Thursday 10 February 2011

South Africa Sucks has a new Home

As many readers will be aware the South Africa Sucks blog recently achieved average visitor numbers of approximately 8000 a day. Coincidentally a campaign was launched against it, accusing its writers of "hate Speech" and, sure enough it was deleted by WordPress. (Totally unconnected of course)

However, the bloggers at SAS are not that easily defeated, they have set up a new home at please spread the word


mary sullivan said...

thank Jesus and thank you

Anonymous said...

Thanks gal

Anonymous said...

Whilst the subject of Southern Africa is up.

Can somebody clarify this for me.
The "British" governments labour and the current as far as I'm aware imposed a curfew or sanctions on the Mugabe regime right? In that sense I would have thought that all things being equal that meant ALL of the regime and country as they did when Ian Smith of Rhodesia declared UDI thus ostracising he country in its entirety and leaving it to the howling dogs of the BBC and associates to slag it off. That reminds me the BBC declared to all that it was "banned" whilst the Mugabe regime "confiscated" white farms? They now appear to be reporting freely unannounced?

But that's besides the point?

Why is then that the DEPUTY "prime minister" is to be seen engaging and accepting British tax payer handouts on behalf of the poor from somebody like Prince Charles?

According to the BNP website we're handing financial aid over to Somalia as they pirate the seas, kidnapping our innocent nationals in some cases, holding them with death threats for months, years on end if somebody doesn't pay up?

Are we collectively deranged?

Are we so frightful of our stinking political establishment that we dare not say anything save we be labelled "racists", lose our jobs and all the rest of it?

Please God "HELP US ALL"!!!

Detroit maids said...

Good thing you're still kicking. Will help spread the word.

Mike Smith said...

Thanks for spreading the word Sarah ;-)

Anonymous said...

Its gone again?

Anonymous said...

The new site is down this morning!

Anonymous said...

Yes doesn't work either...

Artur said...

Somebody please Please PLEASE tell me where southafricasucks is now!

I am freaking out without my daily doses of real news from SA.

Somebody, PLEASE !



ps: Sarah : please consider blogrolling and/or following us over at

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Hi Artur

I am afraid SAS is no more, here is a link to Mike Smith's recent posting

I already has a link to Crimes of the Times in the side bar, but I have added you to the top blogs list


Artur said...

Thank You Sarah :

I can hardly believe that is no more.

How could this be?

Do you have contact info for Mike Smith and Co.?

All my best,

- Arturo

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

@ Arturo

It is sad but part of the wold we now inhabit.

Mike Smith has his own site at:

I believe Dark Raven also has a site, but I don't have that link