Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Marauding bands

By August Pointneuf

As the White-African administrators were forced from office, so began the fracturing of civic control in Africa. One of the earliest to fail, perhaps the most important, was border control. In parallel with this was a loss of integrity and capacity in the police, with extremes of corruption, rampant bribery and brutality. Even where integrity survived there was seldom a capacity to act. Most police forces had insufficient motor vehicles or communications, and the arms with which they were supplied were stolen or sold.

The legal system, from constable to judge subsided into disarray, corrupt and purchasable. Not surprisingly lawlessness increased. Initially petty crime was tested but soon this changed to brutality when it was seen that it was as easy to murder as to leave alive a potential witness. So began the era of confrontational crime; there was often no attempt to be surreptitious or to cover tracks.

The White-Africans had anticipated this catastrophe during their administrative period.

Despite their pleas for reason and caution, their civilising role was destroyed more by the self-proclaimed sanctimonious European sects, than by the black “anti-colonial movements”.

The fatuous political beliefs held by the western nations and the manipulative playing of “communism” against “capitalism” brought the buccaneers a harvest of arms, mines and rocket launchers.

With the progressive decay of Africa, these bands of brigands became larger and foraged over increasingly wide areas. So lawlessness gained momentum, and groups grew in number and size, escalating into the numerous wars in the bush of Africa, using arms liberally supplied, by both the West and East.

A spectrum of terms, ranging from euphemistic to deprecatory depending on viewpoint, has been applied to these groups. Names included “militias”, “freedom fighters”, “warlords”, “independence movements”, “terrorists”, “insurrectionists”, “bandits”, but all groups were essentially the same, with predatory intent.

Some groups, hoping to manipulate western cults into support, adopted terms such as “Liberation”, “Democratic”, “Christian”, “The People’s” which bore no relationship to their goal or affinity.

They destroyed malaria and tsetse fly control and their migrations also spread cholera, plague, tuberculosis, meningitis, venereal diseases and HIV, amplifying the epidemic levels of AIDS now in Africa. The ecology was ravaged and the animal life decimated.

Children were abducted and recruited into armies, young boys to become the child machine-gun wielding soldiers, the young girls to become “comforters” and field support groups. In Zimbabwe entire schools were conscripted and forced-marched north into the “training camps”. Although well documented, the numbers will never be known, but they are measured in thousands. These children knew no life other than that of the bandit, and knew no other way to survive other than as looters.

The numbers and sizes of these groups continue to increase, inevitable in the absence of any other form of income and the decay of any defence of social order. Driving this further is Africa’s economic destruction, with the massive decline in agriculture, commerce and the creative use of resources.

Progressively they are foraging further afield and have begun to intrude into and infest those areas of Africa which are still struggling to hold some remnant of civic capacity.

Any suggestion that this decay of civilisation could possibly spread to the “civilised nations of the West” will be laughingly dismissed by the self-contented in their banker’s suits in Bonn.

However it is worth recognising the large numbers of these forces and their desperate intent. Recognise also the early signs in the thousands of “illegal aliens” invading Europe now. It will not take much sponsorship, using the massive amounts of criminally controlled drug, oil revenues and organised crime revenues, all currently available, to facilitate the infiltration of these brigands into Europe. Indeed, simultaneous decay of civic control is already occurring in the heartland of Europe, and alien sympathisers are already well infiltrated into almost every part of Europe.

Exactly the same material, as the bandits in Africa, without conventional income or civic restraints, now exists in the alien population of Europe. It will grow exponentially with the more than willing volunteers, as national economies further decline.

On the streets of Europe today’s roving gangs of brutalising immigrant youths, already uncontrollable, are the ominous warning of what is to come.

Conveniently for them, border control in Europe is being dismantled, and a common EU currency allowing cash to be accepted over large areas, helps their cause.

Since this malignant spread will be by surreptitious infiltration, sabotage, random and sporadic plunder, and by people who hold value on their own lives little, conventional policing or military control will be impotent. Western destruction will be by social and financial attrition.

