Monday, 22 March 2010

Claims reported as facts (again)

US Politicians on their way to vote on Health Care

One feature of the vote on HealthCare which took place in Washington over the weekend was that various US news organisations reported as a fact that a number of black US politicians, including veteran civil rights activist John Lewis were racially abused as they were walking past Conservative “Tea Party” protesters on their way to the Capital building, one claiming that the infamous “N” word was yelled up to 14 times.

As we know such allegations are made repeatedly in America where the Land of the free is rapidly becoming the land of the hate hoax. Hardly a week passes without the media whipping itself into hysteria over some “hate crime” and then falling silent when it inevitably turns out to have been faked, usually by the alleged victim or by some political pressure group. (However, usually not before there have been mass demonstrations, candle light vigils and outraged statements by local politicians and dignitaries.

In the latest incidence, a sixteen year old boy had apparently been arrested and charged with “Bias intimidation” for allegedly making an announcement over a loud speaker at a WalMart Store advising all blacks to leave. However, rumours are already spreading that the youth in question, who's identity has not been revealed may himself be black.

This time the politicians claims regarding Tea Party members shouting the “N” word at them has crossed the Atlantic. Channel 4's Washington correspondent, Sarah Smith, who, in common with most UK TV journalist of both sexes, appears to have an embarrassingly obvious schoolgirl crush on President Obama, reported the claims on tonight's news. However, she did not report them as “claims”.

Ms. Smith stated as if it were proven fact that at least one black US politician was racially abused. Viewers were not made aware of the fact the politician had merely "alleged" that he was abused, but that, so far, not one shred of evidence has yet been produced to support his claim.

This is despite the fact that the alleged racist abuse occurred at an event which was the main international news event of the day. The world's press was present equipped with the most sophisticated recording equipment, however, none of it picked up even one racial epithet.

You can watch the politicians in question walking past the protesters here , and there is further film here. You can hear lots of booing, lots of shouts of “Kill the Bill”, but are you hearing the “N” word being chanted? No? Neither can I

Ms. Smith must be fully aware of Democrat attempts to present any opposition to President Obama, especially that coming from the growing “Tea Party”movement as racist. As a professional journalist she had a duty not to treat such politically motivated allegations as fact unless she has seen evidence to support them, which she has not.

Ms Smith and Channel 4 failed in their duty to present the news in an objective and factual manner. However, that is nothing new for the controlled media


misterfox said...

It looks as though the entire channel4 has an "embarrasingly obvious schoolgirl crush" on Obama.

"...Sarah has that rare but invaluable combination of sharp journalism along with very engaging television presentation and story-telling."

Dr.D said...

There are many parts to American society, and the Tea Party movement is only one of them. I have taken part in the Tea Party movement to some extent, and everything I have seen has shown it to been profoundly non-racist. It is anti-tax, anti-big government for the most part. It does not necessarily support the Republicans (it surely does not support the Democrats), because in most cases the Republicans have simply become Democrat-Lite.

The Democrats are extremely afraid of the Tea Party because it is truly a grass roots organization. It cannot be dealt with by cutting a deal with a small group of people in Washington, DC, which is the Democrat way of doing things. The Tea Party is diffuse; there is no leadership that they can try to buy off. Thus the Democrats are throwing every possible slander at the Tea Party because slander is all they have. (Logic is something they never, ever seem to have.)

alanorei said...

This is the comment I left on Chuck Norris's site for the Creator Syndicate. See below. CN's articles are also found on World Net Daily.

Mr Norris's latest article is entitled Riders on the Storm.

I think it is worth reading. My comment follows.

Here is one response Chuck that may give cause for encouragement. It comes up in today's google site news on the Republican commitment to fight to repeal the bill. "During the sometimes raucous debate ahead of last night's votes, Republican lawmakers again and again characterized the Democratic legislation as a government takeover of health care, and said the American people oppose it. Republican Representative Dave Camp of Michigan put it like this: "The American people have spoken," said Dave Camp. "They do not want the tentacles of the federal government reaching into their lives and controlling their personal health care decisions. Yet that is exactly what will happen under the Democrats' health-care bill."" Here's another, from Psalm 37:35-36. "I have seen the wicked in great power, and spreading himself like a green bay tree. Yet he passed away, and, lo, he was not: yea, I sought him, but he could not be found." Take heart, Bro. Chuck, the old KJB will not be denied.