Saturday, 13 March 2010

Glimpsing the beasts

I recommend an article written this morning by my good friend and ideological brother the Green Arrow, entitled “The BNP are Open for Business”, in which he analyses the outcome of the legal action brought against the BNP by the state funded and quite clearly Stasi inspired quango the Orwellianly named Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC).

I find the Green Arrow's view that the outcome was pre-planned, and that the judge was merely delivering the judgement required of him very compelling. It was an outcome which those behind the EHRC prosecution, and most likely behind the judge himself, believed would throw the BNP into internal turmoil at a time when unity was most vital. It was no coincidence that this case occurred now, weeks before a general election where, following the success in the European poll, the party is expected to make gains.

The BNP have had the same membership rules for almost 30 years, yet it is only now that the establishment noticed they are discriminatory? I think not.

This was a deliberate attempt by the establishment, with their tame judge on side, to drain the party financially and cause internal conflict, so as to damage its chances right before the upcoming vote.

How they misjudged the BNP. One can imagine their disbelieving horror when, as a result of the earlier hearing, the resolution to change the party's constitution in order to admit non-whites as members, was passed almost unopposed. That was supposed to split the party in two and alienate its core supporters. What a miscalculation by the EHRC, who had clearly made the mistake of believing their own propaganda and expected the party to behave like the dimwitted racist thugs they and their chums in the controlled media like to pretend they are.

How they must have panicked when that did not result in blood on the floor and an irreparable schism within the party as they had expected.

You can just imagine little weasel Wadham rushing from shyster lawyer to shyster lawyer patching together a rear guard attack and coming up with the ludicrous claim that it was discriminatory for a political party to expect its member's to support it's aims.

In an honest society nobody would have expected a judge to buy such an argument, however, Britain long ago ceased to be an honest society, and any recently awoken coma patient, who still believes it is has not encountered the likes of the obedient Judge Paul Collins, a man who would no doubt have judged yellow to be pink had his bosses told him to do so.

However, once again the BNP's enemies had underestimated it, they had not expected Nick Griffin to act so decisively and even more so, they had not reckoned with the BNP's supporters who know exactly what they are up to and are not going to play their games.

Certainly there have been some mutterings at the elephant's graveyard otherwise known as the Stormfront forum. However, like the UAF before them, the EHRC would be fools to think that Stormfront is representative of the BNP. There are many on Stormfront who care more about descending to Valhala in fiery glory than they do about winning elections, and, in any event, would would be more likely to vote for George Galloway or even Islam4UK than the BNP merely because there is a greater chance the first two will say something nasty about the Jews.

The average BNP supporter knows what type of enemy we are up against, understand its tricks and are standing firm.

I also agree with the Green Arrow that this judgement may in fact have done the BNP a considerable amount of good. If nothing else it has exposed what is really happening in this country to anyone honest enough to look, and has shown to be true much of what has been dismissed as conspiracy theory.

If you examine this judgement, its malevolence is quite shocking.

The following are the passages from the BNP constitution which the EHRC considered to be discriminatory a view supported by the court who have ordered the BNP that they can not require its members to sign up to:

Section 3.2.1.: Our party is a party of British Nationalism, both ethnic and civic, and we are committed to the principle of national sovereignty in all our British Homeland affairs and of self determination and sovereignty in all Indigenous British affairs.
We are pledged to the continued creation, fostering, maintenance and existence of the unity and of the integrity of the Indigenous British and of the government of the countries of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and of Eire, which together, and as further expanded in Schedule 1 (“Interpretation Rules”), are referred to in this, our constitution, as our “British Homeland.”


Section 3.2.3. : We are pledged to stemming and reversing the immigration into our British Homeland that has, without the express consent of the Indigenous British, taken place since 1948, and to restoring and maintaining, by legal changes, negotiation and consent, the Indigenous British as the overwhelming majority in the make-up of the population and expression of culture in each part of our British Homeland.

In effect, the law of our land is now saying that it is illegal for a political party to seek to preserve the culture, identity and indeed very existence of the native peoples of these islands, and that it is illegal for a political party to oppose immigration.