The comparatively small numbers of Europeans will not survive the type of attrition made possible by the infinitely replaceable numbers from the Third World.


Extensive literature supporting this essay is available on the Internet, and therefore no specific references are included. Search terms such as "child+soldiers" could be used.

The nefarious black propaganda, which held that "entire nations were rising up against colonial suppression", was one of the world’s great illusions, swallowed with impassioned glee by European “Liberals”.

The vast majority of the black population under colonial rule understood and accepted the benefits of white administration. Their great fear was not the whites, but the bands of black insurrectionists, as has been gruesomely borne out.

It was the same misleading propaganda which claimed "South Africa would end in a bloodbath" that formed the basis for Nelson Mandela's claim to the Nobel Prize when it was held that he (and often he alone) engineered the "peaceful transition to South African independence". Reality was very different as this site demonstrates repeatedly.

Readers searching for true heroes of the era of white administration in Africa, and their protection of the black majority from these marauding bands, are encouraged to view following.


August Pointneuf


Dr.D said...

"The vast majority of the black population under colonial rule understood and accepted the benefits of white administration."

I have long thought that this must be true; how could it possibly be otherwise? But this raises the obvious question: Why does this vast majority support the nonsense that leads to their misery today? Are they really so stupid that they cannot see which way they were better off?

Or are they too afraid of being called "racist" in a peculiarly inverted way? Has the whole world fallen down the Rabbit Hole with Alice? It seems that today, all peoples think they must act in the way most contrary to their own best interest. This is utter madness on the part of all!

Endiana.com said...

Seems black rule is hurting black Africans.

alanorei said...

Re: Dr D's question about black majority support of black tyrants, I suggest it's like the old (maybe not-so-old) protection racket in the US.

A minority of mobsters could keep a whole community in abject submission through fear of violence.

As I understand it, from a white English former soldier in the Rhodesian Army, now a Baptist pastor, any black African householder could be woken up in the dead of night by a gang of armed black toughs banging on his door.

When he comes to the door, they demand to know which party he belongs to.

The homeowner has to think quickly to decide who they are. He then produces his membership card to show he's one of them and hopefully, they leave satisfied.

Otherwise, brutal reprisals can follow.

The average black householder will possess a number of different party membership cards, to display as the occasion arises.

So far as Rhodesia-Zimbabwe is concerned, Britain has all the blood of the Bush War and the subsequent Mugabe tyranny on her hands, because the British Government was complicit in forcing the blacks to vote for either Mugabe or Nkomo.

Blacks were not permitted to vote for Ian Smith, even though many wanted to. They knew that Smith was strong enough to be 'Boss man' and keep both the Shona (Mugabe) and Nbele (Nkomo) factions at bay.

Sadly, we know what happened. Mugabe kept 'order' by means of his Korean-trained 5th and 6th Brigades. At least 10,000 inhabitants in Nbeleland were murdered as a result, following 'independence.'

Note that Mugabe also confiscated privately-owned firearms when he came to power. That definitely gave his Jesuit-Communist mercenaries the edge.

I suggest that the rest of black Africa (with the exception of the black Christians in the Nuba Mountains of the Sudan - persecuted by Arab Muslims) is pretty much the same.

Dr.D said...

Alanorei has written, "Blacks were not permitted to vote for Ian Smith, even though many wanted to."

Who was it that did not permit them to do so? Was it the White government, or was it the black "leaders"? To quote, at least approximately the phrase from Jefferson that is getting a lot of exercise these days, "The tree of liberty must be frequently watered with the blood of tyrants."

If people permit themselves to be cowed into doing something against their own self-interest, whose fault is that, really?

I think it was Franklin who said (again only approximately, I'm not very good at quotes), "Those who give up liberty for security deserve neither.

So, here we are. They have neither liberty nor security, because they were willing to be cowed into doing what was against their own self-interest. Oh, well, Western Whites will soon be joining them across the board at the rate we are going.

alanorei said...

