Tuesday, 6 October 2009

California: Dreaming to Destruction

1970 was the year in which I was born, that event aside, it was not a particularly momentous year, the Beatles released the album “Let it be” and then split up, Edward Heath was elected prime minister of Britain and Jimmy Carter Governor of Georgia (or was that '71?), Dana won the Eurovision Song Contest with “All kinds of Everything”, whilst both Janis Joplin and Jimmy Hendrix over dosed and died, in addition, first Tonga and then Fiji became independent and Rhodesia declared itself a republic.

Also in 1970, non-Hispanic whites made up 80% of the population of the US state of California.

Back then, and justifiably called “The Golden State”, California was the epitome of the American Dream and the place where everyone wanted to be. It was the state where dreams came true and life was easy, if you were unlucky enough not to be there the songs told you to dream of California on a winters day, and people across America and beyond did dream.

It was also the place to make money, California in 1970 was booming, it, as a single state was to become the world's eighth largest economy, it was the home of the Beach Boys, Silicone Valley and the Dream factories, it was where people went to become successful and the successful went to become more so.

It's cities were places people wanted to be. Los Angeles, the City of Angels, had only glimpsed the first hint of the escalating homicide, and wider crime, rate which over the following decades would turn it into the crime ridden realm of gangsters it has become. San Francisco, despite the fruits and nuts who had already arrived, and who were painted so beautifully by Amstead Maupin in his enchanting, but unreal, Tales of the City, was still the glittering city with the golden gate. Another of those clean, prosperous and once safe cities which we, white people, built.

But that was 1970, and how things have changed.

In the time it took a girl to grow to womanhood and raise a child to his teens, California changed from a land of dreams to a place which is starting to resemble a nightmare.

In 39 years non-Hispanic whites went from 80% of the population to just 43%, in percentage terms they have been cut all but by half. Meanwhile, the once golden economy has all but collapsed, it it billions of dollars in debt and the state has now started paying its bills, including some wage bills in IOU's, which it has very little idea when, or if. it will honour. It is said that, were California a company, it would be declared bankrupt, and even some Left wing papers such as The Guardian have begun to speculate as to whether California will become the first failed US state

So how did this happen? What brought about this total reversal in fortune? How did the state which had everything come to this? Was it a failure of Capitalism? A symptom of excess, or just more evidence of what our friends at the Guardian like to see, and greet with delight, as the inevitable decline of Western civilisation? Or does the answer lie in the first sentence of the paragraph above. Is the answer that a successful 80% white state has become a 57% non-white basket case because of that staggering demographic change.

Immigration into California, both legal and illegal, has gone out of control over the past four decades. The amazing fact is that of the 100.7 million members of ethnic minorities living in the USA, 21% of them live in California.

Didn't someone tell us that immigrants were supposed to be good for the economy?.

Of course California is not the only place which refuses to acknowledge what is so patently obvious. In Britain we have also seen decades of out of control immigration, escalating massively over the last ten years , and this year our economy reached a low which it had only ever reached once before in history, and that was at the end of World War II. It has never before, in peace time, been in such a bad state, and we have never been in no much debt. We now face the largest budget deficit in history.

Today in Manchester, the opposition Conservative party, the people who hope to form our next government, were left with no option other than to lay out plans of almost unequalled austerity including numerous cuts and freezes, plus the fact that anyone now aged less than 57, will now have to work an extra year before they are eligible for a pension. They acknowledge the state we are in, but they will not acknowledge why.

We have no idea how we will carry on paying future pensions, yet we continue to import future pensioners. we await the next unemployment figures in trepidation, yet we import more competition for a dwindling number of jobs. As Enoch Powell said, those whom the Gods wish to destroy they first make mad, he was right and the madness continues.

California may have gone mad earlier than us, and their madness may have been even more acute, but we are not far behind. Sadly I believe that California's fate is sealed, for those driving that crammed wagon train to Hell are in such ideological bondage they will willingly embrace failure before they embrace the truth. However, will we follow them? Will our leaders, and most of our people, admit the truth that we are welcoming our destruction into our country by the thousands every day, before we become a failed European state? There are times when I struggle to be optimistic.


Anonymous said...

Another great article, Sarah. I am absolutely convinced demographic change is the key. It is no coincidence that South Africa and Rhodesia were so affluent compared to the rest of Africa, or that since Smith was toppled in the latter state, that it has reverted to being a third world slum.

The frightening thing is my city is currently undergoing vast demographic change - much like the rest of the UK - and every time I see a black lady she's pushing a pram, and often pregnant too. These people are coming to the west because their own countries are failed states, yet they don't seem to work or appreciate our culture.

