Monday 21 February 2011

When the truth becomes the crime

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff and Geert Wilders

Last Thursday a court in Vienna found lecturer and human rights activist Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff guilty of one count of “denigration of religious beliefs of a legally recognized religion” and she was fined the sum of €480. A relatively small sum, but she now has a hate crime conviction against her name.

Sabaditsch-Wolff's crime was to state, at a series of seminars about political Islam, that the Prophet Mohamed had sex with a child, his nine year old wife Aisha. Although acquitted of the more serious charge of inciting racial hatred, she was also convicted of being a “serial offender” despite this being her first offence.

Elizabeth is a regular writer at the Gates of Vienna who have written extensively about her case, links to their various articles can be found here, meanwhile American writer Diana West who runs the Death of the Grown Up blog has addressed the case in a recent posting “Willkomen to the Caliphate”, where she effectively argues that the conviction was in fact on the basis of Sharia law, not European law or what still passes for Austrian law.

It is interesting to note that the court did not find that the defendant had lied, at one point the judge stated that Aisha was 18 but later acknowledged that she had in fact attained that age at the time of Mohamed's death. Indeed the fact that Mohamed married Aisha while she was a child is largely undisputed and accepted as fact by most Islamic scholars. Marriage between an older man and a pre-pubescent girl was not unusual in Islamic culture during the prophet's life and remains so today in some Islamic countries.

The truth of the claim was irrelevant to the court. To convict Sabaditsch-Wolff, it was not necessary to demonstrate her claims were untrue, they were true, but merely to prove, as the court did, that she told a truth which some Muslims found offensive.

This was by no means an isolated case. Also last week French journalist √Čric Zemmour was found guilty of incitement to racial hatred after telling a TV chat show that drug dealers were mostly "blacks and Arabs".

Once again, the truth or otherwise of Zemmour's claim was irrelevant to his conviction for he spoke a truth which French law bars him from speaking. It is illegal in France to reveal the race of criminal offenders, or to report rates of ethnic offending, presumably because to do so would be to reveal the truth of Monsieur Zemmour's illegal words.

Meanwhile in Holland it has been announced that the trial against PVV leader Gerrt Wilders for discrimination and inciting hatred will recommence on March 14th. As in the other cases mentioned, the truth or otherwise of Mr Wilders' words will have no bearing on his prosecution, all that matters is that they have offended Muslims and questioned the state dogma of multiculturalism.

Like Sabaditsch-Wolff and Zemmour, Wilders could join the growing group of people convicted of, and punished for, telling the truth.

In Britain, as we all know BNP leader Nick Griffin was subjected to a politically motivated criminal prosecution for making statements which have since been proven to be true. Mr. Griffin's claims that gangs of Muslim paedophiles have been grooming white girls for sex, have been echoed by ex-Justice secretary Jack Straw, and confirmed by various journalists and leading police officers. However, as Judge Norman Jones informed Nick Griffin at his trial, that he was telling the truth was no defence against race hate charges.

Indeed, had it not been for the wisdom of a jury, who acquitted Griffin against the judge's advice, he would have gone to prison for the New World Order offence of telling the truth.

In fact the situation is worse than the judge implied, Judge Jones understated the truth, for we in Europe have gone beyond the point where the truth is merely no defence against race hate charges, the truth itself is now the crime.

The mad Orwellian creed of multiculturalism, which our rulers have imposed upon us has produced a reality where, when addressing the subject of race and religion the only act left to us, which is legal and permissible, is to lie.


Dr.D said...

As I read the discussion of ESW's conviction, the Austrian judge says that pedophilia consists in an exclusive desire for sexual relations with children. The fact that mighty Mo was still having sexual relations with his child bride when she reached the age of 18 just before he died presumably shows that he did not exclusively want children and therefore, according to this Austrian wizard, is not a pedophile. By the lights of most normal people, deflowering a 9 year old makes mighty Mo a pedophile, even if he continues to use her as she matures.

Anonymous said...

It's time we started showing that we can get angry too. If one of us burns a koran they can pick us off one by one.If a thousand of us turn up and burn a page each, and keep doing it they can't arrest us all

Alex said...

Speech crimes and thought crimes are inevitable in a society where the pursuit of truth is a contestable enterprise - according to the Postmodern "thinkers" who are in charge of brainwashing the general public.

We are in a situation where speaking the truth is an act of rebellion against the imposition of the "Orwellian creed" of multiculturalism and much more. At the moment, the only place it's safe to defy our rulers is here online.

mary sullivan said...

remember geert w. is a jew, and cares nothing about dead Whites in south africa.
arabs are not the problem for europe.

arabs that are flooded in by Jew laws of the EU and Jew-Soros financed legislation, caused this problem, jews are the problem, but arabs are the result.

Dr.D said...

Geert Wilders may or may not be a Jew; I have seen nothing to indicate one way or the other. What I have seen is that he is doing much to try to halt the spread of izlam in Europe and throughout the world. He lives in constant fear for his life because he has so often spoken out forcefully and continues to do so.

In contrast, the name Mary Sullivan is not one that I have often seen in the headlines as having led the charge against izlam. Perhaps I simply have not read the correct sources. However, until such time as I see it as often as I see Geert Wilders, I will continue to support Wilders much more strongly than Mary Sullivan. He is definitely putting his life on the line for this issue.

misterfox said...

Sorry, I am never anonymous:

One of worst examples of the state persecution of Christians was that of Catholic priest Father Samuel, who had fled to Belgium to escape Muslim persecution of Christians in Turkey, only to be persecuted for “incitement to racist hatred” by the Belgian state. The Government’s Inquisition agency, the Centre for Equal Opportunities and Opposition to Racism (CEOOR). It is for a remark he made in a 2002 television interview: “Every thoroughly Islamized Muslim child that is born in Europe is a time bomb for Western children in the future. The latter will be persecuted when they have become a minority.”
The Belgian judiciary decided to try him before the penal court in Charleroi. He repeated his statement and that he would be honoured to go to jail for this. He added that Jesus too had been persecuted! In a sermon he called upon the faithful to accompany him to court. “We will turn this into an excursion, driving there in full buses.” Father Samuel fled to Belgium to escape the persecution of Aramaic Christians in Turkey and is being persecuted by the Belgians! The Aramaics are a Catholic minority in Syria and Turkey and speak an old Semitic language, which Jesus and the apostles used and so are a link with Christ. Mel Gibson used the language in “The Passion of the Christ.”
At Montignies-sur-Sambre he conducts the Mass according to the traditional rites of the Catholic Church. Hundreds attend his Sunday Mass. The congregation includes African immigrants, a large number of young people and many young families with small children. On his web and sermons Father Samuel warns of “the islamic invasion” of the West and that Muslims are invading Europe and we face impending civil war. According to Father Samuel “so-called moderate Muslims do not exist.” This was in 2006 and is been kept very quiet as we move towards secret trials for dissenters in the western world. They do not want the mass of Catholics to realise that Christians are now being persecuted in the Europe on behalf of Muslims because a rebellion of Catholics against the Cultural Marxists of the EU

misterfox said...

Mary could you provide some evidence or do you need to simplify everything to understand it?