That is the message which Friday's judgement sent out to the British people, and when they understand it, which they will, there are many who will not like it.

The widdling little whippet speaking on Sky News on Friday night may find the term “indigenous Briton” offensive, but most Britons do not feel quite the same.

This prosecution and this judgement is the clearest evidence for the British people that the British establishment is determined to destroy them and to replace them. Anyone who does not see that is either mad or deliberately and maliciously blind.

Many will not care, some will never care, but, just maybe there are enough who will care.

So what now?

Many believe that this judgement will enable non-whites to join the party and seek to destroy it from within. Sadly, that is absolutely true, they can indeed seek to do that. However, the threat is actually no greater than it has ever been. Throughout the BNP's history it has had far more white enemies than it has had non-white ones. It has always been possible for the BNPs many many thousands of white enemies to join the party and seek to destroy it from within, many believe some have already tried, yet the party is still here, and it is getting stronger.

Certainly in the short term some will try, and there will inevitably be attempts to claim bias and discrimination, but that is a fact of modern Britain and not exclusive to the BNP.

I do not deny there are downsides to what has happened. However, patriots in a land ruled by traitors must face up to many challenges and this judgement will just add a few more to the many challenges we must, and will, overcome.

However, this court case has also presented the BNP with great opportunities if it is prepared to grasp them.

There are those within Britain's ethnic minorities who wish us well. There are those with the Hindu, Sikh and Chinese communities who have great affection for the British, and who, most importantly, do not seek to take our country from us. If the BNP embrace those who support our cause and wish us no harm, then our enemy's loudest weapons loose their power.

Furthermore in the short term this attack on the BNP has won us publicity, and some sympathy, albeit some of it grudging.

However, there is one unintended consequence of what has happened from the BNP could benefit tremendously and which will last. The one thing this malevolent, vicious and hate fuelled attempt to destroy us has proved is that we were right and that we always have been.

The rulers of our land have briefly lifted a veil and, for a moment, an ugly, snarling face was revealed, many glimpsed the beasts behind the EHRC, and those who understood what they saw will not forget.


Editor said...

Sarah your articles are usually well written and intelligent, yet it is becoming increasingly obvious that you are becoming more and more influenced by the, shall we say, neo-con wing now resident within nationalism. I fully realise of course that there are those that do a disservice to nationalism, in that they wail, “It’s the Jews, It’s the Jews”, at every opportunity, yet for all that it has to be said that there is a faction, recognisably Jewish, who have for some time now attacked our way of life and indeed our very culture and its building blocks.

Your dismissal of Stormfront and its members has the taint of other malcontents about it, individuals who, upon finding that their alien form of nationalism was both unrecognised and indeed unwanted, proceeded to set up their own show, attracting many supposed rightists of a pro-Zionist bent. Further your paragraph extolling a non-white community, “who, most importantly, do not seek to take our country from us”, is erroneous in the extreme, given that by their very presence they are doing so.

For all the rubbish spouted by pro-BNP fools, this whole episode has been outrageous, firstly, we have a supposedly nationalist party abjectly capitulating and secondly, we have supposed nationalists fairly dancing with glee at the prospect of non-white members, if comments left upon the BNP’s own website are to be believed. All in all a sad event for nationalism and indeed, perhaps the final nail in the coffin of those who would contest this ongoing evil. As an aside your site-feed fluctuates ,appearing to be filtered somewhat, not surprising really, take care and continue the excellent writing and don’t let those fools turn you…

Dr.D said...

As a practical matter, the BNP can use the votes of all who will support its candidates, no matter the ethnic background of the voter. The BNP can also use any and all people willing to honestly campaign for BNP candidates, again without regard for their ethnicity.

It is a sad fact of reality that the UK already has vast numbers of highly undesirable nonwhites, but they are there. Far better that they be supporting the BNP than to have them supporting Labor or even the Conservatives. All of this is said with the proviso that the BNP remains true to its original purposes.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...


I do understand what you are saying.

To be clear, I do not welcome any of the changes to the constitution. However, I believe that, as things stand, it was unavoidable. The party does not have the resources to take on the EHRC, to try to do so would have resulted in bankruptcy or being banned.

