Sunday, 7 March 2010

The Great American Cotton Ball Hate Crime

University of Missouri police have arrested two white naval midshipmen for spreading cotton balls in front of the campus’ black culture center. In the demented, politically correct, land of Make belief which America has now become, the young men face possible hate crimes charges for this act of "racial vandalism"

Click here to watch appears to be a serious news item on the subject, it is sure to make you cry with laughter, or maybe not laughter after all.


US law enforcement are now desperate to find more white perpetrator hate crimes to cover up the fact that the Obama administration shot themselves in the foot so badly when they extended hate crimes legislation to cover gays as a protected group, and as a result now have courts overflowing with black, Asian and Hispanic hate crime perpetrators.


Anonymous said...

Cotton pickin' was the job of the black slave... so to remind people who live by the profit of the colour of their skin... they are thought of in exactly the same way.

It would be like someone spreading potatoes outside the Irish Assembly to make the point the British still ruled come what may, famine or feast.

The oasis that the mediocre find shelter in should be riddiculed.

A "Hate Crime" when you are in fact being hated and made to pay for the appeasement towards them.

Dark Lochnagar said...

I do love the line used "We do presume the students are innocent until they are found guilty". Talk about a Kangaroo Court!

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I find it quite incredible that anyone could take this seriously, Tammy Wynette grew up picking cotton for pity sake. However, it seems that some totally brainwashed individuals do.

The killings of Channon Christain and Christopher Newsom were not a hate crime, but this is?

It is a truly sick society which loses all sense of balance

Dr.D said...

The state of Missouri is particularly nuts on this sort of thing. This is the same state that last year issued a report labeling people in cars with bumper stickers supporting Ron Paul, various Christian organizations, and the second amendment, all as dangerous people who should be subject to being stopped on the highways at random. They make me nervous because I have to drive across Missouri from time to time.

There is a definite paranoia in Missouri. I think it is the effect of too much radiator solder lead in their moonshine.

political mizz said...

Obviously no other crimes to be going on with............Donna

Anonymous said...


Dr.D said...

More like Affirmative Action in insane Reaction.

PC blindness strikes all in sight (pun intended).