Tuesday, 9 March 2010

BNP Press Statement: “Membership Rule” Court Case Postponed as Judge Throws Out Two Thirds of EHRC Case

From BNP Chairman Nick Griffin

The malicious court case against the British National Party over its membership rules has been postponed for final judgement to Friday after the presiding judge threw out two thirds of the Equalities and Human Rights Commissions’ case today. “The EHRC's argument was in two sections,” said BNP leader Nick Griffin MEP. “The first was that the new constitution was not in force because the BNP had not followed the correct procedures in setting it up.

“The judge has decisively rejected that and ruled that the BNP’s new constitution is valid and has been constituted in a correct and legal manner,” Mr Griffin said. “The only remaining part upon which the judge still has to decide is the EHRC’s allegation that the BNP’s new constitution constitutes a form of indirect discrimination. He will give his opinion at 10:30 on Friday morning.”

Mr Griffin said the EHRC’s argument was based on an attempt to use the word “policies” in the Act to mean to refer to aims and objectives of any party or group, rather than about application and recruitment policies.

“The EHRC of course claims otherwise, but it is patently obvious this is what they are trying to do,” he said. “If their argument was followed through, it would open up a can of worms which would be absolutely absurd. “It would mean, for example, that a party which stood for abortion on demand could be accused of discriminating against Catholics, or vegetarian parties could be accused of discriminating against meat eaters,” Mr Griffin said. “This would set a terrible precedent and we would hope that the judge would not go down this road.

“It is a very promising sign that the judge has already seen fit to strike down most of the EHRC’s pathetic arguments over procedural issues. We would hope that this consistency and logic is followed through on Friday.” Mr Griffin added that the BNP’s new constitution has empowered him to make any changes if so ordered by the court without having to go through an extended procedure once again.

“As a result, I intend to end this waste of time, money and blatant political persecution one way or another on Friday,” Mr Griffin concluded.



fellist said...

Rare good news. Is it too much to hope that the Judge might have a few critical words to say about the EHRC come Friday?

A better analogy to draw might have been the establishment parties' policies of so-called "positive discrimination" toward women and ethnic minorities. Those policies expressly discriminate on grounds relevant to EHRC drum-thumping.

Anonymous said...

Dammit wake up you people, you just keep moaning and groaning but but you don't see the source of all of this. It's the JEWS, JEWS, JEWS, JEWS, go and read the "Protocols of the learned elders of Zion" it's free on http://www.whale.to/b/protocols.html

Their agenda is clearly spelled out by the way me and you are the Goyim, "Non Jew animal", This document was stolen from a Synagogue in Russia and later another copy was stolen in South Africa.

Anonymous said...

I don't know of what use a BNP is,that allows Blacks or in other words Black Interests into its midst.

I'm afraid that the BNP is a "kosher" Nationalist movement in a good Cop-bad Cop game,just like the Democrats and Republicans or the silly EDL vs UAF situation.A BNP that stands for "Brittish culture"(which can only be upheld by Whites and Whites only,for only Whites are Brittons)and at the same time mingles with non-Whites is of no value in my opinion,but rather the enemy.If you ever hear them say that Non-Whites are "Brittons" i will know that i am right.

NiviusVir said...

Many of us Americans have had an eye on the BNP, and we're cheering them on.

This is a fine blog; thanks for your service.

fellist said...

Anonymous I, moaning and groaning about the Jews isn't any kind of magic elixir. Anonymous II, we're all free to argue for a more authentic ethnonationalism to replace the ruling regime, I do so myself, but that doesn't mean the BNP are useless or necessarily harmful to that cause. Nor do their practical compromises necessarily mean that the BNP's leaders no longer intend to crave out the space for an authentic ethnonationalism when circumstances are more conducive. In the meantime they can still force implicitly nationalist issues onto the agenda.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sarah
I am a south african and as such reluctant to post on your blog because i am afraid that your words of wisdom will be equated with racism because of all the south africans posting here.
I have noticed something very interesting lately and it came from a bbc food program where one of your tv cooks travel England and looks for indigenous foods of high standard, what was evident was the pride that the people have in being English .I was very happy to see this because I thought that the pc brigade destroyed your national pride.A simple thing like this gave me hope because you see the English are far from dead yet.Once the bbc reads this they will probably cancel all the food shows, good lord the last thing they would want is to foster your national pride by accident.But somehow I think it is too late for them to stop it,somebody somehow lit the flame.

Anonymous said...

Calling the jews the culprits is not correct, the average jew and his children have got nothing to do with this.It is the Zionest Bankers and co. in coalision with our respective goverments.In world war 2 these same people sacrificed their own people to get the state of israel amongst other things.
The world should not be fooled into war again. It is clear that this is what they want.They want hate between muslims jews and christians "the west"
This time the final solution should be peacefull and the only thing that should end up in the gas chamber should be the influence these people have over us all and all the political correct bull they have been feeding us all.

Anonymous said...

The disease is liberalism/gnosticism. Jewish supremacism, Judeo-Christianity, Marxism, international banksterism, globocapitalism and multiculturism are symptoms and opportunistic parasites feeding off a sick and dying host.

See the West's problem from a Eastern European Christian perspective by reading "The Third Rome": Holy Russia, Tsarism and Orthodoxy, by Matthew Raphael Johnson. Chps 8-16 free online here:


-- Robin ap Richard

Anonymous said...

it is not the jews,christians ,muslims ,bigfoot or the gnostics that are to blame for this mess ,but its you and me that are to blame for sitting around and doing nothing but finding someone to blame ,everyone must stop waiting for the next person to do something .Lets get of our lazy backsides and start doing something ,and dont ask what , look for a way out .

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 14:45,

Brilliant comment. No one is to blame, things just happen.