Dr. D

Re: your question

I believe that it was basically standover tactics by the UN, though I am not sure of the details.

Even though Rhodesia left the Commonwealth in about 1965, Britain was able to exert pressure to ensure election of a black candidate for the presidency in 1979. This country was determined to de-construct white-governed Rhodesia.

The mechanism for the deconstruction culminated in the Lancaster House Agreement of December 1979.

It was basically a betrayal of Rhodesia by Britain and the rest of the major nations, overseen by Margaret Thatcher.

The US was complicit as well, along with Vorster of South Africa. As a land-locked nation, flanked by Communist banana republics on 3 sides (Botswana, Mozambique, Zambia), Rhodesia was dependent on South Africa for transport of a lot of essential materials.

When Vorster caved in to the UN, the UK, the US, the then USSR and Red China (both of the latter 2 nations were training, equipping and supplying the black Marxist guerrillas), that left Rhodesia very vulnerable.

Her armed forces were also increasingly thinly stretched, as many ex-pats returned home, leaving the National Guard equivalent rifle companies at 50% normal strength. (Universal call-up for males from school leaving age up to about retirement age was implemented once the Bush War started. The younger men (about 18-21) did 2 years F/T national service, the usual system for the older, average draftee was 6-7 weeks at the war and 5 weeks at home.)

In this way, Rhodesia was forced to comply with international demands for black rule, in order to lift what was effectively a state of siege.

The same horrors that blacks are inflicting on white farmers in South Africa that Sarah reports were also being perpetrated in Rhodesia. Missionaries were often the targets. The massacre at the Elim Mission Station on June 23rd 1978 was particularly atrocious.

Also atrocious was the shooting down by blacks of 2 Rhodesian Airways Viscount passenger airliners. Some crew and passengers survived the first incident because the pilot crash-landed the aircraft. The blacks raped the women and then butchered all the survivors.

But it's what these black Marxists are like. The ones in the US and the UK are no different.

No voices of protest were raised in Britain by leading politicians/journalists at these outrages. But these bully-boy, Mafia-style tactics meant even more pressure on Ian Smith.

Note that the election concerned was that for the presidency. Smith was able to retain his position in the Zimbabwe parliament until Mugabe unilaterally ejected all white members in (about) 1986.

No-one in this country of any standing raised a word of complaint about 'racism' when this happened.

Ian Smith's book The Big Betrayal would have more information.

Dr.D said...

Thank you, Alan.

alanorei said...

You're welcome, Dr. D

Sadly, I think Rhodesia experienced God's judgement.

Other nations, including our own, will in their turn and it is, I think, already underway.

Anonymous said...

Simultaneous with the publication of "Marauding Bands", the Green Arrow published "Incident at a Car Boot Sale". Please read it on: http://www.thegreenarrow.co.uk/index.php/news/national/1421-incident-at-a-car-boot-sale
This is exactly the way that the marauding bands first show themselves. They will multply.
You have these marauding bands, Britain, NOW!

Beverly said...

As of December 21, 2007, Malta became part of the Schengen area. European Commission President José Manuel Barroso announced ahead of the enlargement of the area that:

"As from this week, people can travel hassle-free between 24 countries of the Schengen area without internal land and sea border controls- from Portugal to Poland and from Greece to Finland. I wish to congratulate the nine new Schengen members, the Portuguese presidency and all EU Member States for their efforts. Together we have overcome border controls as man-made obstacles to peace, freedom and unity in Europe, while creating the conditions for increased security".
Peace?Freedom from crime? Unity of Communities? Some hope.

Anonymous said...

The only problem i have with this piece of racist literature is that it is unfortunately all true ,and undoubtedly a few Europeans will experience the truth of this article when they run into the "law" during the soccer world cup in south africa .One good piece of advice to all people going to south africa is to keep your video camera handy when approached by the police .