Saturday, 13 March 2010

Media continues to lie

Court Bans BNP from taking on new members

"Until the far-right party complies with the judgment it is barred from taking on any new members...."

Judge Ban over BNP Members

"The bnp has been barred from taking new members until it overturns admission rules on non-whites....."

Court Orders BNP to cease recruitment

"THE BRITISH National Party (BNP) was ordered to stop recruiting new members following a court ruling yesterday ........"




Will you ever believe anything you read in the press again?

(Screenshots taken in case changes are made later - as they often are)


Beverly said...

The publicity surrounding this case has drawn focus on the BNP:

Once the real situation becomes known, the publicity that BNP membership is “open to all” will become a powerful psychological “permission” to the white public at large to join the BNP, especially those who were perplexed or frightened about joining the BNP in the past.

Such hesitating people now have “permission”, granted by this judgement, which should catalyse their change of allegiance to the BNP.

Membership, we hope, will now race ahead.

But please, every man-jack of you, barrage the main stream media, demanding retraction of the misinformation with your letters to the editors.

There can be no better time for a forceful thrust, but now using the MSM to aid the push.

Well done Nick and all! said...

From the BNP website:

The British National Party’s membership line was opened for business just before 5pm today and when it closed just before 8pm, some 515 membership applications and over £14,000 had been raised, reports the party’s administrative staff.

This unprecedented rush of new applications — translating into over 170 new members per hour — seems set to continue when the membership lines reopen at 9am tomorrow morning.

The wave of support has followed the blatant political persecution of the BNP by the Labour Party-front organisation, the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), which reached its climax in court today.

Dr.D said...

Is there any indication of the ethnicity and allegiances of those 515 new applicants?

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Hi Dr. D

Not as yet. As far as I know. There are a small number who genuinely want to join and support the party, but last I heard they were only a handful

I really do not think that there will be huge numbers of non-whites seeking to join the party in order to disrupt it, despite the judge's efforts to enable them to.

There certainly could be some, but that is a reason to unite and defeat them.

We can beat them, we are cleverer than them, we are more committed than them and in the final analysis we have right on our side.

alanorei said...

Well said, Sarah

This latest set of media disclosures has shown that the various media outlets all have one corrupt source, Rupert Murdoch, ultimately.

Dr.D said...

Sarah, I don't understand the thrust of your statement: "As far as I know. There are a small number who genuinely want to join and support the party, but last I heard they were only a handful." What does this say about the larger number? Do they not want to genuinely support the party? That is my great concern at this point.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Rupert Murdoch is a very dangerous man, his current business interests require him to be nice to Islam, hence he is suppressing and distorting news not only here but also in America.

It is interesting how soft Fox News have become on Muslims since Rupert got into bed with Prince Alwaleed bin Talal

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Sorry Dr, D I wasn't very clear, I am aware of a small number of non-whites who want to join the BNP. The most prominent being a Sikh by the name of Rajinder Singh who has long been a strong supporter of the BNP. Nick Griffin has also mentioned a handful of others who are very supportive and have expressed an interest in joining, when the new constitution was approved by the court.

I have no idea if they are amongst the people who joined yesterday.