Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Rod Liddle learns that the truth is no defence

Rod Liddle, Journalist and blogger

By the Green Arrow

Welcome to the world of the British National Party and nationalist writers Rod. They learnt a long time ago that the truth was no defence in this topsy turvy, marxist run country where up is down and black is white.

Question is now though Rod, is whether you will continue to occasionally write the truth or go belly up and write only what is acceptable to The Establishment?

Rod, you see, has become the first journalist to have an online blog censured by the press watchdog for writing the truth. Of course there are bloggers around the world languishing in prison for writing the truth but this is a first for the UK.

In this article here (which I urge you to read), I quote Rod writing the following:

The overwhelming majority of street crime, knife crime, gun crime, robbery and crimes of sexual violence in London is carried out by young men from the African-Caribbean community.

As unpalatable that may be to some, it is the truth. I know it is the truth, you know it is the truth, all thinking people know it is the truth. And it is a truth that is supported by police statistics.

However the Establishment controlled press watchdog decided that although Liddle had provided supporting evidence to backup his statement that he was still in breach of the Editors Code of practice.

"While it had provided some evidence to back up Mr Liddle's position, it had not been able to demonstrate that the 'overwhelming majority' of crime in all the stated categories had been carried out by members of the African-Caribbean community.
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Comment: I trust there will be a particularly uncomfortable corner of Hell set aside for the disingenuous little equivocator who wrote that adjudication. Just where are they setting the goalposts in terms of the word "overwhelming", would a score of 90% leave them still feeling underwhelmed given that it still leaves enough white perpetrator crimes to plaster the front of a tabloid? The judgment doesn't say.

Also, it does not state in which of the categories Liddel failed to make his case.

Was anyone dumb enough to imagine that the establishment castrated apparatchiks at the PCC would find any differently? They would not dare to.

Does this adjudication matter? Rod Liddel will not go to prison, he will not be fined and he will go on writing, but he has been publicly discredited despite having told the truth. Worse, this judgment will be used to tell a lie, it will be used to claim that the majority of street crimes are not committed by black youths, which is certainly not what this devious bit of equivocation says.



Dr.D said...

It is not clear what has happened to Rod Liddle. Has he been incarcerated? Fined? Libeled? What has happened to him?

The article at the Green Arrow is not particularly well written, particularly its ending. To say that the writer does not give a fig about black on black crime is really unnecessary. Yes, we want the blacks out of the country, but more violence among the blacks simply creates more problems for everyone. It does not take a genius to see that. Nor is it a Christian attitude that can be supported by those who claim Christ.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Dr D

No, nothing has happened to Rod Liddle he remains a journalist, at liberty and in employment. The judgement remains symbolic, in that this is the first time that a blogger has been censured in this way.

When you consider what appears on so many blogs, the fact that a man who has stated truthfully the fact that black men are overwhelmingly responsible for street crime, is the first blogger to be officially censured by the main media regulator in the country is very significant.

Also significant is how disingenuous the adjudication was "While it had provided some evidence to back up Mr Liddle's position, it had not been able to demonstrate that the 'overwhelming majority' of crime in all the stated categories had been carried out by members of the African-Caribbean community."

How do you define "overwhelming" and "in all categories"?

The person who wrote that is deeply dishonest

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see any PC-monger move to Brixton or Peckham - with their wife and kids - for six months: and then see if their attitudes on race don't undergo a complete sea-change. During my time in London, I met plenty of liberals who did a complete about-face when confronted with the ugly, black truth! And blacks themselves will privately admit that their community has a crime problem.


brian boru said...

For now, nothing has happened to Mr Liddle. However, the malevolent creatures who rule Britain are working towards a true 1984 society. Remember, under the Soviet regime those who criticised communism were sent to insane asylums and subjected to electro-shock and drugging because it was obvious that they were mad to criticise this jewish panacea. Mr Liddle has stated that niggers are violent, feral savages. How could that be? They have 'enriched' Britain and are obviously wonderful human beings, so, Mr Liddle must be mad to claim that. A few years from now someone like Mr Liddle might find electrodes attached to his testicles some hours after writing about such facts.