Sunday, 7 March 2010

Beneath a savage rainbow

Limpopo, South Africa's northern most province

Five more farm deaths

The unreported carnage continues in South Africa. At least five white have died violently in the Limpopo area alone since the beginning of February.

In the most recent incident, the third farm murder in four days, the body of 70 year old Ron Smith was found at his smallholding in the Droogekaloof area. According to reports Mr Smith was on his bed with his hands tied behind his back. A gun shot wound to the old man's knee suggested he may have been tortured prior to death.

This killing follows the gruesome murder of Belgian farmer, Etienne Cannaerts, 61, was found with his throat cut at his farm near Lephalale (Ellisras)

Farmer Paul Dunn 49

In another incident, Paul Dunn, 49, a White farm manager at Constantia Products, a citrus farm in the Letsitele district outside Tzaneen, was shot dead in his home in the early hours of Saturday morning. Mr Dunn's son, who found his body had to receive trauma counselling (News source)

This spate of killings come at a time when complaints have been made to the world cup governing body FIFA over the fact that the FIFA 2010 World Cup Stadium in Limpopo is named after Peter Mokaba considered by many to be an instigator to the widespread murders of Afrikaners.

In the early 1990s, Peter Mokaba became notorious for his slogan “Kill the boer, kill the farmer” – which calls for the killing of all whites as blacks refer to all whites as ‘boers’ and is still widely chanted by black activists countrywide (One way hate-speech rule does not stop ANC-racists from chanting the Mokaba-slogan) . Mokaba also denied the existence of HIV. (Source – Censor bugbear)

The fact that a man who called for such murders is lionised, not only within South Africa, but internationally, at a time when the very killings he called for are actually taking place is further evidence of the manner with which world brainwashed by political correctness chooses to disregard the genocide of groups to whom they have been programmed not to grant victim status.


90% of Black owned farms failing

In other news from South of the Zambezi, it has been reported that around 90% of all one time white owned farms redistributed to South Africa's black population have ceased to be productive, News report here. What on earth one wonders can the remaining 10% be producing, Marijuana perhaps?

Of course Zimbabwe was the prototype for the redistribution of white farms to the black population, in which respect, to see how that worked out I highly recommend that you click here to watch a video called “The last white man”.

Thanks to Dina and Mary Jane for these report


Anonymous said...

more people die in south africa annually from gun related violence than all the american soldiers that died in the entire vietnam war ,and they still call it crime ,shouldn't it be called war ?

Anonymous said...

many more white south africans have died in cities and towns murdered by blacks ,the farm murder numbers are really no indication of how many whites get killed by blacks in the most cruel fashion ,it seems that people also think this is a post apartheid phenomenon ,but that is not true ,several of my family members were murdered on farms in 1978 ,the black population has always attacked the white population since the arrival of europeans in africa .In reality not much has changed in almost 400 years .The "evil" afrikaners have endured this for centuries .The only difference is that afrikaner's right to be a group and to protect that group has been taken away by the world . But our people will survive again we have done so against africans and against the might of the British Empire ,the question is if the English can do the same ,you will soon feel what it is like to be outnumbered in your own country and to be subjected to violence and crime unknown too your people and really beyond your understanding .I do not say this to be nasty to the British, but i honestly think that you have no idea what you are in for .We stand at the grave of friends and family often ,we have been made rough by our world , we understand your world because we come from there ,but it is clear that you do not understand ours.But then again i should not say these things because i am an evil racist afrikaner ,despite the fact that i was to young to vote for apartheid ,despite the fact that none of my family members or extended family members have ever killed anyone especially black ,despite the fact that I see my own people "very often the salt of the earth "murdered ,tortured and raped ,despite the fact that i fear for the lives of my children daily ,I should rather not say these things . Groetnis

Racists suck said...

You reap what you sow, the Whites (most of whom were racists and some still are racists) treated the Blacks like animals. They used to kill "bush men" for fun like animals. They STILL OWN THE COUNTRY AND ALL THE WEALTH IN IT.
They are reaping what they sowed, thy stole the land and are paying for the EVIL they did.
Actually they haven't paid for their crimes yet, they have to pay for it one way or another. I say that beacuse many of them think Blacks are lower than them and until they change that way of thinking, they will REAP WHAT THEY HAVE SOWED.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Hi Racists Suck

I regret that your account of history is flawed. That is not surprising because educators and politicians now lie to our children about our history and our people.

What you say happened did not happen, but you will believe what you want because it suits your agenda.

White rule was Africa's day in the sun and Africa will never, ever, have it so good again.


Anonymous said...

@racists suck , in actual fact the "bush men" were regarded very highly bu the "old regime" especially for their knowledge of tracking and survival in the bush ,hence they were EMPLOYED by the then SA Army to assist with these two areas.But since they are regarded as being "wayward" by their other black country men they have since 1994 been left to their own accord ,living in dire poverty,same with the ex koevoet and 32 bn members ,all africans but being treated like dogs by their own black brothers.Please give any proof of your statements ,guess what you'll find none,even in the Anglo-Boer wars the black farm workers and their afrikaner were together in fighting the British.Please don't re-write the history ,stick to facts.