Saturday 24 October 2009

Revelations from a bear pit - Part One

There have been a number of articles written since Thursday, covering the infamous edition of Question Time featuring BNP Chairman Nick Griffin, so I am sure that most of those reading this already know what took place, and how the controlled media, in the form of the tax payer funded BBC, attempted to undermine Griffin and his party. For the first time in the thirty odd years during which Question Time has been broadcast and without warning, or, at least without warning Nick Griffin, the format was entirely changed so that, instead of each panellist answering questions on current events and recent news stories, Griffin was subjected to an hour long inquisition by his four hostile panellists, an even more hostile audience and an extraordinarily biased moderator, David Dimbleby, who far from acting as moderator actually joined in the attacks himself.

Every question asked bar one, was effectively a condemnation of the BNP and its leader, each requiring Griffin to defend himself against a baying mob. In fact the only one which wasn't about the BNP and related to the tragic death of Boyzone singer Stephen Gately, was clearly chosen as a trap designed to enable Griffin to be accused of homophobia, which he inevitably was, even though his response was far more moderate than those who chose the question no doubt hoped.

I have read descriptions of the program which compared what happened to a show trial, bear baiting and a kangaroo court, all of which are fair comment. To some degree it was expected, one commentator at my blog last week, on hearing that Nick Griffin was to appear on Question Time said “they will be around him like piranha” and they were. However, I doubt many expected the BBC to actually go so far as to change the format of its flagship political program, established over three decades, for the soul purpose of disadvantaging one guest. Indeed they went much further than that, the BBC set out to pillory and humiliate Nick Griffin, and may well have unintentionally gained him a lot of sympathy in the process.

To achieve their aim, the BBC were prepared to sacrifice any pretence of impartiality or the long vaunted claim that the audience for such shows are “representative of the public at large”, a claim we always knew was false but now irrevocably exposed as a lie. The vast majority of the audience were clearly hand picked BNP opponents. Advanced publicity claimed that there would be BNP supporters in the audience, but they were vastly outnumbered and largely ignored by Dimbleby when selecting contributions from the floor.

I may be wrong, and certainly have no evidence to support this, but it seemed that many in the audience not only shared a view but actually knew each other judging from the conspiratorial grins and winks which many appeared to be exchanging whilst the camera was directed at them.

The audience also indulged in, and cheered on, examples of anti-white racism. One suspiciously eloquent audience member, who appeared to be of Asian origin, but who stated that he was born in Britain, and said that he “loves this country” (a statement which I suspect might not be born out were one to look deeply into his background and political affiliations, although once again I have no proof of that, merely an instinct) delivered what appeared to be a well rehearsed soliloquy, from a conveniently prominent positioning within the auditorium. He started to howls of delight from the mob around him by calling Nick, “Dick Griffin” and ended by calling for a “whip round” to send Griffin and his supporters to Antarctica, where he said they would “blend in”. One can only speculate as to the reaction of his fellow mob members had a white commentator made a similar comment regarding African American panellist Bonnie Greer and a coal mine.

The audience were not only hostile, but they were clearly primed to do whatever they could to discomfort Griffin, cheering even the most inane of comments from his opponents, including Liberal Democrat Chris Hulme, who I recall said things, but can't for the life of me remember what. Meanwhile any comment by Griffin was immediately jeered and booed irrespective of it merit.

There was no fairness in Thursday night's Question time, there was no balance and very little humanity, proving again that in terms of pure venom, hate and viciousness, there is little on Earth to match a pack of liberals defending an agenda. I am sure that any fair minded viewer, whatever their colour or politics, will have found it a deeply ugly spectacle.

To his great credit, despite appearing uncomfortable and developing a slightly nervous laugh, as anyone might in the face of such a sustained onslaught, Nick Griffin maintained his composure and treated those attacking him with courtesy and politeness whilst managing to land some some very telling blows on his opponents. I was especially impressed at how Griffin exposed the hypocrisy of the deeply unpleasant Justice Secretary Jack Straw who had just given a pompous lecture about Britain's struggle against the Nazis, implying that the BNP were on the side of the fascists, by pointing out that, whilst his (Griffin's) father had been in the RAF during the war, Straw's father had been in prison for refusing to fight the Nazis.

He also made some very important points, which will have resonated with the viewers, such as pointing out that the government had prevented the English from recording their own nationality on the census form, and that the BNP was the only UK party which stood behind Israel's right to deal with the threat from Hamas during the recent conflict in Gazza which will have gone a long way towards neutralising the accusation of anti-Semitism which has so dogged and damaged the party in the past.

He also succeeded in appearing to be the only panel member who spoke for the white working class of Britain, using their language and addressing their concerns, while being harassed, harangued and bullied by angry foreigners and white liberals who speak like aliens. As such, to some viewers he may even subliminally represented the plight of modern Britain

Sadly he was prevented from stating the unarguable fact that if the current situation continues this generation's own children will live to become a minority on their own homeland. It was clear that his opponents were waiting for him to try to make the statement and were under orders to prevent him from saying it. As soon as he began leading up to the point they all started loudly interrupting him with various attacks and diversionary arguments, and regrettably succeeded in distracting him. Their actions show how sensitive this fact is and how vital it is that we get it out to the public, for the establishment do not want it said as they have no defence against it.

