Sunday 20 December 2009

Selective Justice

Back in May, I wrote an article entitled “A Blood Sacrifice Denied”, in which I reported the verdict of a trial in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania where two young white men were acquitted of the most serious of various multi-purpose “hate crime” charges, which had been lodged against them, resulting from the death of an illegal immigrant, and alleged paedophile, called Luis Ramirez.

At the time I commented that the media and the left wing establishment had been denied their blood sacrifice to the hungry Gods of political correctness. They had failed to secure another of that tiny, but much treasured, collection of white perpetrator hate crime convictions so essential to promoting public belief in a fantasy parallel world of white thugs and non-white victims, which hide the ugly reality of the multicultural society they have forced upon us.

I spoke too soon, back then I had not appreciated quite how deeply the blood lust runs within the new US administration. Indeed, it appears that America has dispensed with jury trials, or at least they will no longer allow a jury decision to stand if it does not deliver a verdict which suits the agenda, or should I say spin?, of those now running the country. Within months of the Not Guilty decision. the FBI have stepped in, refiled the charges, and even arrested various Shenandoah policemen who face charges of assisting the accused in a racially motivated cover up. (Remind me which season of CBS's Criminal Minds is that plot from?)

Can you imagine for one instant that the US Federal government would seek to overturn a trial verdict had the races been reversed? Hell would freeze over before the FBI, who still refuse to look into the attempted rail-roading of three white lacrosse players in Durham, North Carolina in 2006, took such action in relation to black or Hispanic defendants acquitted of killing a white man. Indeed, there would be riots in the streets if they did.

Newly appointed Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez

The FBI's actions are in line with a statement last week by the Obama administration's new civil rights chief, Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez who recently declared that he was “shocked” to learn how few hate-crime prosecutions there were during the Bush presidency and has vowed to pursue many more of such prosecutions in future. We all know exactly which groups this racially motivated little bigot will target, and to which groups he will grant a free pass, or indeed in some cases, such as the Jena 6, who kicked a white boy unconscious, reduce the original charges to a misdemeanor warranting no more than slap on the wrist.

The appointment of Perez as Assistant Attorney General was praised by the black racist pressure group NAACP, who are clearly confident that he will do their bidding, however, they can be equally confident that this most radical of US administrations in history, do not have the shrinking white majority's interests at heart.

I was not present in Shenandoah on the night that Luis Ramirez died, and did not witness what happened, however, what I do know is that Brandon Piekarsky, 18, and Derrick M. Donchak, 19, the boys accused of killing him, are being treated entirely differently than other defendants, merely because of the colour of their skin. They were tried by a jury of their peers and found not guilty, but that was not good enough for the FBI, who are demanding that they be retried, for no reason other than that they are white.

Meanwhile, the press are gleefully reporting the alleged facts, ignoring the real fact that the Feds are attempting to toss aside a jury verdict, again salivating in anticipation at being given a second chance of tasting young white male blood, whilst ignoring, or actively suppressing, details of thousands upon thousands of other far worse crimes, many clearly hate crimes, for the single reason the accused in those cases are inconveniently non-white.

What price double jeopardy? don't depend on it if you are white and your government, together with their lick spittle media servants, have an agenda to promote.

Of course, in Britain, the concept of double jeopardy, a protection which dates back to the Magna Cata, was effectively revoked by the present government in the 2003 Criminal Justice Act, which came into effect in April 2005, and expanded the number of circumstances where an accused can be tried twice for the same crime

Irrespective of what the government may claim, and the small number of re-trials we have seen, this centuries old protection offered by English law was discarded for one purpose, and for one purpose only, and that is to allow the Liberal establishment to have another crack at the white men who are popularly assumed to have murdered black student Stephen Lawrence in a “racially motivated” attack at a bus stop in Eltham, South London in April 1993.