Also, it is my instinct to say, "okay, this is where we are, ho do we make it work for us.

That is why I have been angered by the negativity of writers on Stormfront over this issue. There seems to be an attitude that seeking an electoral solution to our predicament is for wimps.

I fully accept that the situation we face could end up in civil war, but I don't see that as a desirable outcome. Many on Stormfront seem to believe that it is.

As to "the Jews" I accept that there are issues, I accept that the historical account of the Holocaust gives rise to some questions.

I also appreciate that the credentials of those who have "debunked" the protocols of the Elders of Zion do not suggest that they are entirely subjective.

I am also sympathetic to the view that the near monopoly that Jews have over finance and the media could be unhealthy.

However, there is also a huge amount of rubbish talked, and the moment I hear words like goy and goyim I completely lose interest because I know I am going to hear something totally ludicrous.

I have heard people speak sportively of Islam because it is the enemy of Israel. Even worse, there are people claiming there is a Jewish conspiracy to Islamify Europe. Both of which are completely mad.

Shieldline said...

Something is either true or its a lie. Why should we not question some things. Mr Fox wrote some scathing words about those who don't shy away from criticising the jewish influence on western countries a while back. But its ok to have a go at muslim no go areas and focus on the persecution of white South Africans by the black population. I don't care for the BNP holding Churchill up as some kind of inspirational poster boy. What makes people like David Irving and Ernst Zundel liars. How do I know that they speak the truth. Well I don't know for sure. I can only go by what I know of the here and now and how that fits in. I know jews control hollywood and I know what comes out of hollywood. I know jews have enormous influence on American foreign policy and I cannot for the life of me see how American foreign policy from the money poured into Israel to the wars in Asia, benefit the white majority population of America who pay the bulk of the taxes. I don't know about the sf crowd descending to Valhalla but I know that I was indifferent and if anything sympathetic to jews only a few years ago so its not prejudice on my part, its information that I wasn't previously aware of.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Hi Shieldline

I do not wish to attack, or offend you or any of my readers, and I fully respect your honestly held views.

However, I don't share the view that all the problems we face are down to a vast Zionist conspiracy. My writing is neither pro or anti Jewish, I am neutral on the subject.

Editor said...

Thank you for your reply Sarah, you are quite right of course in that there is, “a huge amount of rubbish talked”, yet much of it is based upon historical fact, the fact that in order to fit in with society non-group communities must subvert and/or alter society, we see the self-same thing today with Islam and indeed other non-indigenous groupings. The conspiracy theories/theories grew out of truth, truth as those present saw it, there is no doubt at least to my mind that Jewry began its assault upon the west an exceedingly long time ago, perhaps as a measure of self-protection more than anything, yet an attack is an attack.

For those present Jewry presented as a threat, as indeed for Jewry gentiles did also, mutual and historical enmity grew up on both sides, it reaches down from history and even today touches us all, Jewries principal attack has always been upon the pillars of society, faith, folk and family, after which it attacked and overran the legislature and the media ,subverting both towards anti-group behaviours ,such is well documented and indeed even today those from eastern Europe know full well the horrors inflicted upon them.

Yet the battle was and indeed still is about resource and survival, Jewry simply cannot afford to let go of the struggle, permit the rise of nationalism in any of its forms, for to do so heralds the very end of Judaic influence, so it is that Jewry supports and indeed creates anti-nationalist groups/organisations. Coupled with the power of the media it presents as a formidable foe and the silent battle has been ongoing, each side striving for survival, we for our homelands and they for power, until now, until the subversion of patriotic movements.

The nationalist movement within this country and indeed wider Europe is torn asunder, faction fights faction and indeed much of the action is crafted, Islam presents as an abject threat to the advancement of “democracy”, oh not democracy as you would have it, an equal voice for the common man, such is a fallacy, a dream, a lie, democracy cannot hope to prevail, for it is a flawed concept, so many of so many disparate opinions represented by one official ,surely some must lose out, some voices not be heard and indeed if money and power were on the table, what then for the common people.

Editor said...