I know that some were disappointed that Nick did not manage to do much more than hold his own, and did not “wipe the floor” with those attacking him, as he might have done in a different format or in a one to one situation. However, given the forces ranged against him, the manner in which he was ambushed and deep unfairness of the entire format, holding his own and maintaining his composure was a major achievement which very few would have been able to match. The media would drink rat poison before admitting it, but everyone who watched knows that the only one to emerge from that bear pit with his dignity and his honour still intact was Nick Griffin and in the circumstances few statesmen would have done better.

One ludicrous line which has repeated frequently before during and after QT is that the programme succeeded in “showing Nick Griffin up for what he is”, in fact Tory token Muslim female Baroness Warsi, who must have practised the line in front of the mirror for days before, made the claim before the show was half over, to cheers of approval from her puppy dogs in the audience. However, this analysis, like so many others had been prepared well in advance, and did not reflect what actually happened.

What, in fact was shown up was the establishment's gut rotting terror that the public might hear the BNP's true message and realise that they are not the knuckle dragging monsters which the New Order demagogues have spent much of the last two decade's painting them.

Many others have commented more fully on the show, on what happened, and what impact it is likely to have on the future on the BritNat party. An impact which I personally believe will be positive. Polls are already showing that a growing number of people, more than one in five, would now consider voting BNP. We can only speculate as to what the number would be had Griffin been given the fair hearing which he was democratically entitled to, and which the BBC's charter required them to give him.

However, that debate will continue I would like to now consider some of the claims and allegations made during the program, such as whether there is such a thing as an indigenous or native Briton, and whether immigration has brought benefits to this country. However, as these issues which deserve a deeper analysis I shall focus one them in part two of this post

Meanwhile, I shall leave you with the thought that Thursday night's Question Time may indeed have been the seminal moment which the BNP hoped and which the liberal elite feared, but it may have been so in ways that they never expected. For the most striking feature of Thursday night was not what it revealed about Nick Griffin, not what it revealed about the BNP, but what it revealed about those who oppose them. In their desperation to humiliate and undermine Griffin, they exposed far more about themselves than they did about him.

It was they, not he, who stood naked before the camera on Thursday, it was their fear, their hatred, their tactics and their deceit which was exposed. In their fear, they revealed a truth about themselves which they will find very hard to ever hide again. In their treatment of Griffin, the New Order may have done themselves far greater damage than would ever have been possible had they treated him fairly.


Anonymous said...

People will make their voices heard, eventually, and will begin to question the 'truth'.

Truth will out, as my grandma used to say. It's just that it's taking longer than most of us would like.

alanorei said...

Thank you for your analysis, Sarah.

Effectively Nick was damned if he did and damned if he didn't.

Bonnie Greer is a blatant hypocrite. If Nick had cold-shouldered her, she'd have accused him of being ungentlemanly. Since he tried to be courteous to her, she accused him of annoying her.

Heads I win, tails you lose, a typical leftie approach.

The Indian's assertion that ordinary British folk i.e. those who support the BNP, should be deported is a lot like the Muslim Turks' strategy of forced deportation of Armenians in WW1, over a million of whom they massacred. That was something that selectively forgetful Jack Straw forgot to mention.

Since Straw later accused Nick of not being able to take the heat, it will be interesting to see if he takes up Nick's challenge of a one-to-one public debate on current issues.

If JS declines, then he's a complete coward.

JPT said...

Very good post.

Dr.D said...

Is anybody surprised at this?I cant imagine why.Wasn't it entirely predictable?

Now it is up the the ordinary people of the UK to decide who they believe, who they will follow.

I'm beginning to think that the people rather like the road to destruction, just like so many here in the US that simply do not care.

McGonagall said...

You're spot on Sarah. A very accurate appraisal of the show.

Mariner said...

Did anyone notice how Baroness Warsi stated "there are no bogus asylum seekers?" This is at total odds with the Conservative party as announced the following day in the MSM that bogus asylum seekers would be removed from the UK. Isn't that the aim of the BNP? So does Baroness Warsi find the Conservative party racist?

Anonymous said...

The show highlighted for me how much resentment Jack Straw has towards his father, Walter.
Walter, a man who would not defend his family and country against German National Socialism, who abandoned the family when Jack was 10 years old, became the focus of his hate.
A fatherless family always creates the desire for a Father-Less society where no child will be betrayed ever again.
So when Jack was challenged by Nick about his father he could only wave a hand over the emotional overload. A man who had forgiven his father would have replied quickly and distanced himself.
A man without a father in him births a son unable to claim his man-hood and so seeks drug in the comfort of the muther-hood.
Politics is for the blind to blind-side everyone else.