A criminal trial, and a subsequent attempt at a private prosecution, have failed to establish the guilt of any one of the five men repeatedly accused of the Lawrence killing, but even now, seventeen years later, the authorities refuse to abandon their quest to prove their sacred narrative true.

They will not give up, only this week we read that more retired policemen have been arrested for allegedly suppressing evidence in 1993. How likely do you think it would be that similar arrests would still be taking place in the case of the 17 year old unsolved racist murder of a white man?

Make no mistake, the Lawrence carnival has not left town and we will be witnessing a show trial in the not too distant future.

It is not my wish that guilty men go free, but in the cases I am talking of, on both sides of the Atlantic, the men and boys in question have already been tried and acquitted. it is merely because of their race British and American governments are seeking a second bite at the cherry. Meanwhile, both governments are ignoring rows (or in the case of America, mountains) of white corpses while they do so.

Britain's streets are littered with the victims of non-white violence, whilst in America more whites have been killed by non-whites since then end of segregation than died in the Korean war. Yet it is these few, already tried, white defendants whom the governments consider their priority.

Further than that, they appear willing to repeatedly prosecute a tiny number of white men, over and over, until they achieve an outcome which suits their political beliefs. Any society run by such people is neither a safe or healthy place to be.

Guilty or innocent, they will eventually convict those boys in Shenandoah, even if they have to keep retrying them for the next decade, and the same will apply to the men whom the left believe killed Stephen Lawrence.

When they finally succeed, they will have their talisman, their trophy heads to stick on spikes outside their castles as evidence their lies are true.

Meanwhile, more and more white families will lose their children to the real scourge of our society, the one our governments refuse to acknowledge and which they use these dishonest show trials to disguise.


alanorei said...

It comes as no surprise, Sarah

In 1984, a white US citizen, 37-year-old Bernard Goetz, defended himself with a handgun against 4 black male youths who tried to rob him on the Manhattan Subway. He shot and wounded 3 of them. The Wiki article gives many of the details.

Goetz faced repeated litigation over the incident, which eventually bankrupted him.

Had a black man been accosted by 4 white youths (which events, as you point out, are miniscule in number in the US), I doubt that the litigation would have been anywhere near as extensive.

misterfox said...

Sarah, this is open persecution of young white males by a corrupt and amoral Establishment.

Cracker Americanus said...

This type of government existed after the second American Revolution.(civil war to you brainwashed types)The citizens of the South were subjected to martial law (Reconstruction to the BTs).The Whites were being driven out of their homes and off of their farms by freed slaves (war veterans to THE BTs).This led to the formation of secret societies based on racial lines. The secret societies then forced the Government army to retreat and take their War Veterans with them. The FBI later infiltrated and destroyed the majority of their influence. The current government will probably foster the same type of behavior.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Cracker - I agree with ya that our present government will continue to infiltrate our movements here and keep us running in circles, but I submit that this has already happened to a larger extent than most folks realize.

Know you didn't mean it as such, but most of the commentors here, and certainly Sarah have a pretty good grasp on the true American history, as opposed to the puke regurgitated by the MSM.

They do a far better job of giving light to America's woes than we reciprocate in helping them in like fashion. Thanks for all yall do Sarah.

misterfox said...

This man knows your history. He is the greatest living Conservative - Pat Buchanan.

Cracker Americanus said...

Did you get the impression I was trying to teach you American History.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Good Morning Cracker

No I didn't think you were trying to teach me American History. I have read similar accounts of what you said occurred after the civil war before. However, a lot of readers may not have done

I enjoy and value your contributions to the site as they are interesting and informative

I allow differing views through because I believe strongly in free speech, not always because I support what is said.


misterfox said...

Anonymous, people can no longer teach their children to avoid Blacks - this will just keep happening and happening. Knoxville and Tottenham Hale might also have been avoided if those younsters had been warned about them.

Cracker Americanus said...

This type of behavior will go on as long as we let it. Protect your children if they hate you for being overprotective. You will get over it.