Surely if democracy were as many would have it, mass immigration would have ended long ago, capital punishment for heinous crime would prevail, the thug would not rule the street and our world would be such a different place, as it is our politicians are puppets and whores, bought and sold by finance and indeed much of finance does not rest in gentile hands. You speak of the word Goyim or Goy, stating that, “the moment I hear words like goy and goyim I completely lose interest because I know I am going to hear something totally ludicrous”, yet this is simply an in-group word for the out, much as Gora or Honky or any other.

Sometimes the rhetoric of the right, especially those who profess to fight organised Jewry is embarrassing, I flinch, recoil and feel uncomfortable, yet amongst all of the rubbish there is a vein of truth. It matters little of course what some supposed nationalists think, write or say, those that disparage or harangue, only truth matters, I cannot know if the protocols are correct, if the Holocaust™ happened but what I do know is this. To speak of them, to investigate, to challenge orthodoxy leads to gaol, to imprisonment and today within so-called free Europe men and women languish or have in prison. Tell me Sarah, show me Sarah, where am I wrong for recognising the power of this minority group, why they have their own private security force, the CST, many ex-IDF types in its employ and indeed as witnessed recently many such types rouse the EDL to injurious action.

There is I am afraid Sarah a battle, a battle for the very soul of Europe, it is not as they paint it, simply Islam and we, not simply black and white, I hate no man, no creed, no race, I simply wish to live in freedom amongst my own, yet all that threaten that are foes and I recognise that, is that so wrong? I am heartily sick of this “it is Islam” rubbish, of the drive towards war, when it is simply not Islam, simply not at all we are led, many who you consort with are led and they refuse ,refuse to listen. Islam is a faith Sarah, a faith, yet upon this earth few ideologies hold people as doe’s religion, attack any faith and war will surely come, disparage a people and chaos, the moneymen profit and many die.

What of you Sarah, so very aware yet naïve still, walking amidst the clouds of dust stirred up by marching legions, I feel for those people, for the children, the mothers and the sons, for the relentless attacks upon them and indeed their homelands, we have no right Sarah, no right at all. So what of you Sarah, if you were to prise your dead child from under the rubble of your home, to carry their lifeless body away for burial, if all you ever had and all you ever loved was blown away by the guns of dammed democracy what then Sarah, love, empathy, understanding, or relentless and unnatural hate.

We howl with rage at what the powers that be do to our lands, to us and our civilisation but what of those other places, places touched by the true evil of democracy. So I refuse and forever will to stand with this new sort of nationalist, this creed that hurries us to war, that seeks to champion an evil cause, that lies in bed with pure evil. Nationalism Sarah is a love of your people, a desire for its continuance but also a desire to see the same for others and indeed to fight evil, people have a right to live, a right to continue and a right to live free. Today many weblogs and sites are simply covers for the rogue-state, created by its operatives, yet so caught up by Islamophobia are many that they simply cannot see it ,so driven they are, prey to madness, well I want no war Sarah, no blood spilt and indeed I recognise a foul power, it is therefore my duty to defend against it.

Shieldline said...

However, I don't share the view that all the problems we face are down to a vast Zionist conspiracy.

I agree with everything I've read that you've written here. You never slapped down anyone with such views and I don't have such views anyway. I just think its part of the problem. Without the zionist thing I'm sure we'd still have big problems the kind of which are discussed here.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

You write very beautifully and very powerfully Editor. You leave us with much to think about.

Thank you for that, I do appreciate it

You are certainly right that there is a battle for the heart of Europe. Currently we are not on the winning side. Therefore, I am pleased we have not let issues like this divide us.

As I said to Shieldline, I remain neutral on this subject and remain to be convinced.

Thanks again

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Thank you Shieldline

There is a great deal we agree on. and that is the most important thing

As you say we face many threats, I have yet to be convinced of a Zionist conspiracy, however, that may be because I have not seen the evidence yet.


misterfox said...

