Friday, 12 March 2010

Update on the BNP Court case

BNP Press release
BNP Membership Reopens despite Race Gestapo’s Attempt to Subvert Democracy

Membership applications to join the British National Party are now again open despite the state’s best efforts to subvert the party and democracy, Nick Griffin MEP has announced.

Speaking after the conclusion of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) court case today, Mr Griffin said the court had in effect ruled that political parties could not ask its members to endorse policies which oppose mass immigration. “The court ruled that sections 3.2.1 and 3.2.3 of the BNP’s new constitution could not be set as conditions for membership of the party as they would discriminate against ethnics,” Mr Griffin said.

“The court has ruled that these clauses, which are part of the membership conditions as stated in section 4 of the constitution, makes it impossible for ethnics to join the BNP,” Mr Griffin said. “We, of course, disagree with the court’s opinion.

“There is no correlation between being opposed to mass immigration and the opening of membership of the party,” Mr Griffin said, adding that he knew members of ethnic minorities who were just as opposed to mass immigration as any indigenous British member of the party.

“Section 3 of the BNP constitution is protected and cannot be changed except by an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) of the party,” Mr Griffin went on. “The new constitution grants the party’s leader the power to change all non-protected parts of that document to comply with the law, without the need for EGMs. “Section 4, which deals with the requirements for membership and includes the demand that members support all the principles of the party, is not protected. “I have, therefore, with immediate effect changed the section 4 requirements, as I am entitled to do, to comply with the court order,” Mr Griffin continued.

“I have, therefore, with immediate effect changed the section 4 requirements, as I am entitled to do, to comply with the court order,” Mr Griffin continued. “What this means is that people can apply to join the BNP without having to endorse and support the principles of the party. “Everyone knows this is a mad situation, and it has set an astonishing and extremely dangerous precedent for all parties. “It is a complete subversion of democracy and is in reality an attempt by the state to order the citizenry what policies they can or cannot believe in. “The bottom line is that the BNP’s policies remain exactly as they were, particularly the demand for an end to mass immigration.

“I have changed the non-write protected constitution to comply with the court order and the amended version will be published online well within the 30 days set our constitution. “Membership applications are therefore are now open and the 7000-strong backlog will be processed in the order in which they applied,” Mr Griffin said, adding that any ethnic who had applied to join the party would wait in turn like anyone else to have their applications processed.


NOTE: Readers shoud ignore continuing press and TV reports claiming that the party is still unable to recruit now members, this is incorrect, the ban was lifted this afternoon, the media know it but, as usual, they are lying


Dr.D said...

We have to hope now that the BNP is not overrun with muzzies or some other minority group that would simply totally subvert it. That would be the end of the party.

I suggest that as a partial solution, nothing but pork be served at meetings, and everyone be required to eat some of it. An occasional Koran burning party for fun might be a good idea as well, just to be sure everybody is on the same page.

Anonymous said...

this effectively means that you are not allowed do defend your homeland against invasion ,so why did world war 2 happen at all ,speaking german would be easier that arabic

Anonymous said...

England did the bidding for the money powers and fought their wars for them ,they have moved to America now and left England bleeding they know perfectly well that multiculturalism will cause collapse in all spheres of society ,there is not one example of it being successful. This is an all out war against the world and they will win without one casualty on their side . They have the ultimate weapon of mass destruction on their side and that is our continued ignorance .

Anonymous said...

I lament the loss of the land that gave us Rolls Royce and invented the proper way for white people to drink tea ,two thousand years from now the achievements of the white race will be legendary and the way they voluntarily relinguised their right to exist will live in infamy ,or maybe it will just be a good joke that people will tell each other after they polished the masters shoes .One thing is for sure and that is that the master will never follow his own advice of liberalism and multi culturalism .We have to concede the goy is stupid .

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

According to the BNP they received 515 membership applications in three hours between and that is an average of 170 new members an hour, despite the media lying and claiming membership recruitment was still banned.

They also received £14,000 in donations over the period. That is not a fortune, but it is almost a quarter of the legal bill.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Here is the link to the item I just mentioned

Durotrigan said...

It is astonishing that the BNP has been told that it is illegal to oppose mass immigration. How can it be "illegal" to seek to stand up for the rights and position of your own people and citizenry? This has proven to be a particularly repellent politically motivated case, which categorically demonstrates that we are no longer free; we indigenous peoples of Britain are now de jure second-class citizens in our own land.