Wednesday 8 April 2009

What the president didn't say

US President Barack Obama has returned to America, leaving behind him a love struck continent enthralled by his Rock Star status and ability to say things people want to hear. However, is that down to what he says or the manner in which what he says is reported, and, more importantly, what he doesn't say.

His support for Turkey's proposed entry to the EU for instance might seem less Euro-friendly, if the entranced masses were reminded this would mean granting seventy one million Muslims full access to Europe? That is more than the total populations of Greece, Austria, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Ireland and Kosovo (many of whom already have sizable Muslim minorities) combined. In terms of numbers, there are ten million more Turks than the entire population of over-crowded Britain, and almost twice as many as there are Polish people on this planet.

Is anyone brave enough to bet that they won't all want to move to Britain if they are allowed to join?.

This is at a time when human rights abuses continue to be a major factor of Turkish life, and the country faces the growing threat of Militant Islam. Why thanks Mister President we really appreciate your support.

Warming to his Muslim friendly theme, and having wondered respectfully around a mosque, the dapper POTUS announced that “The USA is not at war with Islam!”, a statement reported widely by an admiring media, strangely without the caveat “despite the fact that huge swathes of the Islamic world consider themselves at war with America.”

It was also noticeable how much more comfortable the president and his adoring media are with his middle name “Hussein”. A word which it almost amounted to sacrilege to mention, mere months ago during the Democratic conventions and subsequent election campaign, is now flaunted like some totem of the multi-cultural victory he and his followers view his election to have been.

However, again, this only addresses one side of the coin, the other side of which both “the one” and his disciples continue to ignore, and, indeed to suppress.

Having the middle name Hussein may not be a bar to becoming leader of the free world, but certain other things are, and questions relating to those “other things” remain unanswered. Indeed beyond being unanswered, the very questions themselves are censored, as if the entire international media have become a version of Pravda from the 1960's where uncomfortable facts are airbrushed from the news.

Most people, including the vast majority of the of the US Population, are blissfully unaware that dozens of court cases continue to be brought, demanding that Obama produce evidence supporting his eligibility to be America's president, that the president continues to hire high powered lawyers to fight these demands, and that the US Courts, right up to the Supreme court continue to suppress these demands and prevent these questions from being asked.

However, the questions about Obama's actual place of birth, and his claim to be a “Natural born American” as required by the constitution, are not going away any time soon. They are not going away because they matter, not only because they impact on the integrity of the most powerful man in the world, but, because if true, they mean that he has no right to have the power that he does and that no American citizen, including the military, are under any obligation to follow his orders.

The American people may choose to elect the Kenyan born son of a British subject, but they must do so knowingly, and have changed their constitution first. If they do not, then the US Constitution, the very foundation which underpins America is meaningless.

Many constitutional rights, such as freedom of speech, guaranteed by the first amendment, and the right to bear arms, guaranteed by the second, are threatened by this presidency. I personally value the former above the latter, but accept that to revoke either requires a change to the constitution. Could it be that the president has less respect for the constitution because he has already breached it to get where he is?

It seems certain that Obama is hiding something, it's clear that there is something in the documentation of his history, including his birth certificate, college records and other documents, which he does not want the public to know. For what other reason would he spend so much money hiring law firms across the nation to fight any request for information as basic as his Occidental College records from the early 1980s?

While an Obama spokesman one time called the allegations "garbage," the president and his team have withheld other comments.

However, the law suits continue, albeit many have so far been dismissed, mostly due to the highly dubious finding that the person bringing the claim "has no standing" (not, you will note because the claim has no merit).

Here is a partial listing and status update for some of the cases over Obama's eligibility:

  • New Jersey attorney Mario Apuzzo has filed a case on behalf of Charles Kerchner and others alleging Congress didn't properly ascertain that Obama is qualified to hold the office of president.

