Monday 24 March 2008

Bullied by their safe word

Those who indulge in S&M games tend to use what they call a “safe word”, it is a word or sometimes phrase, usually agreed in advance and which the submissive can call out to his mistress to let her know that she is spanking him too hard and that she should now stop. The supporters of mass immigration and multicultural diversity also have a safe word, but it was not agreed in advance, it is a word invented by them, and which they have used to stifle all criticism of even any questioning of what they are imposing upon us. That word is “racist”.

Like the above mentioned submissive, the forces of irrevocable change cry out their safe word as soon as the heat is turned on them, knowing that, following decades of gradual brainwashing and intimidation, in which they have persuaded the tolerant and decent British public that the crime of racism is as heinous as rape or paedophilia, the very mention of the word will both stop their opponents in their tracks whilst simultaneously placing them in the wrong. The safe “R” word, has as many definitions as Paris Hilton has shoes, and it has been used to enable the so called great and good to get away with what what they have done to us, and to prevent us from doing anything to stop them.

The most recent use of the “R” word for its backside covering properties is the case of Lee Jasper, when the media started to ask questions about what had happened to hundreds of thousand of pounds of London taxpayers' money supposedly given to various black or Asian groups. According to Lee Jasper, and many others, including Ken Livingstone, the very act of asking the question was racist, to require accountability, or indeed any proper accounts from black organizations was racist, indeed anyone who did not automatically assume total propriety on the part of black politicians or black companies were self evidently racist.

Instead of answering legitimate questions about the role for which the taxpayer paid him a vast salary, Mr Jasper and his supporters would only chant the mantra that he was “the victim of a racist campaign by racially motivated racists”, their expressions becoming progressively more alarmed at the realisation that, for the first time the magic shield wasn't working.

However, it was not just Lee Jasper, he and not even cleared his desk before the black organisations and public sector serving black and ethnic firms were complaining about this “racist” investigation and claiming that it should not have happened, because it might have a detrimental effect on the public perception of black and ethnic organisations. In effect what they were saying was that back organisations should be exempt from scrutiny or questions about malpractice or dishonesty because to do otherwise is ........ racist. Once again they were evoking the safe word in the hope that we will shut up and not ask questions.

However, we should no forget that the “R” word is a multi-purpose tool and its uses are not just defensive, it is at its most effective when it is used as an offensive weapon with which to bludgeon opponents or as a smear in order to damage the reputation of those who refuse to dance the diversity foxtrot.

For example if you question the unmitigated benefits of multiculturalism you are decried as a racist, if you suggest that any section of the community, other than the white community, might possibly have undesirable behavioural or social characteristics, you are a racist, in fact if you demonstrate anything short of total surrender to the cult of enrichment that in itself will automatically render one at risk of shrill accusations of bigotry, xenophobia, hatred, and of course racism.

So brutalised and intimidated have the British public become by the one word, that they often behave like abused children, denying naughtiness before they are even accused of it, we see this all the time when people are interviewed about immigration on TV when the first thing they always say is "I'm not a racist but ...." or display embarrassment at their failure to embrace all aspects of politically correct orthodoxy. For instance the middle class, middle aged woman I recently saw talking about the impact of immigration, at one point admitting the country had been “totally changed”, however her body language made it obvious she was clearly ashamed and embarrassed to even mention such blasphemy and afraid people would think less of her for saying it.

This phenomenon does not only manifest itself in public, who amongst us, in our own homes, with the windows shut have not noticed guests instinctively lower their voices when expressing a view or mentioning a fact which might displease the zealots at the UAF?. The campaign has been relentless and it has taken over thirty years to reduce a race which once ruled the seas to a state of fear and confusion cowering before a word which they do not fully understand.

Perhaps the most vicious use of the “R” word is reserved for those white people who love their own race and presumes to express that love. Let anyone dare claim that white people have the same right as any other to feel proud of our race and our achievements, that our culture is as valuable and as worth preserving as any other culture, and they will surely feel the wrath of the defenders of the multi-coloured flame.

Let any scholar or academic remind us that Europe and North America were only briefly involved in the international slave trade, compared to the millennia it had existed, but travelling in an Easterly direction and in much greater numbers, or let him or her express the opinion that the British Empire was one of the most benign forces for good in history, which brought benefits to its subjects they had never known, and of which independence has since deprived them, then they will be hunted down. There homes may be targeted, they will be pilloried in the media, and any speaking engagement they attend will be besieged by placard carrying protesters, chanting, like some medieval mob “Racist, racist, burn the witch, racist, racist burn the witch” until the miscreant is silenced.