The problem with editor's well-written argument is that he lumps all Jews together. In America they are starting to support Pat Buchanan, American renaissance and not only ADL or SPLC. They have different views on things like Whites.
I used to be a conspiracy theorist myself and have all the books - Douglas Reed, Nesta Webster, The Protocols...
However, immigration has changed our relationship and that is because both whites and Jews are targeted by Muslims. Its no good pretending we are not in a war because its what Zionists also say, because there is too much evidence to support this.
The real change in me came when I began to understand how myopic and self-destructive Jewish people are. Some think that because they are so influential they must be bringing about a certain end. In my honest opinion their activities in couraging immigration or in the EU, The European-Mediterranean Partnership, is also destroying their own communities. Jewish people are openly persecuted in France and Sweden.
I realised this when researching articles as part of my duty to oppose the genocide of the White race and decided to warn Jewish people at the same time. It is their influential figures with some jewish antecedents like Dominic Carman, Harry Phibs, Cameron, Maurice Cousins, Nothing British etc who are myopically endangering their own people.
I repeat: just because people have a lot of power and influence, don't assume that they are getting everything right. They might be doing the wrong thing as in the Law of Unintended Consequencs and actually bringing ruin on themselves. They have done it before!

Lion of England said...

Personly i don`t really care about religion
i do not care if someone wishes to pray to Mikey mouse,but what i really hate is people who try to push it on me,my family
and on my nation,if you want to pray then do so but in the privacy of your own home,and i will not stand and be dictated
to by any church,or any religion that challenge my right to live as i and my family wish.i do not want your church no your Moshe to blight my villages,or towns with your houses of your gods no body needs a house to pray in,perhaps
if we got red of religion we would all
be happy,as i am because i have shaken of the yoke of roman Catholicism,when on the day of my birth,i was free but
parents,governments,churches,schools,planted a virus in my brain,that told me
my religion was for the good of mankind
i think not.
It is the same as politics it all plants a virus in your brain.

Editor said...

Thank you Sarah you are very kind, thank you also for permitting differing points of view an airing, so much is given a bad press, so very much, nationalism of all stripes, more especially that which I represent, Islam portrayed as thee ultimate evil in these times and if I may Mr fox, I will use your expression “they are all lumped together”. Jewry to has a bad press vilified in extremis by many. Why there are countless sites and weblogs that portray Jews in almost a mythical sense, as monsters and ghouls, when the reality is in many ways somewhat different. Yet for lesson we should look to today, to the enmity we are busy building up, we should recognise the very real consequences of erroneous action.

It is my own personal believe that the undoubted distrust and animosity between Jews and gentiles came about because of group specific measures, that is to say, that members of each group endeavoured to defend their group to the detriment of the other. Jews were and indeed are of foreign stock and as such the host population rebelled against such intrusion, Jews ostracised from mainstream society by anti-Judaic practice and indeed the behaviours of some of their own forged ahead within the only concerns in which they were permitted to do so, namely finance. The ear of a ruler is rarely that of the people and indeed in many cases the wants and desires of the elite run counter to that of the common people, such it is today and was then.

This foreign grouping became evermore resented, tax-collectors and money-lenders whilst the host population toiled, of course the actions of the host community had much bearing upon Jewry, facing seemingly unremitting hostility they could never empathise with the common people, the entrenchment of both groups became more solid and over the years the Diaspora, facing much the same attitude throughout Europe became a society within a society and indeed are to this day. Due to the ongoing hostility, the desires and aspirations of the host community became separated from that of Jewry, Jewry came to favour internationalism, understandable given their international composition whilst population groups will almost always place their own interests first, the stage was set. Perhaps the greatest rendering of the people’s desire, of their interest, is made manifest by nationalism, as indeed nationalism is simply the outward expression of group interest on the periphery of international relations.

Yet internationalism, as favoured by the Jews was and indeed can never be supported, thus it came to be that nationalism and Judaic interest could never be reciprocal, that is to say, could never work towards a mutual goal. Over the centuries Jewry has used all manner of device to press home the attack, from the undermining of state rulers to the imposition of draconian law, all of which is designed to open up this country and others, to the idea of a global community. Today such a concept is lauded, leftists and their ilk fallaciously advocate it, declaring those opposed as inhumane or indeed haters, when in fact such a movement destroys population groups and cultures as it forces its way across the world.