Your last paragraph describes our predicament very well, however - 'ideological bondage'. People are too stupid, indoctrinated or frightened to speak up. I think eventually when things get very bad they will...but I also think it may be too late by then.

Anonymous said...

Look at the shanty towns that have popped up in Sacramento in Southern California, is this our fate too? Donna


INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Keep us forever young, on youth the lies can be spun as truth and the truth cast as lies.

We have to face it that there are those amongst us who like living in gated communities. To our eye such an enclosure abondons the commonwealth, but to them it is paradise regained.

They think it better to live in Bogota, Mumbai or 8rd Century Babylon than a modern nation state.

There has been no madness just business. The betrayal by the coporate person.

Dr.D said...

I have a somewhat different take on California, Sarah. It is true that in 1970 it probably was 80% white, but those were not sane whites. The virus was there already.

In 1965, I was working for a company in Austin, TX, and Austin was still a fairly conservative place at that time (it is wildly liberal now). The company needed someone to take an assignment in San Diego, CA, for a period of time, and as I had never been to California, I volunteered. My wife and I, and our German Shepherd arrived in San Diego on Thanksgiving Day (late November), 1965.

My work was at the US Naval Electronics Laboratory on Point Loma, right down by the harbor in San Diego; I could watch the ships go past my window close enough to touch. The people there were all white, but there was not a sane person in the place. The vast majority were flaming Leftists, very pink around the gills. A few were at the other extreme, members of the John Birch Society (a far right organization). There was nobody in the middle, and they were all very passionate about politics. It was really bizarre!

We rented a small apartment near the beach, and daily we would see the surfers walk by with their boards balanced on their heads. They lived for that and nothing else. Life in California was unbalanced, very extreme, and simply perverted. People were pursuing all the wrong things, it seemed to me. I was very glad to leave, and I have avoided going back. So as far as it being the place where everyone wanted to be, I'd have to say, not me.

We see where it has led.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I will certainly take your word for it Dr D, as you had first hand experience. However, California was still a very prosperous state, which, as I said became the 8th largest economy in the world.

It offered very desirable life style from a material perspective, and many Californians did become very very rich.

The rot may have set in by 1970, and it was attracting huge numbers of left wing people who went on to do what left wing people do. However, the state was at that time still 80% white and very prosperous.

The left wing people then went and allowed in millions upon millions of non white, and the economy went into decline. That decline coincided with huge change in the racial demographic, and I believe there was a direct connection.

Dr.D said...

We are not in disagreement at all, Sarah. You said, "it was attracting huge numbers of left wing people who went on to do what left wing people do" which is just about the same as my statement that "the virus was already there."

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

It is a tragedy really, because California, certainly in the 1950's did seem to have a lot to offer.

Now it is little more than a terrible example of what not to do. I hope everyone watched the piece of film which Donna linked to, it is shocking.

green and red said...


California tumbles into the sea” But when Steely Dan sang this back in the seventies they had an earthquake along the San Andreas Fault in mind, not the kind of slow destruction that now stalks the Golden State, which is, how can I put this, fucked.

Anonymous said...

The seeking of truth was one of the mainstays of Greek civilization and in continuity European civilization now Truth is replaced by 'political correctness' and ''equality'', both deny nature and truth, both are undermining and destroying western civilization and reason is in retreat

Shieldline said...

Come to Los Angeles! Remember that at the start of the movie LA Confedintial. Every family could have their own swimming pool. Looked like Paradise. Maybe you have to go back to 1950. I was watching the tv show Madmen about advertising executives in New York in 1960 and even then they had long haired hard left wing freaks in Greenwich.

Anonymous said...

Yep, they sure screwed it up! Too much union-centric, leftist Big Government with the attendant Big Taxes driving the productive people out of state while importing non-taxpaying illegals and welfare rats. We now have a ludicrous situation where the hispanic mayor of L.A. threatens to boycott Arizona...but L.A. imports a quarter of its power from Arizona!

Anonymous said...

It is sad and tragic, and where California goes, will drag down the rest of the USA.

Slurping down the "green" cool-aid, for example they import electric power from British Colombia as it is produced "sustainablely" from Hydro (water) power. In the meantime BColombia signs up with Alberta to buy electricity that uses gas and petroleum.

Sure things have to be done in the pollution sector and such, but it is an obsession that religiously blinds them to commonsense as you earlier mentioned about population control.

How ever I fear not only the similiar stupidity/crash in finances, but how it will be used to bring in new laws for state and governmental control regardless of the cost.

The next issue in the pipe line is population control for the sake of the resources or the planet.
More than a few might be disposable?

Finally Arnold Schwarznegger has just resigned today after 7 years, and it sounds like he "will not come back".