By the very act of writing this article I am forever condemned as a racist, by the definition of my critics. However, as their definition is forever being rewritten and redefined so that it can apply to every new threat to their ideology, it is hard to avoid such a label. Indeed why avoid it? If it is racist by their definition to love my country and be proud of my race, then I am a racist. If it is racist to demand accountability from a public figures irrespective of their colour, then I am racist. If it is racist to tell the truth about racial crime and the fact that, despite the government misinformation, the home offices own figures show that white people are disproportionately the victims of race crime, and to a staggering degree, then I am a racist.

By their definition I am a racist, and yet I hate nobody, I would not wish to harm a hair on any non-white head, I wish them only happiness and that their lands thrive in peace and prosperity and that we can cohabit as a harmonious and mutually supportive international community. I ache for the people of other nations when I see the horrors inflicted upon them by their own governments and acts of God. I believe totally that third world countries need our aid and our support, I honour and admire many of their national traditions and customs and feel that the world would be a poorer place were they not preserved, in the same way that I honour and love the culture and traditions of my own land, and believe the world would be a poorer place were they to be lost.

I am happy to welcome reasonable numbers of foreigners to my land, but as visitors to my home, not as the new occupiers, if they abide by our laws and accept that they are our guests, then they will receive nothing but friendship and hospitality from me.

By the definition of those who hate me, I am a racist, not because I hate, but because I love too much, because I love my native land in whose earth I can trace my line back a thousand years, for which my ancestors fought and in which their bones are buried. To them, I am a racist because I love my people, a race which has done more to benefit mankind and the greater good than almost any other which has walked the earth.

Let them call me racist I will not renounce my love for my land and my people, even if, as a result I must accept the ugly words my enemies throw at me.

If, as the gay community have embraced the word “queer”, and black rap stars have embraced the words once used to oppress them, I must embrace a word so long used to deride and intimidate me and mine, then so be it, is it not better to embrace a word than it is to be ruled by one?

Am I alone?, is it wishful thinking? or is change in air? have some tectonic plates begun to shift deep within the British psyche, is the veil lifting and the film falling from our nations eyes, have the people of our land begun to awake to what has been done to us and how we have been manipulated?. I hope I am right and that that day is approaching when we as a nation stand up and refuse to ever again be bullied by a word.


Anonymous said...

Your words were inspiring, I was very moved by them. There is no salaried opinion columnist here in the States who could have put it better.

The professional grievance mongers here are happily setting the state of race relations back half a century, and there will probably be a bitter election next November. I believe this will come about because of the reasons you articulated so well.

Human chattel slavery was only ever done away with by two organizations I am aware of--in North America, by the Union Army; around the world, by the Royal Navy--apologies if I left anyone out. Mention this fact in the wrong place, and one will not have to wait long for the name-calling and threats to begin.

Mike James

Anonymous said...

Hello Sarah

I enjoy reading your blog, your posts are always calm, intelligent and well researched. I think you are right, finally British people are waking up to what has been done them, mainly by white marxists and 'liberals'. The hard part was believing that our own kind would purposefully set out to destroy us.

Even on newspaper comment boards the desperation the left feels is clear. When people post comments that go against the 'liberal consensus', the left cling to the fantasy that 1 or 2 BNP activists post hundreds of comments in order to create the illusion of mass support.The left call it astro turfing, it looks like grass root support but its all fake. The idea that their safe word will no longer support the nightmare that they have created is to much for them. This is because it indicates that people have seen through their whole scheme. They know that they are now living on borrowed time. This is,in no small part, due to calm, intelligent and rational nationalists like youself.

R Degen

ceorl said...

Brilliant article Sarah!

All true and written in an articulate and intelligent way. You've voiced the feelings of millions of us but in a way we rarely can.

The word racist has been used to stop any rational debate dead in it's tracks for too long. I read a few years ago about a speech from a former governor of California where he said calling someone racist now is like saying someone was a heretic in the middle ages.

I love my country and I'm very proud to be English. I would like to think my ancestors were behind the shieldwall on Senlac Hill and that my bloodline goes back even further. My country has a rich, proud history that I am proud to be a part of.

If the multiculturists say anyone who's not part of their cold, grey totalitarian regime is a racist, so be it! I'm with you. I'm not a racist for the same reasons as you, but I will no longer be ruled by the campaign of intimidation that is the R word.

Broken Record said...

I think when the average Brit says: "I'm not rascist, but", what he/she actually means is "I'm not rascist...." ie. I don't hate people of other races, BUT ".........whats happening in this instance is unjust".

Anonymous said...

Excellent. I think us "W-A-Y-C-I-S-T-S" need to stick together. I for one care not one whit if I am called a racist. I reply: "I am not a racist. I am THE racist!"