Editor said...

Yet as an international Diaspora without a home, Jewry supported such a concept, many within that community beginning movements that would propel many within Europe towards the gulag, fracturing by nefarious means the very fabric that holds us together. I cannot know if National Socialism altered course, whether its adherents fearful of defeat or internal strife sought to eradicate political opponents by the use of industrialised killing, such a concept is abhorrent to me. What I do know is that this was not the original intention of that movement for change; the National Socialist “Final Solution” was never mass extermination but the relocation of the community to Madagascar.

Yet perhaps because of centuries of hostility, perhaps because they were sick of wandering, many within the community desired a home, a nation, a state, so very late within evolution, most land had occupants, nations already existed, so where ,where. The fable of a great Jewish nation had many supporters, today even Christians support such, yet amongst the Jewish community a movement had begun, a movement that desired the reinstatement of Zion, and hence they became known as Zionists. We know now of course that the state of Israel came into being through bloodshed; we know that Zionist Jews declared war upon this very nation, yet the principal losers were peaceful Jews and Arabs, communities that had lived in relative peace within that region for millennia.

Zionism marched in, stole wholly the land, expelled the British and persecuted the native population, once seized members of the wider Diaspora began to formulate defensive actions, secrets were stolen, governments subverted and the very real power of finance utilised. In order to survive they reasoned no other pro-group movement must exist, indeed the very actions of nationalism towards global finance presented as a direct threat. Never again would any nation mobilise in its people’s interest as Germany had and all means must be used to prevent such occurring.

Editor said...

In many ways the actions of that community are reasonable, understandable even, yet the hypocrisy is glaring, Israel maintains an advanced nationalistic position whilst its supporters and co-religionists undermine such in other nations. However, we must never lose sight of the fact, that the land upon which Israel sits is not their own, it belongs to others, those now today living behind huge walls, in poverty, fear and under the most heinous oppression. Yet they have their state now, stolen maybe but they have secured their existence and a future for their children, they having stolen nuclear secrets from friendly states to make it so.

So the issue here is remarkably clear, can a community that has historically and still presently does, oppose nationalism and the peoples interest, be considered friends, can a grouping that relies for its very existence upon financial hegemony ever support a grouping g that opposes such, in other words can two different groups both working for their own group interests work together for a common goal, when the success of one means defeat for the other, I would say no, that is impossible and indeed inconceivable. Perhaps thee greatest challenge for the traditional right and indeed those of a new right perspective is to combat the smear of hater, for instance just by my mentioning of Judaic influence places me upon the fringes of the greater nationalist movement, amongst the purported lunatics and crazies.

However, Sarah herself faces the very real prospect of being labelled a racist merely for contesting mass non-white immigration and indeed the murderous actions against members of her group, it is an extremely clever device in that it shuts up debate, quiets reason and permits advanced malevolence sway. Let me make myself absolutely clever, the Jews have every right to exist and any endeavour to kill off both them and indeed any other race or creed must be opposed by all right-thinking men and women, it is for this reason of course that I to contest the ongoing genocide of my own group, yet I simply cannot stand by and watch evil have its way with another.

The crux of the problem is the enforcement of multiculturalism, which I am afraid, was the child of Jewry, oh we can tut, tut at such remarks but nonetheless truth is truth, one need only look to the originators of anti-people movements for answer. However perhaps the greatest rebuff against traditional nationalism is that if Jewry has such immense power then why permit the entrance of an anti-group majority into Europe, of course immediately it needs pointing out that the community holds little regard for Europe, nor indeed its people and therefore the destruction of Europe has little to no bearing upon them, after all, they have their state now. Further, the storm of Islamophobia whipped up aids tremendously the supposed war on terror, which is in effect the enforcement of a new order upon an indigenous people and culture, so in effect the goals of globalisation are served by mass migration not weakened.