  • Pennsylvania Democrat Philip Berg has three cases pending, including Berg vs. Obama in the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, a separate Berg vs. Obama which is under seal at the U.S. District Court level and Hollister vs. Soetoro a/k/a Obama, (now dismissed) brought on behalf of a retired military member who could be facing recall to active duty by Obama.

  • Leo Donofrio of New Jersey filed a lawsuit claiming Obama's dual citizenship disqualified him from serving as president. His case was considered in conference by the U.S. Supreme Court but denied a full hearing.

  • Cort Wrotnowski filed suit against Connecticut's secretary of state, making a similar argument to Donofrio. His case was considered in conference by the U.S. Supreme Court, but was denied a full hearing.

  • Former presidential candidate Alan Keyes headlines a list of people filing a suit in California, in a case handled by the United States Justice Foundation, that asks the secretary of state to refuse to allow the state's 55 Electoral College votes to be cast in the 2008 presidential election until Obama verifies his eligibility to hold the office. The case is pending, and lawyers are seeking the public's support.

  • Chicago lawyer Andy Martin sought legal action requiring Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle to release Obama's vital statistics record. The case was dismissed by Hawaii Circuit Court Judge Bert Ayabe.

  • Lt. Col. Donald Sullivan sought a temporary restraining order to stop the Electoral College vote in North Carolina until Barack Obama's eligibility could be confirmed, alleging doubt about Obama's citizenship. His case was denied.

  • In Ohio, David M. Neal sued to force the secretary of state to request documents from the Federal Elections Commission, the Democratic National Committee, the Ohio Democratic Party and Obama to show the presidential candidate was born in Hawaii. The case was denied.

  • Also in Ohio, there was the Greenberg v. Brunner case which ended when the judge threatened to assess all case costs against the plaintiff.

  • In Washington state, Steven Marquis sued the secretary of state seeking a determination on Obama's citizenship. The case was denied.

  • In Georgia, Rev. Tom Terry asked the state Supreme Court to authenticate Obama's birth certificate. His request for an injunction against Georgia's secretary of state was denied by Georgia Superior Court Judge Jerry W. Baxter.

  • California attorney Orly Taitz has brought a case, Lightfoot vs. Bowen, on behalf of Gail Lightfoot, the vice presidential candidate on the ballot with Ron Paul, four electors and two registered voters.

In addition, other cases cited on the RightSideofLife blog as raising questions about Obama's eligibility include:

  • In Texas, Darrel Hunter vs. Obama later was dismissed.

  • In Ohio, Gordon Stamper vs. U.S. later was dismissed.

  • In Texas, Brockhausen vs. Andrade.

  • In Washington, L. Charles Cohen vs. Obama.

  • In Hawaii, Keyes vs. Lingle, dismissed.
At some point the US courts are going to have to address the questions which are being asked, and Obama is going to have to prove that he is who he says he is. If he can, then he has every right to the job and can destroy America by democratic mandate, but if he can't, then the world is in uncharted territory.

UPDATE April 09 2009

From one of his own. In the words of Camille Paglia, in her in her response to a reader on "Bow-ow-ow: Obama's painful missteps"

Yes, there were ambiguities about Obama's birth certificate that have never been satisfactorily resolved. And the embargo on Obama's educational records remains troubling.


Anonymous said...

Americans are paranoid, first you elected a precident who by any means was a puppet for the money in and around Washington (he then led the US into a disaster for 8 years). Then you elected a black president, and now that you actually have someone who is trying to do good (or one would hope so) you try to get ridge of him.....

alanorei said...

Most informative, Sarah, thanks

With 18 letters in his name, BHO is the greatest type of the Revelation 13 biblical antichrist in the world today; mixed race, mixed religion, global charisma on an unprecented scale.

Plant Earth be warned.

Anonymous said...

Yes thankyou Sarah, very informative as ever, if Obama was not born in America he has no right to be President, Obama if not an American leaves himself wide open to blackmail if he his birth certificate is not brought out into the open. What has he got to hide ? politicalMIZZ