Thursday, 25 March 2010

Anti white violence in South Africa Continues

Three days of unremitting violence

Youth Survives Panga attack

March 24 Randberg youth survives machete attack when his family home was invaded twice in seven hours.



Elderly woman viciously assaulted

25 March 2010: "I am just grateful he didn’t rape me,’ said 79-year-old Afrikaner resident of Bloemfontein Mrs Hester Thomas after her attacker stabbed her above the eye, beat her purple and blue, choked her, jumped on her chest and kicked her during a so-called ‘house robbery’ in which very little of any value was actually ‘robbed’. Volksblad journalist Vicüs Bürger reports that this is the third attack on elderly Afrikaners in Bloemfontein within a week. She was admitted to Pelonomi Hospital. The attacker merely ‘robbed’ some meat, cheese and clothing…

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Gruesome attack on Family

23 March 2010: “It was like something from a horror movier,” says Mr. Johan van Vuuren after five of his family members were violently attacked in their parents house in Jagersfontein.

His parents, Boet (80) and Francina (77), brothers Marius (44 - pictured above) and Marthinus (35) and nephew Juan (13) was attacked on Sunday evening in their house in Harrington street, Jagersfontein, by six men armed with spades and knives.

The attackers showed no mercy and left a bloody house behind..

Even Boet and Marius were cruelly assaulted, even though both are paralysed and in wheelchairs due to a marrow virus and a car accident respectively.

Francina van Vuuren remains critical in hospital

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Elderly couple attacked on farm

25 March 2010: An elderly couple was seriously injured in a farm attack near Nelspruit, Mpumalanga police said on Thursday.

"The couple was found by their gardener when he came to work early in the morning and he went straight to the farm manager who phoned local security and police," said Inspector Dawie Pretorius.

The attack against the 82-year-old woman and 81-year-old man occurred on their farm, "Ooswes", in the Sterkspruit area in Nelspruit around 2am on Tuesday morning.

A group of men smashed through a glass door and attacked them before fleeing the scene with two cellphones and their truck.

The woman sustained serious head injuries and is in a critical condition in hospital.

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Lime Lite said...

This is disgusting. Where is the world condemnation of this???

zazie said...

I've been doing my best to make people aware of this state of affairs : they won't listen ....The situation is not that bad in Europe, South Africa is far from us, and football is important,! I know all this, but still I can't understand why people don't see this may be their future ; if they can't show compassion, they might at least show some common sense!

fellist said...

I know it can't be fun, but you do a terrific job bringing this news from Africa to a British readership, Sarah. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Laager up folks, the Natparty is not coming back, get over that hump in your mental makeup. This is genocide not a political problem meant to be overcome by electioneering a white jobs program.

alanorei said...

Thank you for the updates, Sarah

These victims should not be forgotten.

Somwhat OT but related, you may have listened to the phone-in posted on Simon Darby's blog, where one black lady expressed resentment that Nick should refer to white Brits as "our people."

She wanted to know how long blacks had to be in this country before they could be regarded as indigenous, especially since "they've been here for hundreds of years and made such a great contribution etc."

The black Christian gentleman taking the calls handled the situation very well, I thought and it was encouraging to see this material on Simon's blog.

My thoughts on this lady caller's comments were, however, first that blacks in the UK have mainly benefited themselves (where they haven't turned to crime) and have not made any contribution to the UK that an equivalent number of white Brits couldn't have made, or haven't made (except where genuine Christians like Rev Hargreaves are turning their own youth away from crime).

Blacks have, of course, only been here in significant numbers since WW2. The pre-war numbers were miniscule.

Gratitude on the part of many blacks for the advantages they have enjoyed here seems a bit lacking, I feel.

My next thought was probably somewhat uncharitable, since I think this lady was a Christian. But I couldn't help thinking "The very idea of a bunch of folk from overseas fetching up here and telling the host population how to re-arrange the furniture to suit the incomers. Blacks in Britain who think that way should try it in North Korea and see how they get on."

No-one of any race would appreciate a stranger coming in off the street and demanding full use of the house and all its amenities, with total acquiesence on the home owner's part. But this kind of attitude does seem to be prevalent with many post-WW2 incomers.

My thought related to your post was as follows.

"White Afrikaaners have been in South Africa for hundreds of years, since the 1600s. However, I have yet to hear one black person, Christian or non-Christian, declare these white Afrikaaners to be 'indigenous' to South Afica and I don't think I ever will."

You or other contributors to these comments may be able to correct me on the last point but it does seem that blacks in Britain, even Christian blacks, need a deeper sense of perspective on the above.

Anonymous said...

This will happen in the UK too. Dont be fooled by the current low numbers.Look at african population growth rate anywhere in the world.When the numbers become significant you will experience the African culture of demand first hand.Then you will notice the strangest thing of all and that is that the biggest liberals will be the first ones to move to Australia. Leaving the people that warned about the coming mess to deal with it.Well on the up side maybe Prince Charles can have 10 wifes then.

caratacus said...

How strong the Boer people are to stay. The truth will be told eventually! They have not suffered in vein.
Added you a link

notareargunner said...

I have emailed you a Facebook entry which may or may not be genuine.
My younger siblings think I am a liar and fantacist because I recall incident of such barbarity that they are indescribable.
I vividly remember coming across a white farmers place in the Vumba Valley where the gooks impaled a child - an infant - on the barb wire fence around the farmhouse.
I don't need any psychiatric analysis of my fears for the coming generation and the blood bath that will eventual swamp Britain. My regret is that I shall no longer be able to defend my people from the coming storm.
Cheers girl.