Monday 24 March 2008

When the American Dream becomes a nightmare

When 22 Year old, University of North Carolina student, Eve Carson set out her successful platform to be elected as Student body President she made a number of pledges as to what she would do to promote diversity.

Amongst other things she promised to make more of a concerted effort to express the ways in the student body were committed to diversity, and extend diversity focused events throughout the year, rather than limiting them to a single “Diversity Week” as had previously been the case. In addition she promised to set additional funds aside specifically for diversity related projects.

Of course as in most US (and UK) Universities a commitment to diversity is all but obligatory for anyone seeking election to any student body, however, as Eve appeared to go out of her way to be photographed with ethnic minority students during her campaign and is understood to have been a supporter of US Presidential hopeful Barrak Obama, whom she can be seen meeting in this recent picture, it seems that Eve Carson's commitment to the cause of diversity was a genuine one.

Sadly, Eve Carson was to pay a high price for the diversity she sought to celebrate and promote, in the same week that we in Britain saw the conviction of Karl Taylor for the murder of Kate Beagley America was horrified by violent deaths of two beautiful female students, in circumstances so similar that some in the press initially speculated as to whether the two crimes were linked. One of those two young women was Eve Carson, the other was 18 year old Auburn University student Lauren Burke, both women had been shot, and both appeared to have been the victims of car-jackings.

Another apparent similarity between the two crimes is the race of the people suspected of their murder, on the same day as 23 year old African American Courtney Larrell Lockheart was charged with the murder of Lauren Burke. Police in Chapel Hill North Carolina issued photographs of the person whom they were seeking in connection with the murder of Eve Carson, the pictures issued by the police clearly showed a young African American male, who was apparently driving Eve Carsons's car and who had allegedly used her AMT card.

The slayings of Eve Carson and Lauren Burke bear a chilling similarity to another awful crime, notorious across the internet, but still largely suppressed by the US media, which happened just over a year ago, the car-jacking and violent rape and murder of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom in Knoxville Tennessee.

Although Eve Carson clearly had some interaction with her killer before her death, and was alive long enough to be forced to reveal her ATM card PIN number, let us hope that neither she nor Lauren Burke suffered the terrible deaths which Channon and Christopher did. Accounts differ as to the degree of the brutality, and whether both suffered sexual mutilation at the hands of their five African American killers, however, the details which are confirmed reveal a horror which no innocent young couple should ever have to suffer.

Christopher was repeatedly raped, in front of Channon, by the four male members of the gang, before being shot and his body set on fire, we can only pray that, unlike our own tragic Kriss Donald, Chris Newson was dead before the flames engulfed his young body.

Channon was kept alive longer than Christopher, being used as a sex slave for four days during which she was repeatedly beaten, sodomised and raped before being forced to drink bleach, after which she was murdered and her body dumped in the garbage.

As I said, the murder of Channon and Christopher are well known across the internet, however, elsewhere, it has only so far been reported in the local Knoxville press. Compare that to the vicious murder of James Byrd Jnr htt. at the hands of three drunken white men. As with Stephen Lawrence in Britain, Byrd's murder became a cause célèbre in America, a hate crime which to this day, ten years later, is repeatedly referred to in the press, on both sides of the Atlantic. Whereas details of the Christian Newsom murder is suppressed, and when it is mentioned said to be motivated by theft rather than hate.

There is a reason for this, for the US media the Byrd case, and the recent case of Megan Williams, allegedly kidnapped, tortured and raped, although not killed, by her hillbilly boyfriend, his mother and some trailer trash neighbours, are the equivalent of an alien space ship crashing into Manhattan, it only has to happen once in order to prove all the alien abduction claims true. The same would have happened with the infamous Duke Lacrosse case if it had not turned out to be a huge hoax. (The US media continues to seek that one single elusive white on black gang rape, which will become the case of record forever used to support the pretence that most most interracial sexual violence is perpetrated by whites, they haven't found it yet, but they keep hoping.)

Just like Britain, crimes committed by whites are the isolated incidents, which the media always claim black on white crimes are, whilst the vast majority of interracial crime, including violence, rape and murder are committed by blacks, and, just like Britain, the media hides the fact and pretend it is the other way round. It is difficult to find an official racial demographic specifically relating to car-jacking, however, I suspect that the US media would be hard pressed to find any incidents where young black women, or black couples had been car-jacked and murdered by whites but I am sure they are trying.

People argue that this is due to greater levels of black deprivation and higher levels of poverty, however, again they will be telling lies with statistics, it is certainly true that a higher percentage of the black community, around 26%, live in relative poverty, compared to around 8% of whites, however, presenting statistics based on individual racial group, is the same trick our government and theirs play with the hate crime figures, as it ignores the fact that blacks only account for 12% of the US population, (approx: 38 million) whereas whites are still over 63% (approx: 237 million) hence in numerical terms there are over twice as many whites living in relative poverty than blacks. Hence, if deprivation were the reason, one would expect to see far higher levels of such crimes being committed by whites than we do.

The big difference between the the US and the UK, however, is in terms of numbers, bad as black on white crime is in Britain, thankfully, so far we have not yet reached levels comparable to those in America. As in South Africa, some refer to the rate of black on white murders as an unspoken genocide, and it has been estimated that if whites murdered blacks at the same rate as blacks murder whites, in ten years there would be over ten thousand more dead blacks than all the US troops who died during the Vietnam war.

The rates of black on black crime, are even worse and it is a little mentioned fact that roughly as many black men were murdered by other black men in 2005 as were lynched by white racists between 1870 and 1965.

It is troubling to note that we are seeing a similar trend in Britain, you only have to look at the pictures of the 26 teenage murder in London alone, to see that they are overwhelmingly black although the media does not say so, we can be sure that none of the black victims were killed by white assailants, because if even one had been our media would most certainly let us know.

The fact that we are seeing similar trends here is reason to be more than concerned, as they say, where America leads Britain will follow, we already share spiralling levels of ethnic crime, together with a government and a media which seeks to hide the true figures. At the moment this is a much safer country than America, partly due to different gun laws, but, as we see daily on our news screens, more and more guns are finding their way onto the streets, and they are being used. With mass immigration that can only increase. How long will it be before we share more with America than a special relationship?.


bryan said...

Sometime in the future "things" will change,it appears that those that at this time rule this world are using genuine{i hate my white skin}types to run down whites at every opportunity,and others to propagate regardless against white people,they are working HARD for a worldwide race war which "they"will use to their advantage,at that time these people all of them must be remembered.

Anonymous said...

Good riddance....traitor. People like her are the reason we have problems with "diversity".

Anonymous said...

Pardon me, but I live in USA and many, many of us feel safe Because we have a gun, thank you.