Monday 24 March 2008

Osama's call to War

As you have probably noticed, we have received another diatribe from that ludicrous old poser hiding out in the Hindu Kush, this time, in addition to urging his unwashed acolytes on to further savagery in Iraq, the bloodthirsty old monster has accused the west, led by Pope Benedict XVI, of a “new crusade against the Muslims” and supports this hysterical assertion firstly by referencing his Holiness's scholarly speech in Germany, during 2006, when he quoted a series of dialogues between the 14th Century Byzantine emperor Manuel II Paleologus and a learned Persian Muslim about the truth of their respective religions.

Given that political correctness had not gained much of a foothold in 1391, Manuel II made a couple of rather unkind observations about Islam, including expressing the view that it brought only things which were “evil and inhuman”, a sentiment with which many of the victims of the estimated 10,771 Islamic terror attacks which have occurred since 09/11 might feel able to empathise.

Ignoring the fact that the pontiff was quoting from someone who had been dead for around 600 years and that the comment was quoted out of context from a long and thoughtful lecture on faith and reason Sheik Osama, late of the Tora Bora target range, with characteristic (not to mention self serving) Muslim logic, claims that the papal musings are unequivocal proof of poor old Pope Benny's blood thirsty intentions towards innocent Muslims.

In addition, and in case nobody can keep a straight face over that load of old bollocks (“BS” for the sake of our American readers) the disingenuous old Mullah falls back on that fail safe old standard from the lexicon of the perpetually offended, those bloody Danish cartoons.

God give me strength! Have you all seen the cartoons? (no not the fake ones featuring dogs, pigs and paedophiles which were touted around the Middle east to whip up anti western hatred) but the real ones, the ones which are no more offensive than those regularly published in western news papers lampooning politicians, celebrities etc.

With the hypocrisy of a practised propagandist, Islam's answer to Captain Black of the Mysterons, totally ignores the fact that the cartoons' potential to offend pales into insignificance by comparison to the anti Christian and violently anti Semitic cartoons which appear daily in Arab newspapers, (not forgetting outrageous racism in those cartoons which routinely portray US Secretary of State Dr Condoleezza Rice as a monkey, or, in one instance famously as about to give birth one ) claims that a bunch of faintly amusing drawings amount to a warlike assault upon his interminably dyspeptic cult.

Isn't this all getting a bit too familiar, haven't we heard it all before? We are to blame for what they do, it is all our fault because we do not have enough respect for this vicious wife battering, daughter murdering, gay slaughtering , animal torturing and warmongering doctrine they wish to foist upon us.

Of course, when the next bunch of deluded, pimply faced, misfits, from that fabled “tiny minority” of non moderate Muslims, respond to this, or another call, from their ghastly prophet and spill English blood on English streets, some sulky member of that alliterated oxymoron the “Moderate Muslim Majority” will mutter some muted expression of regret before blaming the atrocity on how British Foreign policy effects their Muslim brothers overseas. You know, just like they did after 07/07/2005and every other murderous Islamic slaughter.

What cant, what hypocrisy, what dishonesty.

Did they give a toss when Sadam Hussain was slaughtering their Muslim brothers by the thousand year after year for over two decades?

Did they express the slightest hint of concern whilst the Taliban were abusing their Muslim sisters in Afghanistan?

If they did their cries certainly were not loud enough to be heard over that fuss about Salman Rushdie's little novella which most of them seemed to consider far more important

If Muslim opinion is so deeply influenced by Western foreign policy, why do we never hear a peep from them about the fact that nine years ago, the forces of Western imperialism attacked a sovereign, Christian European nation on behalf of their Muslim brothers, and then only recently stood by, with their weapons cocked, and allowed those Muslims to steal a sizeable chunk of said sovereign nation's land

Or do they only care about those bits of foreign policy they can use as justification for killing people?

Although, come to think of it, what was it about it what was Kenya and Tanzania's foreign policy crime which justified the slaughtering of over 200 of their citizens in 1998?

If Islamic anger at the west was the result of allied the attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq, why was it they made their first attempt to blow up the New York world trade centre in 1993 and how come they were out on the streets of Islamabad and Karachi, calling for jihad against America within weeks of their successful second attempt in 2001 and well before any attack on Afghanistan let alone Iraq.

I will not be lectured on morality or policy by people who believe that suicide bombing can sometimes be justified. Neither will I surrender the moral high ground to those are more outraged by a few drawings than they are by the fact that night after night people are being tortured to death with electric drills by their beloved Muslim brothers, merely because they belong to the wrong branch of Islam or, if the victims are women, for failing to wear a big enough sack.

Do not be fooled by their cries of outrage and claims of victimhood it is a charade designed to veil their true intentions and an attempt to justify the unjustifiable. Islam may declare war on us, many say they already have done so. If so it is a declaration based on hate, blood lust and fanaticism, it is also not a war for which they can claim a moral justification, because they have none. The war for which bin Laden calls is not a defensive war, rather is a war of aggression and one which his followers' violent creed demands they fight.


StephSighs said...

Hi Sarah,
Very, very interesting. Have you seen the documentary Heitgeist. If you haven't, I believe it will definitely appeal to your musings.

Anonymous said...
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Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Anonymous 22:41

I am afraid I am going to have to remove your message, I should not have released it on account of the allegations you made about the Pope.

However, as to your claims about the Catholic Church being responsible for for the murder of more white people than any other religion, this may be true if you go back enough centuries. However, its role has been taken over by politics, especially Communism which have far outstripped the church in respect of the speed of killing and number of corpses.