Thursday 31 December 2009

On the cusp of history

Well, here we are, 2010, the end of what must be the most disastrous decade to have hit our country in half a century. Maybe worse than that, in terms of the effect which the first decade of the 21st Century has had upon the native population of these Islands, the last ten years may have caused more lasting damage than any our people have ever lived through.

In the first decade of this century we came closer to being replaced within out homeland than we ever have before.

What has been done to us we allowed to be done. In the past, our people stood together and faced down war, plague and hardship. This time we neither stood together nor faced up the the threat before us, indeed, most of our people surrendered and laid down their children's future, their children's heritage, for temporary comfort and for fear of a word.

In the past we have always survived what our country faced, yet because this time we surrendered, for the first time in a thousand years, it is by no means certain that we will survive what has overtaken us in the last ten years.

We are a wounded people, we are an occupied people and most dangerously we are a disunited people.

Has it all been bad? For myself, this has been the first decade I spent as an orphan, and yet it was the first I spent entirely as a wife and mother, for it was only in the final years of the previous decade that I was either. Personally it was ten years which brought me unbearable grief, but also great joy. Yet I don't think my country felt much joy.

What of the future? We are embarking upon a decade during which our people will face what may be the greatest challenge we have ever faced, not only because the threat is so huge, but also because we have never before been so damaged. But we must face the challenge, and we must defeat it, for if we have not done so by the end on the next decade, then the chance may be lost forever.

I believe we can prevail, we are a brave, resourceful and determined people, when we decide to be. We have been lost for a while, yet we can still find our way back. There are signs that the slumbering lion within the souls of our people is stirring and he can still awake in time, it remains only for us to call to him.

I wish you all a peaceful and joyous new year, but remember, we stand on the cusp of history, where we stand in ten year from now will determine whether our history is over, or whether we as a people will have faced down a deadly foe and emerged, harmed certainly, scarred without question, wiser we hope, but still as a nation, intact and with a future.

Be brave, for we can, and must, succeed.


Dr.D said...

Sarah, you wrote specifically of the UK, but what you wrote applies to the English speaking people throughout the whole world. We are all in the same boat. Our situation is not pretty, and perhaps worst of all is that many of our people resolutely refuse to acknowledge the dangers that we face. We have too many who cry "peace, peace, when there is no peace," to quote Jeremiah, 6:14.

The marxist tool called "political correctness" has overwhelmed good sense throughout our world, and we are now forbidden to speak the truth in countless situations. Breaking this insanity is one of the most vital steps to restoring our strength, and it can be done at will be any who will simply stand up and insist on speaking the simple truth in plain English, unbound by PC. It requires strength of character in some cases to do this, but it is an essential step in restoring our freedom. Never say "correctly" what can be said bluntly in plain, unmistakable English.

Let 2010 be a Happy New Year for Anglo-Saxons everywhere.

JPT said...

Happy New Year by the way.

Faust said...

Happy New Year Sara.
Sorry that we all face such troubles ahead...

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year,

I do not believe that the West will fall to 3rd world hordes.As much as PC MC and "tolerance" are utopian ideas,the goal of the race traitors is also utopian.If the white race in the West falls,always remember that there are other white countries in the east ,who do not hate themselves.

The only question is,whether Eastern European and Balkan leaders will show solidarity to Westerners or exploit the situation,for their own gains.


Nota reargunner said...

In the late 70's, the Whenwe's used to write and sing about their (our) beloved country lasting for some time..."For we're all Rhodesian and we'll fight thru thick and thin, Keep the Land a freeland, stop the enemy coming in..."
No-one listened and few less cared.
The sermon preached by the Dean, The Very Revd. J.R. da Costa, in the Cathedral of St. Mary and All Saints in Salisbury, Rhodesia, on Friday, 8 September, 1978, craciously carried in your blog in days past is forgotten by so many an never given to even more. I am accused by members of my own family of racism, so I chant Sweet Banana to an noncomprehending audience. The irony is wholly lost.
Happy New Year

zazie said...

