have now is a European/Western population, substantially conditioned from childhood to believe in the evil of their own race, and whenever necessary, ready and willing to deny factual reality on cue from the media and their "educators". They are available to be led almost anywhere: to the saltmines, to the gallows, over the cliff, to extinction, wherever, as long as the poison is coated in the honey of selfishness and/or "morality".

And where are we being led? The Rich do not speak with one voice, as we will see.

To Be Continued (or,in the case of Western Civilization as we knew it, To Be Discontinued).