Monday, 15 March 2010

Viewing Britain from afar

Two views of Britain from beyond our boarders, they are harsh assessments, but how far are they from the truth?

From America

It Happened There (3): Court Cripples British National Party For Being Too, Well, British

By Sean Gabb

On the most charitable view, Britain has, in recent years, become the world’s largest open air lunatic asylum. You only need open a newspaper to see the evidence—someone arrested for defending his life or home against attack; anti-terror laws used to stop the carrying of hairdryers in public; employers told not to advertise for “reliable” workers, so as not to discriminate against the unreliable.

And so it goes on. The stories almost jump off the page. Some of these may be touched up for a market that is greedy for them. Others may not bear much scrutiny. But enough are true to let people realize that this country has, over the past generation, become a very strange and perhaps a frightening place.

This strange and frightening quality, though, is not the product of insanity. The belief that our leaders have gone even barking mad, if worrying, is preferable to the truth—which is that, regardless of their party affiliations, they have, since at least 1960, been working for the total destruction of Britain as a country and the enslavement of its people.

As evidence for this, look at the way in which the British National Party has been treated.

For those unfamiliar with British politics, the BNP is this country’s most important white nationalist party. It denounces mass immigration and multi-culturalism, and the Politically Correct censorship and persecution that have been used to smother opposition. In the past few years, it has won elections to local representative bodies, and has two seats in the Parliament of the European Union. It may also, in the next few months, win a seat in the British Parliament.

The response of the British ruling class has been wholly rational. Given that these people want a police state and a population too Balkanized along racial and religious lines to offer any concerted resistance, they cannot tolerate a party like the BNP. Before 1999, when Nick Griffin became its leader, the BNP was broadly a national socialist organization. In those days, it had limited electoral appeal, and could safely be ignored, or sometimes held up for ridicule or execration. Now that Mr. Griffin has changed its core ideology, the party is an increasingly credible threat. Therefore, it must be destroyed.

During the past few years, it has been made illegal for members of the BNP to be policemen or prison workers. It is proposed that they should be prevented from working with children. Membership lists have been stolen. Many of those on the lists have come under pressure. Mr. Griffin himself was put on trial under our new hate crime laws for calling Islam—in a private meeting infiltrated by a media spy— “a wicked, vicious faith”. If convicted, he would have faced seven years in prison: after two trials, he was acquitted.

The main effort now is to destroy the BNP from within. Not surprisingly, its rules always confined membership to indigenous Caucasians. But a U.K. Government body called the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) decided in 2009 that this rule broke the Race Relations Act 1976 (as amended), and took the party to court.

Needless to say, the EHRC had done nothing about, for example, the various black police organizations, which confined membership to black people. Indeed, the EHRC has never responded to one complaint of discrimination by these associations against white people. Then again, starting with its head, West Indian-descended Trevor Phillips, the EHRC is filled with supporters and nominees of the ruling Labour Party. Its whole function is to hound enemies of the “New Labour” ruling class through the courts.

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From Russia

The Failed State of England

By Mat Rodina

Rarely in our world have we had the opportunity to watch, first hand, as a major Western power came crumbling down on itself in such a spectacular fashion as we are about to see with the final collapse of the now empireless Britain. Only the eventual collapse of the USA will make for a greater show than what is about to transpire on...or rather just off, the European continent.

For England is a failed state in all manner of levels and realities, from a total lack of freedom in the pseudo Stalinist prison camp, to the collapse of the economy, society and military, a physical collapse linked as a Siamese twin to the spiritual or moral collapse. A Godless post Christian enterprise, morally corrupt, economically penniless and over run by the most vile and foul and blood thirsty of modern world savages.

The failure is now most visible in the financial sphere, overshadowing other just as vital areas. England is a print happy, debtor nation, who while lecturing the failed economies of Iceland and Greece is itself running a 12.6% deficit, as opposed to the equally unsupportable one of Greece, at 12.7%. Worse, England is running a 0% interest rate, ruining the retirement of millions of its pensioners, even as its medical system goes about the task of dispatching them off in drove, to the other world, in a "dignified" manner, of course. At present, on average, one in 8 stores has closed down, leaving many areas abandoned, and the rate is continuing to accelerate.

Furthermore, the Stalinist state of England has forcibly nationalized all major banks on the island, while spiking taxes on everything. The final blows in this financial alchemy are the proposed VAT on food, which will bring back the old misery of the 1700s and a tax on garbage, through smart garbage cans, able to judge the weight of the trash and charge accordingly, that is after a general tax that already is supposed to pay for the garbage. The final nail will be the green laws destroying what is left of England's industry.

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Dr.D said...

Sarah, the first article, even though it appeared on the American site VDARE is from one of your own:

Dr. Sean Gabb is a writer, academic, broadcaster and Director of the Libertarian Alliance in England.

The above is the note at the end of the article.

Jade said...

The sad fact is that all these observations are true. Our country is in it's final death throes. We have to vote BNP it is our only microscopic chance of salvation.I can only hope that the British people wake up to the fact in time.

Anonymous said...

Never say die...!
Look what the French did under little Joan of Ark

I have faith that there is someone like her out there. England is crap right now for sure but too much negativity won't get us anywhere.. reminds of "Hanging on in quiet desperation" by Roger Waters of Pink Floyd... I'm surprised he never topped himself.

If we all stand up for ourselves individually believing we're white nationalists the worm WILL turn and we'll rise UP not down..!