A great post, Sarah, heartbreaking sometimes, and yet pouring energy and strength into your readers' hearts.
Am I allowed to say that English-speaking people all over the world are not alone to face the threats you describe? Whether they be French, German, Italian, Spanish, Northerners or Southerners, Westerners or Easterners, they are all in great danger of being eradicated.
For all white people, the only solution is to stand up and take to arms if necessary ; and, as DrD says, speak the plain truth, ignore the politically correct jargon.
With this goal in mind, we may honestly wish one another a "happy" new year.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I actually started the post by writing about the West in general and how the last decade has effected us all, but then decided to make it about Britain, because of the forthcoming election.

However, as Dr. D, Zazie and notareargunner point out, this is a situation which confronts the white race across our planet. We are all in the same situation, and all of our futures are at threat.

We must all face what is coming together.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm....and to think the minority White race throughout the entire world are vastly outnumbered by a 12 to 1 ratio.

If more indoctrinated political-correct white people were aware of this fact, they wouldn't be so eager in committing racial suicide by embracing multi-culturalism in their respective white countries.... and ONLY white countries.

alanorei said...

Thank you, Sarah and again, your wishes for a joyous 2010 are reciprocated.

Yours is a realistic picture but never forget that the white race, the faithful branch of it, has a Champion, my emphasis:

"My beloved is white and ruddy, the chiefest among ten thousand" Song of Solomon 5:10.

He hasn't fully entered the fray yet but He will. After He does, the opposition (of whatever race) is collectively described as "ashes" Malachi 4:3.

Be encouraged.

alanorei said...

Something else, Sarah, by way of encouragement.

Do you remember the War of the Worlds film, where the alien invaders had just about conquered earth when they began to sicken and die from the common cold germs?

Here's an extract from an e-newsletter I get from nutritional researcher Phillip Day:

Take large numbers of African Americans and dump them in Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland and Minneapolis. Take thousands of Afghans, Iranians, Iraqis and Saudis and get them to live north of the Watford Gap in the UK. Naturally, permit all Muslim women to wrap themselves up according to their custom so they receive no sunlight which, let’s face it, they wouldn’t be getting in Leicester anyway even if they were Katie Price. What is the outcome? Thousands of sick, vitamin-D-deficient African Americans in Chicago and Detroit, and multitudes of sick, vitamin-D-deficient Afghans, Iranians, Iraqis and Saudis going to the National Health Service for help, whereupon the latter gives them drugs, ex-chemical warfare agents (chemo) and radiation for their cancers, and Prozac for their depression. No-one mentions sunlight because the whole subject of skin colour is racist, and don’t ye know that the sun’s killing the planet?

The effects may take years yet to be decisive and we will pay via taxes but it looks to me like a real life WotW situation, in God's wisdom.

Anonymous said...

Whether it was RSA or UK or Australia or the U.S. this short review of Professor MacDonald's Culture of Critique explains it all.
One cannot fully understand what is going on unless and until one knows WHY it is happening.

misterfox said...

Alan, thank you for brining a little sunshine into our otherwise dark(pun intended) lives.

alanorei said...

You are welcome, Mr Fox. Thank you for your insightful contributions that Sarah regularly includes on this blog.

On further reflection, it appears to me that the town of Wootton Bassett may become the scene of another defining moment in the long history of what Sir Winston rightly called "The Island Race."

In that context, I have in mind another site of deep significance in the county of Wiltshire; Edington Hill.

I draw attention to the words of the soldier poet of the Great War, the late Siegfried Sassoon, who described the defeat of the invading Danes by England’s Christian King Alfred the Great, 849-899 A.D., in the battle of Ethandun, or Edington, on some date between May 6th and 12th in the year 878 A.D. Sassoon refers to Alfred as “our anti-pagan king [who] beat the red-handed plunderers back.”

No hands are redder these days, nor more intent on plunder than those of the Islamic invaders and their Marxist handlers.

Part of Sassoon's poem goes as follows:

On Edington Hill
May 878 A.D.

That Eastertide – historians write -
He saved the future by the sword
Which emblemed in barbaric night
The cross of Jesus Christ his Lord,
That was the crucial point, men say:
For Alfred’s wisdom was his crown,
Who, in the old skull-shattering way,
Christened the powers of darkness down.

I don't advocate physical violence but I do believe that England's Bible, the KJB, which is the lineal descendant of the Anglo-Saxon Bibles that Alfred sought to circulate throughout his realm, can shatter the Qur'an any day.

Anonymous said...

Yes, anonymous said...., the Culture of Critique is a key insight into why what as happened to western Civilization/culture as happened