The goal here is to destroy nation-states, be they Caucasian or otherwise, the only nation currently permitted to operate at a self-interested level being Israel, Jewry garners immense support from victim-hood and indeed what value the life of a few co-religionists against that of continuance, I would hazard a guess and say none. Again of course we have absolutely no-where to go, whereas those of Judaic ancestry hold dual-nationality, should advanced conflict ensue then there is at least for them, a bolthole. For us of course the effects are wholly detrimental, Europe in ruins and power moved eastward, however without quoting “conspiracy” theorem too directly has that not been the alleged goal of organised Jewry since inter group conflict began. I am sorry for the length of this reply, thank you both for the freedom to speak freely, take care.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sarah
I am not english speaking so please excuse my english,I am just thinking what is behind all this immigration in Europe and America.
It is clearly established that it can not be to the benefit of the "host " countries.It is clear that the polititians who advance this plan can never do it bona fide as all evidence point to the fact that what they tell the people about why it should happen is a bunch of rubbish.
that clearly means that there must be an alterior motive that is supported by the media because they keep selling this multicultural idea to everyone.
So if we do not find that alterior motive and the people behind it, and the planned end result of all this any treatment we give the symptoms will leave the cause to create new symptoms.
And seeing that this is a problem throughout the entire western world it can not just be blamed on your local politicians.That means someone somewhere is pushing some hidden agenda.The expected american union and hispanic immigration into the usa leads me to believe that there must be a globalist agenda of some kind.My view is that any local debate about this issue should also incluude the causes of the same phenomena in other countries.All of this all over the world cannot be coincidental.
In all countries foreigners from much poorer countries are let in and in all countries there exists no plausible reaon for it.
What is the cause of this ?

Proud Non Black said...

Fiji in the South Pacific was overrun with Ethnic Indian so that they became the majority and came to power to the detriment of the Ethnic Fijians.What happened ?The Fijians seized their country back in an armed coup.

Dr.D said...

The comment by Proud Non Black about Fiji makes sense and points to what may have to happen in the UK, the US, Australia, SA, etc.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I wrote an article about Fiji a couple of years ago

They are very much the victims of enforced immigration and one of the few parts of the Empire which Britain dud not leave in a better state than they found it.

Importing thousands upon thousands Asians "to do the jobs the locals won't do" has brought them to the state they are now in.

Of course, given the vicious political correctness now imposed across the planet, it is the Fijians who are called "racists" when they try to take their homeland back.

Dr.D said...

Sarah, you did indeed write a very interesting post on Fiji, and I left a very late comment on that post. In that comment, I pointed out that even if you removed all of the Asians for Fiji, the world would not leave them alone for two reasons: (1) greed, and (2) a massively expanding population.

If we turn our attention to the UK, the same two factors are at work. The massively expanding population of the third world wants what the Western world has; there should be no doubt about it. The material wealth of the Western world had long been an attraction to the the third world, even though they have been totally unwilling to do the things required to generate similar wealth for themselves.

But their populations continue to expand. They have very high fertility rates, and no lack of purpose as seems to beset the West. In their minds, they have a right to what we have, simply because their muzzie religion tells them that they do.

There is also greed on the part of the faithless leadership at the top in the West. These traitorous sellouts have long since lost all sense of loyalty to anyone except themselves alone. They would sell their mothers into prostitution for a penny. They have no morals, no scruples, they live only for themselves today. They are going to hell, but they are making life very miserable for many good people along the way.

Anonymous said...

Your insight into the attempt to create a schism in the BNP is right on and I hope others will see it for what it is and avoid the trap. The ruling parties have forced the BNP's hand and what a thing it would be to alter slightly the superficial structure of the party and forge ahead; gaining in elections and electorates. The key is to reduce immigration drastically and remove neo-marxist ideology in the classroom, business and media. If we can do that (and that is much of the point yes?) then what of it if we have the support of Gurkas, Intelligent E.Indians, and Jews while doing it. Ignore the Jewish issue especially when bright Jews are moving more to the side of Conserving the Anglo culture that has given them so much. Ignore that and keep focused on the few issues of real importance to the future of Britain and the West. Undecided voters must see that the people of the BNP are temperate, happy, robust and good natured and whose worry stems from the unwanted change that has resulted from mass immigration. Great article, more please..