Thursday, 18 March 2010

Fatal farm attack

64 year old Farmer's wife Lynette Ralfe from South Africa's Colenso region became a further statistic in the ongoing genocide of White South African farmers, when she was killed and her 71 year old husband Nigel was left seriously injured following an attack on their dairy farm at the weekend.

It's believed that the attackers entered the farm on the pretense of buying milk. They then shot dairy farmer Nigel Ralfe twice.

When Lynette Ralfe came out to see what was happening she was shot and killed.

News report here

Mrs Ralfe's death brings the number of white South African farmers killed since the end of Apartheid in 1994 to, at least 3098


From Dina and Johann


Anonymous said...

Most people do not realize that dairy farming is very hard work. Long days, and long weeks. Unless you can hire a floater to fill in while you take a week or so off, you don't get to leave the farm. And to imagine that the killers are probably layabouts just tops it.

I am sitting here watching the sands in the hourglass run out...the White's hourglass. These reports will continue to trickle in. The above is coming to the end of the street near you. Plan ahead, then work your plan. Get ready, be ready.

Anonymous said...

i really fail to see how white people the world over can not see what these people behave like ,german and dutch woman and men line up to sleep with these people who's social level of development is still in the stone age .do they really want their children to have coil springs for hair .

Anonymous said...

if you question the holocaust in europe the entire europe goes mad ,yet when people in these days are exterminated in ways more cruel than the germans can ever come up with ,the world turns a blind eye .I have seen people thrown with boiling water ,eyes burnt out ,chopped up ,raped , throats slit ,babies thrown into septic tanks (filled with human excrement ) babies raped and much much more .If the stupid europeans knew only 1% of what was going on in south africa there would be a war in europe tomorrow to throw out all the africans .But telling the truth makes you a racist nazi .

Lime said...

As long as the ANC are not held accountable for these attrocities, they will continue. To question them makes you a racist white. When the world stops being politically correct, only then can we address what people are really like. By ignoring what is in front of our eyes makes you weak. We have lost our backbones. We are a clever race but easily manipulated into feeling guilt.